Election 2008, Endgame

If you think that the administration either caused or at least allowed 911, then have you considered what happens if the GOP loses the election?

At the moment the bushies are able to stonewall, obfuscate and just plain lie about anything. If the dems get in at the next election, they're going to have complete access to ALL secret records.

So, if bush & co were involved, that makes them guilty of treason and mass murder!

No matter how strong the "Old boys network" might be, that still probably carries a death penalty.

Can you imagine bush, cheney, et al allowing themselves to be prosecuted and punished for war crimes? Not me.

So then the unthinkable happens. If the GOP loses the election, the change from a democracy to a dictatorship comes out of the closet. The US is already halfway there but its all just a law bent here, a new law there at the moment.

For those who say "This is America, it can't happen here", please remember that there have already been at least 4 wars of conquest on the continent since the pilgrims landed.

Change of regime by subversion or war is the norm, not the exception, worldwide, throughout history. Due to the "Experiment" with nationwide democracy, the people of the USA have had a brief holiday from this form activity.

Its important to remember that your rights are only as good as your ability to defend them. Your right to habeous corpus? Gone. Your right to free speech? Going fast.

The bushies are doing a furious amount of behind-the-scenes work to make sure they stay in power, e.g. the firing of "soft" attorneys. Bush has a private mercenary army that equals the number of troops deployed in iraq. Many of these guys are not American and have no allegience to the US. Even for the ones who are American, patriotism is in the eye of the beholder - I'm certain that there are guys out there who believe that bush's takeover would "save" America from some bogryman or other.

Anyway. If the dems win in 2008, I believe we're all in for some surprises.

2008 and beyond.

I agree, but what is the alternative. We have to fight for the Democrats to take over the White House in 2008. I don't see Bush and his Neo-Con band giving up power without a fight, but we still have to take it to them. We can't go out without a fight.

But is there any chance that

But is there any chance that the democrats will do anything about 9/11 or false flag events? I don't think so. Instead they will use it as a bargaining chip ("we didn't bust your balls over 9/11, so you gotta go along with X and Y"), or they will decide it would cause the country too much pain ("the average American can't handle what really happened, exposing it would be bad for the country, etc.").

I have no faith in anything changing if the democrats get into power in 2008, if anything they are worse than republicans because they have no backbone to do anything even when in power. But I would love to be proven wrong.

they would sooner steal the election than declare martial law

doomshilling gets us nowhere. neither does supporting democrats. playing along with this corrupt system will only encourage them. in the next election no truther should vote for a dem or repub, imo... under no circumstances. arguments will be made like they were when it was "vote for kerry because if bush wins the world will end". tell the corporate party (both colors) to F off.


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No difference

If there were any difference between the two parties, we would have seen some effect with the change of power in Congress. I think there is some power above the government that has the real control. Which party is in power is currently just an illusion.

You have to see the bigger picture my friend

There is no distinct difference in the Parties at this point, with the exception of few candidates. They both spend large amounts of money, both tax to much, both pass legislation that takes away our rights and freedom, most importantly they are all society members. We know Dem Kerry & Rep Bush were both Skull & Bones. We know almost every director of C.I.A. ever have been Masonic or Skull & Bones. I firmly believe there exists a far greater allegiance to their societies then to America. Wake up America, there is a New World Order taking place and consider the members in that election non partisan because they have no political boundaries when working together towards this goal. Not to mention it would be a bad "political" move for the Dems to dig up dirt. They would lose credibility and get tagged with squirming around in matters that bore the people when they should be fixing health care. Just remember our stance is non partisan as well. This country and especially our freedom does not belong to them the government but us the people. If we get political and start to infiltrate political seats as they have, we can then defeat them using there own plan against them. I am currently working to get into Law school so later down the line I can enter the political realm. My friends lets start advertising Ron Paul who regardless of his party, as we see, the man will do what in his heart is right. If you want exposure it will be from Ron Paul not the Dems.

I disagree

Ron Paul is not a truther. truthers do not cower behind doublespeak, hints, and rumors. we tell the truth. period. anyone worth voting for would have resigned from the criminal enterprise of the corporate duopoly. no one has to be a member of a party--that is a choice. once you are elected you can declare your independence if you don't think you can win without a thug party backing you up. STOP playing their game. that's the only way to lose a game that we have already won.


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What candidate is a truther then?

None of them, not even Kucinich.

What candidate promises the following:
-Abolish the Federal Reserve (private) Bank
-Return the power to coin money to the congress, and return money to a gold standard, instead of debt "invented" fiat currency
-Abolish the unratified 16th Ammendment
-Abolish all, except for the lawful parts of, the IRS
-Uphold the 2nd Ammendment to the constitituion
-Uphold Habeus Corpus and the entire bill of rights.
-Insure civil liberties, and individual freedoms as perscribed by the constitution
-put an end to interventionist foriegn policies
(just to name a few)

NONE OF THEM except Ron Paul

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

ah yes, the promises of a politician!

and one who doesn't stand a chance to win his criminal party's primary. sorry CR but why does 9/11 truth have to root for ANY of these people? lesser of evilism didn't work in 04 nor will it work now. i refuse to compromise my standards. i refuse to vote for anyone associated with criminals, no matter how often or convincingly they promise that they're really on my side. can't get fooled again!


