Michelle Malkin a 9/11 Truther? LOL

I picked up this 2002 Michelle Malkin article over at LCF posted by forum member Sureshot, who found it posted over at MichelleMalkinIsAnIdiot.com. Enjoy!

Jewish World Review March 8, 2002 / 24 Adar, 5762

Michelle Malkin

Just wondering

http://www.NewsAndOpinion.com -- THE six-month anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is upon us. Here are a half-dozen unsolved mysteries still on my mind:

What really happened on United Airlines Flight 93?
As the Philadelphia Daily News reported back in November, many folks in Shanksville, Pa., where the hijacked Boeing 757 crashed, believe the plane was shot down. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a small, unmarked jet flying overhead immediately after impact; others are convinced they heard the piercing sound of a missile. A federal flight controller told The Telegraph of Nashua, N.H., that an F-16 had indeed been in "hot pursuit" of Flight 93 until it hit the ground. One of the 911calls from a passenger on the flight indicated that there was an explosion aboard the plane.

The FBI immediately confiscated the tape. The eight-mile-wide debris field seems to bolster claims of an on-board explosion. So did the discovery of a one-ton chunk of the plane's engine far from the rest of the crash site -- which some say points to evidence that a heat-seeking missile targeted the flight.

Then there's the eight-minute gap from the time all cell phone calls from the plane ceased and the time it crashed. Although both the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder were recovered, not a single scrap about what was on the black boxes has been officially released. This despite the government's otherwise routine release of such information. (Recall that after American Airlines Flight 587 crashed in New York last November, the feds released detailed information from one of the black boxes within less than two days.)

The feds insist on keeping all the Flight 11 data secret
because disclosing such information might "interfere with enforcement proceedings." Against whom? All the hijack culprits are dead. What really happened on American Airlines Flight 11? Did one of the hijackers have a gun on board? Was it planted before the flight took off, or was it smuggled on? Either way, shouldn't someone be held accountable if such an egregious security breach did in fact take place?

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry, formerly of Investor's Business Daily and now with Worldnetdaily.com, scooped the mainstream press by exposing a high-level, internal report from the Federal Aviation Administration. It detailed the alleged shooting of Flight 11 passenger Daniel Lewin by hijacker Satam Al Suqami. According to the document, which was later obtained by the Washington Post, USA Today, and others, an onboard flight attendant reported in a phone call that "one bullet was reported to have been fired" during the flight, killing Lewin before the plane crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center.

FAA officials dismissed the leaked memo as a draft and claimed that the very specific report of gunfire -- including the names of the victim, shooter, and their precise seat numbers -- was an editing error. Just a typo, huh?

Who murdered Katherine Smith, and why?
Smith was the Tennessee state license examiner who had been implicated last month in a phony ID scam involving a group of shady Middle Eastern men from New York City. Investigators say there are "connections" between the ring and the Sept. 11 terrorists; one of them had a repair pass in his possession that gave him access to the lower levels of the World Trade Center basement. It was dated Sept. 5.

A day before Smith was to appear in court over the matter, she died in a bizarre and fiery crash inside a car registered to one of her Middle Eastern co-defendants. Smith was burned beyond recognition; her arms and legs disintegrated in the flames. Yet, her car was traveling barely over 20 mph when it hit a utility pole and damage to the vehicle was minimal.

This week, the Tennessee Highway Patrol concluded definitively that her "death was not the result of the crash itself. Her death was by other means." Is this the vengeful work of al Qaeda killers still on the loose?

Finally: Why does Norm Mineta still have a job?

Who's responsible for the anthrax attacks?

And the most nagging unresolved question of all:

So where the he-l is Osama bin Laden, anyway?


Flashforward to 2007:

Malkin viciously attacks Rosie O'Donnell on The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly for questioning the official 9/11 conspiracy theory on ABC's The View...


And on John Gibson's Faux News show...


She then posted a video on her blog calling for people to boycott ABC's advertisers for allowing Rosie to question 9/11 on The View...


And most recently, Malkin appeared again on John Gibson's show, this time to attack Ron Paul for his comments concerning 9/11 "blowback" at the May15th GOP Debates in South Carolina...


And for speaking to the Student Scholars For 9/11 Truth last February during a house party for the Congressman...


Malkin in 2002:

"What really happened on United Airlines Flight 93?

