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Way behind in this poll, spread it around:

The Mercola newsletter, a

The Mercola newsletter, a natural health related online publication, which earlier generated over 200 comments in a good article raising questions about 9/11, has another good one on Ron Paul. Do we get the impression that Dr. Mercola is a truther?

I think I read that this newsletter reaches millions worldwide.

That poll is crap...

His stats keep getting reset on that site... scroll over his pic and it says "SPAMMER" in bold red letters

Here is what it says about Ron Paul...

It's okay to be called a horses ass in America... In response to ongoing spam attacks racetrack officials issued a ruling banning Ron Paul's entire barn workforce from the racetrack indefinitely. All prior and future wagers placed on Ron Paul were declared invalid and deleted from the toteboard. Ron Paul will continue to be allowed morning workouts on the training track and keep his Howdy Doody puppet. He'll need to hire all new assistant trainers, grooms and hotwalkers with legal U.S. immigration status.

New Ron Paul music video and mp3

Ron Paul is Here! "Three Shoes Posse" Reggae Jam!

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

Oh what a shocker.. check

Oh what a shocker.. check out that poll now.

He was at like 3% this morning now he is at 0%.. I think they reset Ron Paul results everyday so it doesn't look like he has any supporters. The comments in support of Ron Paul are being removed too.

This site should be ashamed of themselves.

Here is a list of the real online polls with Congressman Ron Paul:

as you can see from the

as you can see from the poll, Ron Paul is not a candidate...

As a Dane I am shocked, I have never seen anything like this in Europe, that the media keep out candidates from the poles. Not even nazis have been treated like this. It really disgusts me.


so, that must mean this poll

so, that must mean this poll shows Ron Pauls supporters second choices!?