Right Wingnut Rocky Mountain News Editorial Page Editor Condemns Zinnful Truth Movement

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Vincent Carroll, editor of the editorial pages, is a longtime resident of Denver whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal and Barron's. He has also been a syndicated columnist for the Newspaper Enterprise Association. Reach Vincent Carroll at carrollv@RockyMountainNews.com.

Carroll: A baleful influence
Tuesday, May 22 at 12:00 AM

Howard Zinn may be the most influential left-wing intellectual in America. If not, he certainly gives Noam Chomsky a run for his money given the remarkable reach of Zinn’s People’s History of the United States, a staple on numerous reading lists for high school and college courses (including one in which my daughter is now enrolled).

Maybe some of those professors and teachers will want to reassess their infatuation with the Marxist Zinn now that he has penned a blurb for a new book by a leader of the “9/11 truth movement” — those fickle folks who refuse to believe that al-Qaida brought down the Twin Towers.

“I believe that David Ray Griffin’s provocative questions about 9/11 deserve to be investigated and addressed,” Zinn writes on the back of Griffin’s Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory. (Members of the “truth movement” helpfully keep me stocked with their latest salvos in case my resistance to paranoid fables happens to dissolve.)...


media matters on

A predictably moronic piece

A predictably moronic piece and a predictably wimpy response by media matters. Hopefully this will encourage Zinn to take a more forceful stance on 911 truth. Along with Parenti and a few others, he is one of the only prominent "left-radical" intellectuals who has had the balls to endorse the 911 truth movement and not just parrot "blowback".

Author calls Zinn a "Marxist". While Zinn is obviously sympathetic to the Marxist critique of capitalism, he does not believe in a Marxist solution (ie authoritarian government). Zinn labels himself an "anarchist"; in fact he's written several great pieces on the subject. Here's one:

excerpts from Howard Zinn’s introduction to Herbert Read’s book “Anarchy and Order”. Not all paragraphs are contiguous.

"The word anarchy unsettles most people in the Western world; it suggests disorder, violence, uncertainty. We have good reason for fearing those conditions, because we have been living with them for a long time, not in anarchist societies but in exactly those societies most fearful of anarchy—the powerful nation-states of modern times.

It is these conditions that the anarchists have wanted to end; to bring a kind of order to the world for the first time. We have never listened to them carefully, except through the hearing aids supplied by the guardians of disorder—the national government leaders, whether capitalist or socialist.

The order of politics, as we have known it in the world, is an order imposed on society, neither desired by most people, nor directed by their needs. It is therefore chaotic and destructive. Politics grates on our sensibilities. It violates the elementary requirement of aesthetics—it is devoid of beauty. It is coercive, as if sound were forced into our ears at a decibel level such as to make us scream, and those responsible calls this music.

Anarchists almost immediately recognized that the fall of kings, and the rise of committees, assemblies, parliaments, did not bring democracy; that revolutions are the potential for liberation, but also for another form of despotism. Thus Jacques Roux, a country priest in the French Revolution concerned with the lives of the peasants in his district, and then with the workingmen in the Gravilliers quarter of Paris, spoke in 1792 against “senatorial despotism,” saying it was “as terrible as the scepter of kings” because it chains the people without their knowing it and brutalizes and subjugates them by laws they themselves are supposed to have made. In Peter Weisses’ play, Marat-Sade, Roux, straitjacketed, breaks through the censorship of the play within the play and cries out:

Who controls the markets
Who locks up the granaries
Who got the loot from the palaces
Who sits right on the estates
That were going to be divided between the poor.

Before he is quieted.

A friend of Roux, Jean Varlet, in an early anarchist manifesto of the French Revolution called Explosion, wrote:

“What a social monstrosity, what a masterpiece of Machiavellianism, this revolutionary government is in fact. For any reasoning being, Government and Revolution are incompatible, at least unless the people wishes to constitute the organs of power in permanent insurrection against themselves, which is too absurd to believe.”