"What really happened on American Airlines Flight 11?

"Who murdered Katherine Smith, and why?

"Who's responsible for the anthrax attacks?

"So where the he-l is Osama bin Laden, anyway?


"Ron Paul really has no business being on stage as a legitimate representative of Republicans, because the 9/11 truth virus is something that infects only a very small proportion of people that would identify themselves as conservative or Republican."

I think Ms. Malkin has some 'splainin' to do...

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Is Michelle Malkin a 9/11 Truth, Tinfoil Hat Wearing Conspiracy Nut???



I emailed that to alex jones team last night from lc forums, so i forwarded it.

I told you guys, these people are not stupid, they all know 911 was an inside job, they just support the murderers who carried out 9/11 and are a bunch of lyers.

They are proberbly devil worshippers also who support skull and bones and the bohemian grove and the 9-11 inside job pretext for global government (nwo)

They will be the first to take the Mark of the NWO, Which i think is the RFID 666 Microchip.

I say Fuck the NWO Mark, and Fuck the NWO!!

And Fuck the NWO Supporters!!!


sleepy (or any LCF member) please post my blog...

and the digg link to it over on LCF. I would, but I'm not registered there. And if you have time, inform '911wasaninsidejob' on that thread that this article is not "satire". Malkin wrote it. It shows up in her archives:
"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

Everything Done


Thanks sleepy

FYI Prison Planet has the article up now too...

Debunkaholic Michelle Malkin Was A 9/11 Truther
Neo-Con Fox News poster child who called truth movement a virus grilled official story in 2002 column


New Digg link...

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

BEWARE of crooksandliars.com

The site http://www.crooksandliars.com censors any information regarding 911. I tried to post this information on Michelle Malkin of FOX NEWS questioning 911 in reference to a blog on Bin Laden and they deleted my comments twice saying it was "off topic".

BEWARE: These people are left-gatekeepers!



that tinfoil hat is totally the wrong shape

And though she does look adorable wearing it at that jaunty angle she is not getting anywhere near ideal protection from the mind control rays. As far as her questions, sounds like she was doing her best to incite Islamophobia. Gosh remember when you had to be an Aryan male to persecute minorities? Look how far we've come! Man, if I could have 10 minutes alone with MM on a couch I'm not sure whether I would want to make out with her or psychoanalyze the woman. What on earth could have happened to her as a girl to make her what she is today?? Did an arab muslim girl beat her out for the cheerleading squad? Enquiring minds want to know!!!


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I actually like the hat tipped to one side.. it adds a little flavor!

The first time I saw her was in a doc called "Blog Wars" on IFC.. it was a pretty good movie. It gives insight to how political campaigns use the internet.

Looks like the "truth virus" infected her pretty early.

Was she anybody in 2002?

Who knew MM back in 2002? Was she anybody at the time, a TV personality? Looks to me like she was offered a deal and took it.

Interesting idea...

Or she made herself a deal and thought I'll pretend to be a crazy right-wing bitch like Ann Coulter and laugh all the way to the bank.

But we know the Bush admin and other groups pay off commentators. So its likely.

She's been around

I'm quite sure that in '02, and probably earlier, her columns were appearing in the NY Post--like Fox, another part of the Murdoch media empire. Maybe not as much as a 'somebody' as she is now, but still somebody.

I must say I thought I'd never find anything of value in any of her columns--and now I stand corrected. This is a most interesting find that completely escaped my attention at the time.

Need Help on Audio/Video resource

Hello all. I'm currently searching for the video/audio file that was made in an apartment building near the WTC. On the file, you can hear a loud noise/explosion prior to impact, and then you hear the impact itself.

I would greatly appreciate any help!

"I would imagine that if you took the top expert in that type of work and gave him the assignment of bringing these buildings down with explosives, I would bet that he could do it." -1993-John Skilling, Head Structural Engineer WTC Towers

Not sure if this is what you

Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but here it is,

Did anybody notice in this video there are numerous flashes below the impact zone before the collapse? I even saw flashes from WTC7. I have a .mov file version so its a bit more clear than this google link. But it would be great to get a hold of an uncompressed copy of this video. Then you could really see those flashes clearly. It might be another good piece of evidence.


