9/11 Candidate Leland Lehrman on with Tarpley - GCN live

Tonight (5/24) Webster Tarpley interviews Leland Lehrman who is planning on running for the New Mexico Senate.

Lehrman's platform, which features 9/11 Truth prominently, can be viewed here.

GCN live, Network 4
7-9pm Central.

Please Shave

Alright Leland...

I agree with almost everything in your platform, but for god sakes... shave your face and take off that hat! How do you expect to gain support from average voters looking like you are the drummer from the Grateful Dead?! If you want to be taken seriously, you must LOOK serious!

LOL _________________________

Global Warming is the biggest scam to infect the planet.
Global Warming = Global Tax = Global Police = TOTAL CONTROL

Their goal is a ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP. COMMUNIST or FASCIST it matters not.


Screw conformity, be yourself without compromise. You can still be a professional and take back the definition with intelligence not looks.



middle america doesn't always agree. these are the sorry saps we're now trying to reach.