Weak Propaganda on American Spectator



Weak Propaganda on American Spectator


In this American Spectator article: The Loony Left's 9/11, a quite lightweight attempt is made to equate distrust of the official 9/11 story with "leftists," and then to dismiss it all as "nuts."

The author, Peter Hannaford, who we learn is "a member of the board of the Committee on the Present Danger," has no intention of investigating any of Dr. Griffin's claims for their veracity. This is simply a rehash of the same smear that has gone around since 2002, and really since Bush's speech to the UN in November 2001 where we are ordered to "never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the eleventh."

It might not have occured to Hannaford that many people on the looney RIGHT are also calling for Bush to be tried for high treason over this "nutty" 9/11 thing. Similarly, the looney center has its share of members none too happy about this cover up of the true nature of the September 11th attacks.

The looney right Project For a New American Century foundation, (a group much like the Committee on the Present Danger) apparently said too much about their plans pre-9/11 which looked favorably upon a "catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor."

Once installed in power, the regime, stocked full of PNAC members ignored so many warnings of "imminent," impending attacks that I haven't yet been able to count them all up in one place. They got their new Pearl Harbor, which is coincidentally the title of another of David Ray Griffin's books, which Hannaford should read, along with Griffin's 9/11 Commission Omissions and Distortions, if he really wants to shed some of that ignorance and give Griffin an honest chance to make his case.

But I doubt that was ever the intention.

As Hannaford ignores Griffin's large body of investigation in favor of childish one-liners, the intention is clear. This is a "go back to sleep" piece, not a hard hitting investigation.

Counterpunch's "investigation" has been rightly critiqued by Kevin Ryan, a former manager of UL labroatories. Dr. Steven E. Jones and Kevin Ryan have exposed the faulty physics in the Counterpunch piece (written by a current employee at a government weapons design laboratory).

Actual fire experiments have verified that the WTC structure could not have collapsed in the manners they did from fire alone. The floor trusses bowed by less than 3 inches in actual tests with hotter and longer duration fires. This was "tweaked" in the NIST computer models which required an input of 40 inches of bowing to provide an acceptable dancing pixel show.

When Griffin talked about bombs in the buildings, he's referring to more than 118 eyewitnesses who reported those bombs there that day including police, fire and emt rescue workers. Video footage clearly shows large steel beams ejected horizontally from the Towers many floors below the wave of destruction.

There's really no excuse for this anti-intellectual apriori dismissal of valid investigations into this pretext for a hundred years of war. To not investigate properly, to me, seems criminal.

The American Prospect, in order to maintain its own reputation, should issue a clear statement in favor of properly and independently investigating September 11th 2001 including forewarnings that went unaddressed, the lack of fighter interceptors during the attacks, the discrepancy over the time that Dick Cheney arrived at the PEOC and any "orders" he issued there, the lack of security for the president during the attacks, the suspicious collapses of the three towers (1, 2 and WTC7) that appear to resemble controlled demolitions, as well as the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI) role in the money transfers to alleged hijackers, Able Danger, Sibel Edmonds' testimony, Robert Wright's testimony, CIA surveillance of Mohammad Atta in Germany, the narcotics smuggling at Huffman Aviation in Florida, the CIA CTC memo on Mihdhar and AlHazmi withheld from the FBI, etc. The list is quite long and involved, unlike Mr. Hannaford's trite and uninformed dismissals.

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