Dr. Bob Bowman Answers a Few Questions Regarding a New Investigation into 9/11

During Dr. Bowman's 2007 Patriot Tour stop in San Diego, CA, I had the privilege to meet and ask Dr. Bowman a few questions regarding a new investigation into the 9/11 tragedy. Here are his responses:

Well done! Good questions,

Well done! Good questions, good answers. Bowman/Paul in 08.


I had a few more but my battery went dead. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Ya Gotta Love Bowman

Great questioning. If I may make a suggestion, take your camera and questions and bring it to the Candidates who aren't out with the Truth like Dr. Bowman. Regardless, this was great and it was nice to hear how real independent investigation might look. 911 Truth Ends War.


Our group (San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup) has asked politicians in the past and will continue to do so in the future. If you recall, Congresswoman Susan Davis was confronted by members of the Meetup group and "San Diegans for 9/11 Truth."

'Truth Squads' are alive and well in San Diego, a very large military city.


Perfect questions...perfect answers...for once. EXCEPT he left out one major characteristic that should embody the investigation: it should be an International one, comprised of experts interspersed throughout the globe.

I disagree slightly.....

I feel the investigation needs to start here in the U.S. with an oversight committee made up of members of the Truth Movement and family members. This oversight committee must have REAL power to answer all of the pressing unanswered questions.


I made the front page. My first one! DEEEELICIOUS!

How can news say it hurting

How can news say it hurting family members when the truth and facts are not discussed. They also say it not patriotic. That is so so wrong. It patriotic to get the truth out for justice and so the same mistakes are not repeated.

How many people attended?

We're having him speak on Sat., June 9 in Chico.

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