REPORT: 9/11 Deception Dollars in Anytown USA

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"Truth has rushed to meet you since you
called upon it. If you knew Who walks
beside you on the way that you have
chosen, fear would be impossible."
~~A Course in Miracles



REPORT: 9/11 Deception Dollars in Anytown USA

Dear Some of The Above News,

Thanks to your reprint of the article about Deception dollars [see below] I am now a happy user of same. I sent $25. for 600 Deception Dollars and received them in about a week.

I've been distributing an average of about ten a day, leaving them at bus stops, street corners, post office lobby, the courthouse, in grocery store carts and baskets, in front of the movie theatre, the youth center, bowling alley, etc. And of course in and around the library.

I am leaving them anonymously, though later I will probably start handing them out publicly at likely events. But for now I think the mystery of their spontaneous appearance enhances the buzz.

During the first couple of weeks I saw a few people pick them up, and was rewarded by a snorting chuckle here, an "omigosh" there. But lately it seems like enough of them have been found so that people may be talking to each other about them. Today as I was getting ready to leave the computer area of the library, I overheard this from a couple of preteens:

"Is that a ten dollar bill you've got!?

"No, it's 9/11 money."

Then a few minutes later outside I saw a grinning library patron walking slowly toward the entrance, completely engrossed in reading his Deception Dollar - which he had likely picked up at the library bustop where I had left it earlier.

Whether in towns, cities or metropolises, I think Deception Dollars are a very powerful, economical way toward 9/11 Truth critical mass.


I like going to bookstores

I like going to bookstores and slipping them inside books in the politics and history sections. I especially get a sense of satisfaction when I slip one between the covers of another tome by one of the right-wing/neo-con Bush supporters, although I certainly don't omit the books by the leftist gatekeepers like Chomsky et al and I also hit the fiction section and leave a few DD calling cards mainly in the war and spy novels. I must have spread a good few thousand that way and only got caught once doing it by the store "dick" who confronted me and made me leave the store.

I think it's time for me to switch

to deception dollars.

I use to go around and putting my little 'holy' cards on appropriately marked vehicles and in the Left Behind Section of bookstores, but I'm ready for a change. The Post Office is another good place to leave a few.

Awesome job Caveperson,

Awesome job Caveperson,

I've been writing 9/11 truth link and messages on my actual currencies. It would be awesome if one day I'll receive one of them.

So Easy Even Cro-Magnon

So Easy Even Cro-Magnon Persons Can Do It