Looking for cut steel columns from demolitions

When 1,124 Ground Zero Hi-Res Pictures archive went out, I have chosen best photos of cut columns and rubble pile from it. You can find the gallery here (there are some slovak comments there, I hope you don't mind).

Photos shown there can be downloaded in single rar archive here (~60MB).

It would be interesting to compare these cut columns from WTC rubble with columns cut with explosives in other demolitions. I have never seen such a comparison. We would probably see the same pattern. However, I was unable to find any photographs that would show cut steel columns from some demolition. The only thing I was able to find was here: photo1, photo2.

Could you please help to find some?

Were these FEMA photos?

Several looked familiar. It seemed that I had seen some of them in a FEMA collection.

What bothered me was that the colection that I saw seemed to be devoid of images that would be of any importance in a disaster study. Most seemed to be general interest, closeups only of first responders and dogs, and all other shots consisting of distant landscapes. Hardly anythig in terms of close up shots of debris that would be useful for studying the collapse itself.

Then again, why should FEMA study it if they already knew how it happened.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
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Fema should study in detail the photos in order to understand how the collapse scientifically and mechanically happened. When they know they will be able to give the construction industry new codes. Fire prevention , new insulation methods etc.

Which pic

What is the filename for the top left picture with the columns that have the 3 layer structure? I looked through the archive and I am not seeing it. Thanks! -jk

This one...


You have to zoom in. It's just above the flag and to the right.
And this one, right of centre...


this is it

These are great man,

These are great man, cheers.
I was checking this one out...

look at the ravaged piece of steel here, it looks like its been through some extreme temperatures...

Thats where they are spraying the water too....hmmmm...

and this one...

How does a steel beam get a big feaking hole in it?


I FTP'd these to several

I FTP'd these to several people. Yes, many of them are FEMA, but I don't think they have all been seen before unless FEMA has 1,124 of these photos on their site.

I sent these to Dr. Jones team as well. Hopefully they can use them for some type of evidence. My favorite are the ones that were taken inside building 6.

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I've been studying these

I've been studying these photos since they came out a few months ago.

I found evidence of explosives used on core box columns near their welds and posted it in the folder below


You probably are seeing most of this evidence for the first time.

I have graphically analyzed many of these photos and have posted the results in the folder below


Their accompanying descriptions are in the S9-11TJ forum.

My personal archive is here.


Thank you for posting these important pictures in one place.

Building 7 column looks like it was cut by explosive...


A discussion about this can be found on the old Loose Change forum here:

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straight cut steel columns and debunkers

I would like also to point out that debunkers have very hard time to explain how these enormous, massive, very thick steel columns got cut straight with that incredible precision during the collapse.

I've heard one of them to say that it's maybe because compressed air from floor cut them like that, because it had nowhere else to go :) Such a claim is of course completely ridiculous and out of common sense, and can be easily refuted. If all air of the floor was compressed a had really nowhere to go, it would break some glass windows to got out rather that cutting thick steel – glass is far more weaker material than thick steel. It would try to escape via path of the least resistance.

Showing these photographs can be also very useful when educating people about collapse of WTC, especially if they fail to see obvious features of controlled demolition visible on videos.

People usually focus on photos of angle cuts but there are not much good photos of them. We got however quite a few very good photos of straight cuts. And there is really no way to explain these perfect straight cuts by structural collapse itself. The only plausible explanations is use of explosives.

To be even more convincing it would help to find some photos of steel cut with explosives. I tried but with no luck.

Please excuse flaws in my english, I'm not natural speaker.