I noticed something odd about WTC 7's collapse...

while watching 9/11 Mysteries on my big screen. On one of the clips, there are several flashes coming from multiple areas around Building 7 (not on or in the building). I first thought they could be camera flashes from people taking pictures from the north side. The odd thing is, some of the flashes seem to come from nearby rooftops. I suppose those could be camera flashes too if people were on the roofs of the nearby buildings. A couple of the flashes look like they are coming from, what appears to be antennas on top of a nearby building. Are these flashing safety lights (for lack of a better description) for planes/helicopters??? Possibly. It was just odd that the timing was in sinc with the collapse. Anyone else notice this?

She must be a Mitt Romney flip flopper

I have to say looking at her with the tin foil on, if she shaved her head she would look just like Cho from that horrible disaster at Virginia Tech. The woman is scary. Perhaps she is trying to be a female Hannity at this point of her life and before she was trying to be O Reilly as a truther during the JFK days. All these people who feel its absurd to believe 9/11 was an inside job have themselves never ever researched the facts or even read the Commission report. I hope in the next debate someone will ask Giuliani if he has ever read the 9/11 commission report. Then he would be forced to reveal his weakness as a candidate running on 9/11 with no knowledge of 9/11 fact. One of us should do so!


That seems to be what Ron Paul was doing! That cheeky monkey!

Here's more info re what the conspiracy nut Malkin wrote about..

"Who murdered Katherine Smith, and why?"

Fiery death raises fears of terror link
A Tennessee woman accused of helping five Middle Eastern men get fraudulent drivers' licenses is found dead in her car.
Associated Press, February 17, 2002


^Anyone have more on this? Sure sounds like Mrs. Smith was mixed up with some interesting perps, ahem, I mean peeps. Having special passes to work in the basements of the World Trade Center a week before 9/11 and whatnot.

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

if you want to dig into that...

...head over to libertypost.org and start rummaging through the archives. I've seen that discussed a bunch of times over there, starting at least 2 years back. Some posts/threads had a good deal of into about it. 9/11 has been a hot topic there all along. Be warned, though: the name-calling often dominates.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Wow, great find!!!!

Malkin does sound like a "conspiracy nut"! Heck, she was a 9/11 Truther before most of us!

I will make Rosie O'Donnell aware of this article. She will get a kick out of it.

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

i detest this slut

i hate her and shows how fox news are so low when they drag her out when they need some muck spreading. why don't they ask general public. who is she anyway. she is a nobody with a 2nd news stories and a crap website. theres millions of better journalists. shows how much scum fox, bill o liar and ugly face mm are! i cant stand looking at her. what a total whore. fox need someone so scummy to justify there crap.

Is she a zionist

Malkin is a Jewish name, right? Is she a zionist, writing for JWR and what not?... Wikipedia says she's a Filipino , married to a Jesse Malkin, hence the name and maybe a zionist connection? But then again, she's pro-concentration camp...

all I'm saying, if you are a zionist, you'd problably stick to the "Arabs did it" , right? Thereby not saying zionist did it, not that they didn't either.

what's up with the minus points?

Mr. Malkin is the Jewish ghost-writing husband.

She married a Jewish dude, Jesse Malkin. About a year or 2 ago left-bloggers caught him ghostwriting about half her blog.

I guess this means

Malkin is a laughable and disingenuous Hypocrite!

Who knew? (sarcasm)

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Malkin article now posted on PrisonPlanet....



"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

Hand her over to me.

I'll deal with her accordingly! No no, I insist. I can handle her on my own.

Heh heh.

Look at that miserable scowl on her face. Isn't it obvious? Her husband is having performance problems. Can't blame her for being a self-hating, race-traitor, fascist harpie. She's clearly not had a proper release of "tension" in a long while. I'll have her smiling ear to ear and converted to our side in no time flat! (Actually, I might take my time and savor educating Ms. Malkin.)

Disgustingly misogynistic, isn't it? LOL!! (Sorry ladies, all in good fun. I'm really trying to denigrate her for being a fascist shill, but since she is an attractive woman, I can't seem to resist doing that through a little typical man-pig humor. Don't worry, I'll seek counseling. It's a long road ahead...)

