Giuliani in Vermont and New Hampshire - May 23rd

Rudy Giuliani
Events on May 23, 2007
7:30 a.m., Speech in White River Junction, VT.
10:30 a.m., Meeting in Claremont, NH.
12:30 p.m., Town Hall in Keene, NH.

Just sayin'... would make a great Truth Squad event.

What Questions Would You Ask ...?

What questions would you ask if you had the opportunity?

What statements would you make?

I might be Keene to make the trip.

I sent you an email.

Make sure you register at and see if others are going.

Strength in numbers!

Questions for Hizzoner

Thanks for your e-mail and the link to; there is probably not enough time (one day) for it to work in this case, but hopefully it will be useful to many in the future.

I don't know what kind of opportunity may present itself, but he's likely to be in NH again soon (and often, until he too recognizes the obvious). If I don't get the chance, maybe someone else will...

Working off your own suggestions, here are the questions I've come up with thus far:

1) Who warned your OEM at 9:30 AM about the impending Tower collapse(s)?

2) What would you say, if you had the opportunity, to the victims of 9/11 about the wealth you've amassed since that event?

3) Under your Presidency, will you insure the immediate release of all relevant videos,e vidence, reports and logs from 9/11?

4) As President, what would you propose be done about the human effects of the toxic 9/11 fallout in your former city?

5) Would you comment on your recent indictment by the San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury...?

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Giuliani Time

I THOUGHT I smelled something!

Great vid btw, greenback.

What a sick, sick man.


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RT - are you roadtripping tomorrow?!

I was thinking I should tell NH and VT friends to try to attend and/or demonstrate outside. Then I thought of you, just down #93...have a good time if you go!!

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