New al Qaeda Tapes Feature U.S. Capitol Under 'Attack'

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Al Qaeda has a new opening graphic for its propaganda tapes: the U.S. Capitol under "attack."

"The Islamic State of Iraq...March Toward Washington" reads the headline in English superimposed over a digitally created scene of the U.S. Capitol under attack in the introductory sequence of one tape released on the Internet this week.

Another from al Qaeda's "as Sahab" production arm announces "Holocaust of the Americans in the Land of Khorasan" and shows an image of the U.S. Capitol to introduce a short clip of al Qaeda fighters.

With all of this and Bush given Dictatorship powers, I smell a false flag very very soon

i agree

Something fishy, the tapes, the navy provoking iran, bush's powers to declare martial law, some celebrity needs to make a splash in the media soon or were screwed!

is this from the new sason?

I wish al Qaeda Productions™ would stick to a more traditional schedule for their releases--it's hard to keep the story arcs straight. have they signed OBL to a new contract yet? I hope he's not holding out for more dough--he should be thinking of his audiences...


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