History Commons Project, Update for weeks of May 13-May 19

History Commons Project, Update for weeks of May 13-May 19
This week's investigative themes
9/11 Project

Matt's new entries again focus especially on the events of 9/11 itself. He includes important new details about Donald Rumsfeld's reaction to the attacks that have been revealed in recently published books. These demonstrate how Rumsfeld effectively broke the military chain of command while the US was under attack. Matt also looks at a series of top-secret...
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Join the effort

The History Commons project is an intelligence tool for civil society, allowing people at the grassroots-level to monitor and investigate the activities of governments and corporations. Would you like to get involved? Your help is certainly needed. If you've got a few extra hours of free time every week, why not join our effort? The investigative project on "Prisoner abuse in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere" has not been seriously updated in more than a year. We'd love to see someone or some people step forward to help contribute to this timeline. All you need to do is register on the site. Once you've done that you can immediately start collecting and adding information to the History Commons database. The History Commons project has the potential to become civil society's most important tool in keeping government officials and corporations in check. But we can't do this without your involvement and support.

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