9/11 debunker motivated by faith

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9/11 debunker motivated by faith

'Was 9/11 an inside job?' Conspiracy theorists have asked this question repeatedly for the past several years, mostly 'under the radar' of the mass media. One of the more notable questioners is David Ray Griffin, author of Christian Faith & the Truth Behind 9/11, who spoke on the subject May 16 at St. Andrews Wesley Church in Vancouver; it was the only Canadian stop on his tour, and was sponsored by the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society. "People ask me: 'What's a nice theologian like you doing investigating in this area?'" he told CC.com. He is motivated by suspicions that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks may have been engineered by people affiliated with the U.S. government, acting to further American worldwide supremacy. Christians, he said, "should especially be concerned about the truth of 9/11. After all, we started as an anti-imperialist religion." He became an activist, he said, because "other movements which have succeeded -- such as the U.S. civil rights and Vietnam protest movements -- have had heavy church involvement."

Just Received the book...

I just received Griffin's book from Amazon yesterday; I was especially interested in reading the last chapter on "reflections" and his call to action. These two quotes were especially on target:

"Burns Weston, a professor of law, has said that 'the disparity between official 9/11 'spin' and independently research 9/11 fact [is] so glaring as to suggest the possibility of a constitutional crisis unlike anything our country has ever known.' Facing up to this crisis could be the most traumatic experience ever undergone by our country. But if we do not face up to it, then our constitutional form of government will be essentially over, leaving no checks on the executive branch's power to do as it wills."

"... it is only when we realize that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out and covered up for the sake of America's global domination project that we can, as I have suggested elsewhere, 'fully grasp the extent to which this project is propelled by fanaticism based on a deeply perverted value system."


'Every [weapon developed and used] signifies, in the final sense, theft from the needy.' "The world in arms is not spending money alone [but also] the sweat of its labourers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children." -- Ike

I'm glad to read that article...

Thanks Mekt_Ranzz for blogging it! Concerned Christians are exactly who need to be paying attention to Dr. Griffin. Hopefully some of the readers will be interested enough to come to our June 22-24 conference.


I saw...

This article and laughed at how they labeled him. :)

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

The Conundrum

Sadly the appearance of Dylan Avery on The View was cancelled and preempted in any event by the criminal Whitehouse Dictator's propaganda conference.

This sudden turn is both sad and necessary, and the truthful reason that this is so, is the prevention of WWIII, while the forces of good can facilitate the opportunity to take back control of the US and major western governments from the criminal Anglican-Episcopal-Crusader corporate-warlord-satan worshipping Al CIAda multinational religious-socialist fascist dictatorship alliance.

The world's true radical religious socialist 'axis of evil' alliance (quite exactly like Hitlers Christian Fascists and Hirohitos Shinto Fascists were) is in fact a hideous Anglican-Zionist-Sunni/Wahabbi corporate nuclear tribal mafia warlordship (including The Great Whore of England) who's ultracriminal Act 2 that is planned to follow their elaboratly contrived "Daniel Chapter 8 Show" of 9/11 is in fact, the nuclear Battle of Armageddon (a 'terrorist' nuclear WWIII trigger attack on Megiddo in Israel) which will trigger a pile-on retaliation-deterrent nuclear attack by all the other major nuclear WMD-armed nations in an attempt to protect the worlds principle oil suppliers (Arab Mideast Nations) from retaliatory Isreali counterstrikes.

In order for the criminal, unconstitutional Episcopal Pentagon-CIA Mafia dictatorship to stage this Satan conjuring Nuclear War, their socialist dogma books dictate that the US leader must be a woman. This is a script from "the beast" of the dogmatic corrupted political-conservatist Words Of Men (aka Bible) that we have all read.

It is also The Conundrum that the New Commandment of the New Testament of Our Savior was intended to save us all, and our world, from! To Love ones neighbors as one would have them love oneself is the definition of Individual Republican Liberty as no better exemplified anywhere else in the works of men than in our anointed Constitution and it's individualist Bill of Rights.

Pushing their hand now could simply force them to throw the Criminal Bush and Vice-Criminal Cheney over the side placing the current Speaker of the House in that position FOR THEIR ADVANTAGE!

Our route is clear, to preserve peace, humanity, liberty and justice and defeat and punish and forever outlaw and destroy the evi forces of Satanic organized corporate religious socialist fascism, we must ensure that a male is elected in 2008 , and keep our 9/11 powder dry until after the next election.

In the meantime we must use every means at our disposal , to end the criminal occupation of Iraq, suppress, confound, ignore and oppose satanic religious extremists of every and all descriptions (particularly Sunni Islamists and Zionists) , and confound the MOSSAD-MI6-CIA Mafia's attempts to use their Al CIAda monarchist Sunni Wahabbists to false-flag acts in the name of peaceful democratic Iranian and Lebanese Shiites as excuses for further criminal pre-WWIII skirmishes or a broader invasion of Iran..

Other than Ron Paul, there are also sane forces of loving freedom in Christ through the free choice of anointed individual Republican Liberty within the Democratic party and ABC as well so please do not be so quick to condemn all who appear to be concealing or opposing the exposure of all the truth AT THIS TIME.

Given in Love..

Today, "Christians" stand at the head of Germany' -Principle keynote of the acceptance speech of Chancellor Adolph Hitler.


Indeed if we want to do something constructive, we must take advantage of our certain knowledge that hese hateful, greedy, self-adoring radical-religious-socialist Satanists are irrevocably bound to religiously following the letter of the corrupted dogma which they falsely worship. in place of true faith in The One Who Is Love Itself as we were taught.

They may be confounded simply by ensuring the criminals do not commit suicide as they are bound to do now.

They will certainly be more confounded and all the world and humanity itself better protected if we can prevail upon Rep Nancy Pelosi to resign her Speakership on "humanitarian grounds"

They will certainly also be better confounded should we prevail on Hillary Clinton to resign her quest for the Presidency on the same "humanitarian grounds", or failing that we use every means to ensure she is defeated.

While thus forestalled from executing their next act of indescribably inhuman, horrific ultracriminal ultraviolence and mass destruction we should then have ample time to round up all of these criminals , also placing the blame upon tribal mafia warlord tyranny, monarchs, and established corporate "religious" (including Marxist) socialisms. Global nucler disarmament should then follow, finally ending the reign of terror on earth that has resulted from the greedy hatred and corruptions of organized corporate dogmatism forever.

Nobody ever knows the future and it shall and could certanly never be found as a re-printed history

Today, "Christians" (Neo-Tory Conservatist religious-socialist bible-worshiping Satanists) stand at the head of Germany' -Principle keynote of the acceptance speech of Chancellor Adolph Hitler.


Now there is an idea........ :-)

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)