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if you understood anything

beyond 9/11, and if you followed RP 27 year voting record in congress, you wouldnt need to ask that question. RP is not a lesser of 2 evils like all these bought-and-paid-for scum in government. I know where you are coming, most of gov't is criminal, but there are still a few that will do the right thing, and in the case of RP, you might want to do some research on his history and what he stands for, he is DEMONSTRATABLY "founding father" material.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

oh sorry i forgot I don't understand anything beyond 9/11

what's with 'tude, anyway?
why do you have to act like I don't know about the federal reserve scam, or anything else for that matter? you worship Ron Paul, I get it. Thanks for playing!


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When Ron Paul seems to be the only ray of hope that America has, its hard to listen to someone that is so negative towards him. I respect your thoughts and how you display them RT, but you should understand that when hope seems like an uphill battle and someone like Ron Paul comes along, we need to pray that he really knows about 9-11 and is only carrying this posture to be elected.
I dont think Ron Paul would do the movement nearly as much benefit if he wasnt President. We have a few congressmen and women asking for a re-investigation. I think if one of them had the credentials of being President, the request would take on a more serious intent.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

hm, better argued than CR

In fact i spent some time doing exactly what CR suggested and looked up his record. I have to admit I was impressed with the seeming lack of the usual shady crap. I can now understand why people lean towards thinking he is sincerely trying to do the right thing in baby steps. I'm not sure I agree, and would be happy to see less zealous insistence that "he is the only way" but I'm keeping an open mind for sure now. Let's hope y'all are right.


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I am glad you are looking into him

and its why I didnt answer your reply to my post above right away.

If you are keeping an open mind (from here forward) then I am glad.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Dems are the same.

Please do more research on the Clintons, for starters. They are without a doubt NWO toe-suckers. Pelosi said "impeachment is off the table" when the Dems won Congress in '06. They pass all our death warrants without even reading the texts. WHY THE FUCK DOES ANYONE STILL THINK THE DEMS ARE GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING??!?

This is what I think is going to happen (Strangely, I've thought this might go down even BEFORE I "woke up". I think I was an "unconscious" Truther for at least a few years.) There will be a nuclear attack in the U.S. some time between now and the Jan. '09 Inauguration. Just look at all the indicators. Accusing Iran of developing nukes, running nuclear "drills" for the past several months, removing all barriers to martial law, Bush writing himself in as dictator... If it isn't meant to be Bush, the attack might come soon after Billary is sworn into office. Or maybe they are going to try too lull the sheeple back to sleep for another 4-8 years under some "benevolent" Democrat. All the while the laissez faire econo-garchy sinks its teeth in deeper and consolidates its power in such a way that there will be no possibility of resistance when they finally drop the hammer.

I'm not trying to be a "doomshiller", but I think we are well beyond the point of solving this peacefully. We are waking many people up, but if you are keeping up with the legislation going through, you'll see that the NWO is out-pacing us 10 to 1. It's not just the laws giving us problems. It's new weapons and police state technologies, surveilance (I don't think internet communication will be safe at all in another year or two, if it even is now), exponetially growing consolidation of wealth... I'm hoping we get the CHANCE to have a war, and not just an orderly round-up and exterminaiton. Seriously, I think it is that bad, and we are very close to zero hour. Someone needs to infiltrate a major national TV studio and take over the broadcast for several hours.

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if there's a nuclear attack on America Israel will be suspect #1

Clandestine nuclear program, no inspections by international regulatory bodies allowed, refusal to sign non-proliferation treaty, and a history of stealing technology and selling it to rogue nations.

Nancy Pelosi is an AIPAC shill ("America stands with Israel now and forever") and we could of course go on and on.


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Oh, they would never do that.

Have you no shame?

Oh no..Oh Yes..Oh hell with it.

Ron Paul would certainly make an interesting candidate....but..one small problem; The Republican conventions, The Republican National Committee..and he's not a high profile name like Ghouliani, McCain, Clinton, Obama, Romney, Edwards, etc., etc. Did I say one small problem? And then there is the financing of his campaign if He decided to run as an independent. Good luck with that. A very tough battle looms ahead for Ron.
As for the Dems, they haven't done anything to justify what the voters wanted....there's really only one good reason why a party that had majority control of both houses before an election suddenly find themselves a minority after an election; Voters did not approve of the pre-election majority party.
Now they will, more than likely, look to see how a Dem president will do.
Same game, just different names.

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.