Huffington Post - Soft on 911?

I've just put in an 8 hour stint scanning the web for 911 evidence and opinion. As part of that effort, I've done some posting here and also some posting on the Huffington Post.

In the process of this activity I've read thru the entire 32 pages of "Huffit" posts. I note with interest that posts concerning hard 911 fact have attracted at least 30 votes and sometimes have more than 40 "Huffs".

Having said that, in spite of the fact that Huffington Post bills Huffit as "Your News", none of the 911 stories have made it to the front page ticker. Currently running are stories that have attracted as few as 3 "Huffs". Meanwhile, articles promoted by 911-truthers seem to avoid the limelight.

I understand the death warrant that comes with any attempt to publish this stuff in the MSM but it seems to me that the HP could put it out there since its user driven.

I'm conscious of the fact that:

1. My understanding may be flawed.

2. I have no "clout" on any of these high profile websites

So. If I'm right, maybe someone with a bit more clout could take on the HP and get these 911 stories the attention they deserve.


I think you may be misinformed...


I think you may be misinformed. HuffIt has actually been surprisingly responsive with 9/11 articles. In fact, almost all of GeorgeWashingtonBlog's great summations of evidence, 911 truth supporters, and other important articles have been picked up and onto the front page in the last few weeks. But social news aggregation sites like Digg and HuffIt are designed to highlight the *new* news, not just the popular news (so that new news can become popular). That is why many 9/11 related articles are not on the front page even though they have more votes; nearly all of them were, however--but days or weeks ago when they first were submitted. Make more sense?

I am concerned that an immediate response to a situation like this is 'more conspiracy', 'more cover-up'. The conspiracy has to end somewhere. Let's focus our efforts on promoting the evidence and not implicating more people with speculations. Still, nice work searching.


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I commented on this before

And I understand what you are saying about "*new* news", but, if that is true, then why have any voting at all?

Unless there is some way to see the "most huffed posts".

But I couldn't find a link to any page like that.

So maybe "huffing" something is a worthless feel-good thing designed to make people feel like they have a voice, but really do not.

No one replied to my previous post bringing this up, one way or the other.

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Huff Po is a left gatekeeper

Huff Po in my opinion is a left gatekeeper that is intent on keeping 9-11 in the sidelines. Despite not having an explicit policy against 9-11 posts, almost none of it's main bloggers (those who use their real names, including Arriana herself) has written about the 9-11 conspiracy. I have been following this website for more than a year waiting for 9-11 to be reported. Only anonymous bloggers have written of 9-11 truth. The user submitted news does contain posts by George Washington but still, there is no fair mention of the 9-11 controversy in the front page news section or the featured blogs on the left.

The Rosie O incident was one of the very few front page news that tangentially featured 9-11. I thought that was the day 9-11 would finally break into the liberal blogosphere, sadly I was mistaken.

I don't know how the conspiracists pulled it off, but they have such a tight lid on almost all popular media channels

HuffPo censors 9/11 Truth

I know for a fact, because I posted a comment at this blog hours ago

and it has not appeared.

The blog post is typical of the msm: it trashes Rosie for being overweight, and doesn't address any of her 9/11 facts about WTC7.

Go ahead, try to post something. At the very least, some of their time will be consumed deleting our comments.

I tend to agree re 911 censorship

I posted a request on Arianna's current new item. She's announcing the site changes and asking for feedback. 2 days ago I posted a comment asking for a dedicated 911 truth news category. Nothing major, just a specific section in the long list of news topics.

True to form the post never showed up.

I've tried again today. Also I was contacted her on this site by Bubba whose girlfriend apparently works for huffpo. He said he might be able to slip the request in thru the back door.

Needless to say I gave him a copy in the blog.

Here's hoping.