Hannity and Colmes May 23 2007: Unbelivable comments !

May 23 2007
Fox News
Hannity and Colmes

This is some of the most warped and twisted propaganda I've ever heard spewed

A few statements:

- Heavy weights like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin should be on the view standing up to Rosie instead of a welter weight like Elizabeth

- Rosie's spreading hate speech and getting 10 million dollars for it

- Rosie called Americans the real "Terrorists" and nothing happens to her unlike Don Imus

- People like Alan Colmes and Rosie O'Donnell will be responsible for the next "Terrorist" attack

- About 35% of "Democrats" belive Bush flew the planes into the WTC


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like I said warped and twisted ........................

Show "Question" by JamesB

Judging by the effort and

Judging by the effort and time you put into 911Blogger,
Id say much, much higher. Or else, why would you need
to be here?


only gullible republicans think Bush actually knows how to fly a plane. i'm sorry but when you're coked up and drunk you don't exactly absorb your flying lessons, if in fact you show up for them...


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