Herbert Read, in a book with an appropriately absurd title, To Hell With Culture, wrote:

“What has been worth while in human history—the great achievements of physics and astronomy, of geographical discovery and of human healing. Of philosophy and of art—has been the work of extremists—of those who believed in the absurd, dared the impossible…”

The institution of capitalism, anarchists believe, is destructive, irrational, inhumane. It feeds ravenously on the immense resources of the earth, and then churns out (this is its achievement—it is an immense stupid churn) huge quantities of products. Those products have only an accidental relationship to that is most needed by people, because the organizers and distributors of goods care not about human need; they are great business enterprises motivated only by profit. Therefore, bombs, guns, office buildings, and deodorants take priority over food, homes and recreation areas. Is there anything closer to “anarchy” (in the common use of the word, meaning confusion) than the incredibly wild an wasteful economic system in America?

The difference between a one-party state and a two-party state being no more than one party—and that a smudged carbon copy of the other.

The vote in modern societies is the currency of politics as money is the currency of economics; both mystify what is really taking place—control of the many by the few."

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I've been aware that Howard was truth-sympathetic for a while now and wondered only why we don't hear more from/about him on that. This is a great sign that the perpetraitor apologists are feeling threatened enough to start outing people, especially Zinn. The fact that many schools DO use his books for American history classes is true--I've heard this directly from kids who I've talked to during street activism. Zinn has as much of a following as Chomsky, maybe even bigger (if less cultish) among left-leaners. I wonder if it would be worth doing a round of Zinn-outing on the left gatekeeper circuit?


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What an asshole

Howard Zinn is an American treasure, and represents what can be great about America. WW2 bomber pilot, 60's Civil Rights crusader at black university Spellman College, anti-Vietnam war activist from the earliest days of that invasion, historian who exposes that the abuse of power in the pursuit of wealth by the few during America's history. There is a great documentary of his life the Sundance Channel runs on his life occasionally.

He's challenged the "official story" all his life.

And, now in his 80's, he supports 9/11 Truth (DRG book jacket blurbs, Jack Blood radio interviews). It is really unfair to compare him to Chomsky, Zinn personifies integrity without a hint of gatekeeping or sponsored controlled opposition.

Maybe that's why this shill-whore needs to smear him in such a vicious manner.

I guess exposing and standing up to the criminality of the powerful makes one a "Marxist" (sarcasm).


Journalistic Illusions Created by Incorrect Usage of Terminology

Vincent Carroll, like most journalists (typists) these days, has no real knowledge of history, science, or philosophy. People like him loosely, incorrectly, and childishly use such terms as “Marxist,” “anti-Semite,” or “conspiracy theorist” as derogatory terms without any understanding of the proper meanings of these words. For example, there is a vast difference between a hypothesis and a theory. Hypotheses are educated guesses based upon a few preliminary experiments that require further tests and challenges. A theory is something that bears all the hallmarks of the ‘scientific method’. A hypothesis which has been repeatedly tested and proven to be accurate by numerous independent researchers and honest scientists, after it has been rigorously challenged for holes, if it yet still holds true, it achieves the status of a theory. In proper scientific terminology, a theory is just below the level of a ‘natural law’. That is why the term theory is applied to such ideas as Einsteinian relativity, the atomic structure of matter, or biological evolution. These ideas are not hypotheses (educated guesses requiring more experimentation), they are theories, i.e., almost laws. We are not conspiracy hypothesists. We are indeed conspiracy theorists, and we need to reclaim the proper usage of this term “theory.” The “official story of 9/11” does not even approach the level of an honest hypothesis. It is just a big lie. These journalists are complicit in the “dumbing down of America.”

Vince the Typist calls a great scholar like Howard Zinn a Marxist? I will bet you $10,000 that little Vince hasn’t read one page of Karl Marx. “Das Kapital,” Marx’s seminal work in German is about 600 pages of intensely complex economic philosophy, a text far above the meager intellectual capabilities and gerbil-like attention span of some idiot newspaper typist who can’t even figure out the difference between a hypothesis and a theory. I’ll bet you he also thinks Iranians are Arabs. It seems like any fool nowadays can get a job as a journalist. We live in truly ignorant times. I gotta go...

Warm regards to all of you,

Dr. Lazlo Toth

Howard Zinn is cool.

This is the first I heard that Howard Zinn, whom I really respect, is part of the 9/11 Truth movement. I'm happy as hell about this. I wish he'd become even more active and let his voice be heard even stronger. Or maybe I'm just not getting the news like I should. Anyway. Good to have a dude like that on our side.