Christian Martin Films The South Tower Collapse.

This is a great video of the south tower!! Thanks to Dylan for bringing this video to our attention.

(dz - note: find the high resolution download here)

Outstanding video

Outstanding video

Christian Martin

shill alert! way too calm and collected to speak about these events. FRAUD!!!! they are very easy to spot these days.


another lucky bystander...what a joke with those canned questions. this whole interview is a sham!

"we were thinking 'wow'"

and i was thinking, you are a really bad actor.

Christian Martin is a shill 100%

was this junk going to be used in final cut!?
here's the transcript, as best I can make it...
"yeah, i mean, i don't know what was going on right in the immediate area. i assume there were, i hope there was, no one around. umm, as, as i said, i sort of stumbled away from it and by the time i got 3 or 4 blocks away and the air cleared enough so that you could see, we were then all being pushed away but, i mean, you could still see the remains of the plane crash from earlier that day. i mean, i shot some video of a uh, huge, uh, ah, airplane wheel. there were body parts uh, you know, all over west street. i mean, it was, it was insane down there."
are you fuckin' kidding me, martin!? you suck!!! nervous nelly, anyone?
and yeah, if you read the transcript and follow along with an ounce of self-respect, the guy comes across as a nervous military type fearing dishonorable discharge (and his familily's health insurance) if he doesn't adhere to said policies. what a joke.

The video speaks volumes. I see a tower erupting & exploding

in a top-down controlled demolition!!! Certainly not a so-called "pancake collapse"! (Notice also how the narrator says it fell much faster than one would expect.)

(By the way, the narrator says he was at Oklahoma City 3 hours after the attack. He could've flown or driver there after that inside job took place, and that doesn't necessarily make him a shill, so I would disregard those 4 posts above.)