The hat is priceless.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

too litle tension , in the

too little tension , in the no spin zone, LOL

or the no spin cycle zone?

ok bad RT--do not encourage them! actually I bet she's pretty happy with her sex life. we may like to think of the elite and their lackeys as miserable folk but don't bet on it. they can be pretty decadent--they get off on that perception versus reality gap. The really sick thing is to wonder what goes through Falafel OReilly's mind when she's on his show.... sadly she is a bit of a racial sell-out, capitalizing on the elites' desire to shield themselves from criticism by holdiong up a few tokens...


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wow. you are desperate if

wow. you are desperate if you think she is attractive. you traitor

First bill o'reilly as a jfk

First bill o'reilly as a jfk truther and now this? I wonder if they've sold their soul in exchange for the truth about jfk and 9/11 lol

hmmm, some who realize the

hmmm, some who realize the truth, might want to cover it up, fearing that if it came out, it would create total chaos. It's a possibility, especially for the ones who have low opinions of the public's intelligence.
People can have different secret reasons for covering up or ignoring the issue.We'll have to figure out what these probably many different reasons are and address them, so as to get these people to speak the truth. The truth is you don't have to run around and pay people off and ask them to shut up. As Hitler said; you don't have to look for people who will betray their own country, greed and desire will make them show up themselves.

Let them loose I say

If Bill and Malkin want to say things like 'don't confuse them with facts', and 'I dare them them to debate this with Popular Mechanics', I'm all for it. After all these guys seem to be giving these kooky theories plenty of air time and the more the better. Malkin quoted two good quality web sites in the piece which could only allow more people to reasearch these events. Remember we are through the looking glass here, white is black, black is white. Rudolph Guliani is no hero and the worst candidate for president (or is it Billary?). The more absurd comments O'rielly makes and the more air time this gets he's doing us a favour wheather he likes it or not. Look at it from the perspective of an agnostic, when Malkin says these web sites are kookie they just decide to look for themselves, this is a good thing. When Bill says 'Don't confuse them with facts' an open minded individual may just ask 'which facts are these I shouldn't confuse myself with'.
Overall the 'good cop,bad cop' style interogation the wider audiance gets in this manner can work wheather good cop is calm and persuasive or bad cop alienates his own point of view it still works out.

yes, you are right.. people

yes, you are right..

people are always more interested when you tell them not to read something than to read it.

we should march down the streets with signs that say: Don't look into 9/11 - There's no coverup

it would be much more effective.. because who the f are you to tell me what I shouldn't do!?

or better yet

false flag debunking:


Hold up a sign that says crap like that and yell obscenities at passersby, then have a friend come by to argue with you (as a truther) and put you in your place. make sure you come off as a racist and ignorant buffoon who can't understand basic physics.

do this in a very public place with lots of foot traffic and if anyone comes up to try to help youdiscredit 9/11 truth make sure they are thoroughly embarassed to be seen agreeing with you.

it's really not that hard to be as disgustingly dishonest as the perps themselves and their disinfo shills...


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oh yeah, be sure to plug Michelle Malkin, OReilly and Hannity


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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well, well, if the answer

well, well,

if the answer was "Al Qaida did it" right from day one, then what was there to question that didn't fit that answer and why would you question it if you believed and trusted that answer?


Just sent Michelle an email


Hi Michelle,

Please show me where the media, of which you're apart of, covered any of the following:

1. In August 2006, the families that fought for the creation of the 9/11 Commission, that attended every hearing, that worked with the Commission Staff, that provided 1000's of well researched questions (70% of which were not answered), declared that very Commission, "derelict in its duties", and questioned the "entire veracity" of the 9/11 Report.

2. A documentary endorsed by those same family members was released on 9/5/2006 entitled, "9/11: Press For Truth" that calls into question the entire 9/11 Report.

3. On September 11th, 2006, representatives of a good portion of family members called for an entirely new investigation at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

4. In October 2006, the families that fought for the creation of the 9/11 Commission, that attended every hearing, that worked with the Commission Staff, that provided 1000's of well researched questions (70% of which were not answered), released a petition which now has 15,000+ signatures, and calls for the declassification of pertinent 9/11 related information.

5. On April 11th, 2007, family members Bob Mcilvaine and Bill Doyle filed a petition against NIST seeking corrections of inaccurate factual statements and analysis in NIST's reports on the destruction of the Twin Towers.

Thank you,

Jon Gold

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

The hypocrite strikes AGAIN


"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"

-Dr. Frank Greening