Pre-empt the View? The President calls what would have been a well-timed press conference.

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ABC's "The View", originally scheduled to feature 9/11 Truth proponents Willie Rodriguez and the Loose Change crew, would have been pre-empted by Bush's press conference today had it not already been cancelled.

Coincidence or not?

On a side note: The Press Conference was a sham. Bush is a blathering idiot and the press are controlled. We as a nation should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing Bush & Co. to dictate for the past 6+ years.

They shot Kennedy. Bush & Co. thrives. What a world.

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How classic is that!

I have no doubt that this wasnt a coincidence. In fact it has been done before but I forget what guest was on, and I think the topic was anti-war related. I guess this time the people that coordinate the propaganda "press conferences" didnt get the word that the show wouldnt air today and had their dog and pony distraction anyway. It will be quite funny if this show airs on another date and they pre-empt it again.

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What the hell happened?........As i said before when i heard ABC was going to show a little 9/11 truth,i said i would have lost money on that bet.
It was advertized on on the Views page. ANYONE know what happened?

Yes, here in NYC, THE VIEW was indeed preempted for the

Chimp's speech. I sat through an hour of his bullshit, and then ABC had George (traitor) Stephanopoulos come on to vouch for the Chimp's lies. Truly disgusting!

It goes to show you they are

It goes to show you they are running scared. and that means the truth is coming out!

I told everyone to watch this show and then told them never mind, then told them maybe the film makers will be on, then said never mind, then gave up. but I was curious to see how they were gonna gracefully get out of not having it on and also Rosie not being there. Guess all the insiders knew Bush was gonna do a perfectly timed conference.
Does anyone know if the show still proceeds for the studio audience even if it is preempted? If so, maybe something will show up on youtube or somewhere.

so a fearmongering "press conference"

was seen by a buunch of people who intended to see something about 9/11 being an inside job, namely truther types. I think it's clear what the plan was all along--to set us up to watch and then bait and switch us into watching some fearmongering crap whether you think it's terrists or illuminati CFRists you are now supposed to be afraid to fight. Classic! Is everyone catching on? They dangle Loose Change in front of you, you follow their baited hook and then WHACK! They hit you with the chimp. I hope Rosie understands that she has been used. I hope readers here understand they have been misled. I hope people are starting to understand just how transparent this bs is. What a joke.


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That too

RT points out another common strategy that we have seen play out many times before. I remember once turning on the TV because of an erroneous post here about 9/11 truth being featured on a mainstream program. Instead I found that the broadcast was a showcase of the "realities" of our "War on Terror."

I did, at that moment, feel like someone was intentionally manipulating us. And of course, they would be trying, wouldn't they? And I'm sure that Rosie feels manipulated. Have you seen her on the show in the last couple of days. She's done. Totally pissed. And if she could, would tear that neo-con puppet on the show down to the ground. After one stupid rant from the puppet, she made no response, looked totally removed, and said something like, 'Hey, I've only got five more weeks on the show."

Let's all stay on our toes. The methods that are used to undermine our efforts will certainly be strategic and diverse.

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My favorite kind of justified paranoia.

Personally, based our shared past experience, I would consider it likely that this was no accident. But, as ever, we have no way to prove it one way or another. I'm always waiting for that exact whistleblower to pop up.

A really fun and informative resource that demonstrates the Administrations tendency to do something very similar is this video of a Keith Olbermann spot in which he make it perfectly clear that every increase in our terror threat level has directly followed news that was embarrassing to the Adminstration.

And 9/11 truth is quite a bit more than embarrassing to these people.

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I can't believe this

What a crok. Anyone who had any questions about the role of the media in this whole deal needs to talk a long hard look at what just happened. Seriously. If I had ANY doubt about the complicity/PARTICIPATION of the media in the 9/11 cover up, this would be the last straw. Unbelievable!!!!! We're in trouble guys. Media is even worse than I thought!

At least a bird took the opportunity to tell the president what he thought of him haha.


"In fact it has been done before"

When the Iraqi ambassador was about to speak at the UN to refute the neocon lies about WMD's -- Rumsfeld called a press conference and it was preempted everywhere.

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