Rodriguez Speaks for the First Responders

Instead of taping the View yesterday, Rodriguez traveled to Washington to lend his voice for those demanding Federal aid for the 9/11 First Responders. (Did anybody happen to notice that the President's press conference pre-empted the View yesterday? What a coincidence. Even had the show gone ahead, there would have been for all intents and purposes, no show.)

After his trip to DC, Rodriguez taped two interviews about the First Responders in Spanish. One was broadcast on Univision International, and the NY local, Channel 41. (YouTube links after the jump.)

so wait, Rodriquez

so wait, Rodriquez cancelled and The View/ABC didnt cave? im lost.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


This all seems very confusing. I've heard that William will be on during the first week of June, along with the LC boys, and David Griffin on another taping.
I guess we'll find out the moment the shows begin.

If that happens, I'm sure DHS will....

...schedule a View-coinciding press conference to raise the "threat level".....

(Which in sense is right, as the View would raise the threat level TO THEM...)

The View Show that Never Was.

I think it is time for Rosie O'Donnell or William Rodriguez to fully explain what the hell want on with the scheduled View show. Clear up the air a bit on it.

seriously. somebody explain

seriously. somebody explain what the hell happened already.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Vapor-truthing: (noun)

9/11 truthing consisting of things talked about that never actually seem to materialize.

usage: "Johnny showed a lot of promis at first, hitting the streets with pamphlets almost every day but ever since he hooked up with that truth group that is perpetually "organizing" and having "strategy sessions" he's become a bit of a vapor-truther."


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oh, btw

For those who don't speak spanish, these were totally truth-neutral appearances. No mentions of unanswered questions, need for a new investigation, or explosions in the basement.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


has he ever said that he

has he ever said that he thinks 911 was an inside job???

i don't know

do you think he doesn't think so?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


i dont know what to think

i dont know what to think about him to tell you the truth..

i dont put as much faith in him as a lot of others do.


At this point, one of the few absolute certainties is that this movement is crawling with disruptors and other agents of the evil ones. To believe otherwise would be absurd. It's thus always wise to reserve some measure of doubt, about anyone. The Bible says there is no one who is good; only God. If that is so, then we shouldn't absolutely trust anybody around here, including ourselves. I don't know Rodriguez; he seems honest to me, but anybody who becomes the center of attention will also get the spotlight of scrutiny along with it. Nature of the beast. Keep your powder dry, as they say. ;-)

I recall the story of "the boys on the tracks" (2 teenage boys killed when they caught Clinton -- & GHW Bush! -- running drugs thru Arkansas in the 80s) and how certain individuals worked for some length of time alongside the truth seekers and seemed to be honest in wanting to get to the bottom of the story, only to turn to the dark side later on. It happens. How many corrupt politicians wanted to grow up to be that? There's something in the water, it seems....

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

I think I prefer "ghost-truthing."

Just sounds better.

The View broadcast a show...

minus any 9/11 stuff.

The show was pre-empted by the President's Rose Garden speech.

The President's Rose Garden Speech would have pre-empted the 9/11 episode, had the show aired.

Edited MP3 Clip of WR explaining what happened on the view

Wednesday, May 23rd - William Rodriguez Speaks To Alex Jones About Rosie

Can someone wirte us a transcipt in English of the videos ?

Herblay FRANCE

I do not speak a word of Spanish but it was useful to see what the spanished had filmed. Is there anyone out there that can do us a transcipt. in English ?