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Contact: Richard Gage, AIA, Founding Member of

"Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" Announces Website Launch
New resource available for professionals investigating the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers

BERKELEY, CA May 28, 2007 -- San Francisco architect Richard Gage, AIA, founder of the group, 'Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth,' announced today the official launch of the group's website - Gage, along with dozens of other architecture and engineering professionals, have signed onto a petition posted on the site which questions the official reports of the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) Twin Towers and Building 7 in New York City on 9/11/01, and calls for a new investigation. Gage, who, along with many others in his group suspects that the towers may have been destroyed with explosives rather than plane impact and fire, says he expects the website to also serve as a vehicle for ongoing research into the causes of the destruction of all 3 WTC high-rise buildings that day.

The group does not speculate as to who and why, Gage says, but instead calls for a new investigation by Congress with subpoena power. He believes a new investigation is the only hope of "fully answering these questions and bringing those responsible to justice."

Gage also says he chose the Memorial Day date to announce the website with a purpose. "As we remember our fallen heroes on this Memorial Day," he says, "it is fitting that 47 architecture and engineering professionals have already risen up to honor them by calling upon Congress to re-investigate the events of 9/11 - an event used to justify 2 additional wars that have fallen over three thousand more!"

Gage's own research into the destruction of the buildings is what led him to conclude that the WTC Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 -- a 47 story high-rise destroyed at 5:20 pm on 9/11-- appear to have been brought down by controlled demolition with explosives. He credits a number of scientists and engineers who have investigated the evidence in detail, but so far, his group is the first to attempt to organize professionals in the building trades who can speak to specifics in the official reports.

In recent months, Gage has been invited to make over a dozen presentations to audiences in the Bay Area and to universities, including San Diego, Sonoma, Chico, and upcoming at University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. He has even given presentations to the office of Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, and to over 50 architects in the San Francisco Bay Area. But perhaps most surprising is the interest he has been receiving from members of the local Chapters of the national body overseeing the architecture profession in the U.S., the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Scott Page, Berkeley architectural consultant and member, has praised Richard Gage's courage to address such a controversial issue publicly and to professional groups such as the AIA, which have never contested the official reports by NIST. "It's not an easy thing to bring such a hot potato into an office of conservative building professionals or to your state representative," he said, "but that's exactly what Richard has done."

Page says that architects and engineers have generally avoided the 9/11 topic for a variety of reasons: "Most professionals haven't actually read the official reports, nor have they read the evidence for demolition." But Page says this isn't surprising. "No one wants to read hundreds of pages of government documents on their weekends. And most haven't really looked at the evidence for demolition because it's been smeared as a ‘conspiracy theory.'

And many, Page says, have never seen the videos of the collapse of WTC Building 7, which he stresses will often convince people on the spot that something is wrong. "That building falls so fast and with such precision, that it literally shocks people when they see it. But most professionals never have, much less even know that a third skyscraper came down that day!"

Page also says that architects and engineers, like anyone else, don't want to delve into such a dark event in history. "Everyone has some natural resistance to this issue. But when faced with the facts that Richard Gage presents, the taboo of the subject gets lifted."

Gage's presentation includes several different lines of evidence for his case, from analyses of the collapse features he says are consistent with those of a demolition, to over 100 reports by first responders and the media of explosions at the scene. Gage also extensively covers the findings of chemical and physical evidence from Utah physicist Dr. Steven Jones, a physics professor formerly from Brigham Young University whose demolition hypothesis led to his appearance on MSNBC and many news articles. Jones' continuing chemical and physical analysis of the WTC steel and dust has revealed what he claims is the signature of thermate, a high-performance incendiary cutter charge. Gage describes a key piece of evidence in support of Dr Jones' theory -- the reports by a number of individuals including the structural engineer of the WTC, and the FDNY, of molten metal "flowing like lava" in the rubble pile during the weeks following 9/11.

Gage says the new website will feature his full presentation, both as a PowerPoint and a video, along with a discussion forum, the recently leaked WTC North Tower blue prints, ongoing publication of technical articles and a broad range of multi-media offerings.

The new website is:


New Initiative !

Go see Richards presentation !

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Excellent work

Can you please direct me to the list of Architects and Engineers that are members of your website?

It would be greatly appreciated.

Help me shout 9/11 articles on:

it's under the join us section

Things are about to heat up.

Mr. Gage, I recommend you hold a two hour press conference with 20+ architects and engineers ASAP.

Happy Memorial Day patriots.

AE 911 truth could go viral

This site adds a great deal of credibility to the movement!

Suddenly it is possible to get MANY more architects and engineers to look at the evidence. And we know what happens when you carefully look at the evidence..... A consortium of large building a/e professionals could, in turn, lead to truth seeping into fire engineering and controlled demolition circles.

Once we can get fire engineers and controlled demolition experts publicly questioning the official theories, it could be the end of the official conspiracy story - as we know it......

Perhaps we can get the editor of Fire Engineering who called the FEMA report "a half baked farce" to join the group?

Anyone know how to get in touch with the Dutch controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko?


How did CNN and BBC have foreknowledge of the WTC7 collapse, yet almost six years later, the government cannot explain it?

Danny Jowenko

If anybody gets a hold of Jowenko Please let me know about it.

This is great news!

Here are a few videos of Richard Gagae's presentation;

Proof of Controlled Demolition 911. part 1 April 20, 2007

Proof of Controlled Demolition 911, part 2 April 20, 2007

Proof of Controlled Demolition with Richard Gagae, AIA Q&A part 3

(^ Sounds like Judy Wood snuck in to ask a question and inject a bit of disinfo about "mini nukes")


Looking very good! Thanks sooo much Richard Gage and co. for speaking out !!!

It is my hope and prayer

that Richard and his group, get together with Jones and his people, recruit additional architects, engineers and scientists, both in the US but also in Europe (German Engineers, for example, are considered among the very best in the world) - and form a consortium, who's sole purpose will be to get a detailed paper published in a recognized tier one journal of engineering or science. This effort would serve to place the data front and center before the engineering and science community, globally, and IMO, would form the very tip of the leading edge of the spearhead of the 9/11 truth movement, much in the same way that Jones' paper when it was first published moved mountains for us.

This is IMO an historic development as a "work in progress". Best thing to happen for the movement in a long time, if not ever.

It was always the weak link in our chain, the lack of high rise building professionals on record. Well no more!

IMO, a paper along the lines that I've described, would form an unbreakable link, and it would be undebunkable, since, absent the use of explosives, the destruction of those buildings is utterly impossible according to the immutable laws of physics. You see, ANY amount of structural resistence encountered flat out proves the OCT myth false right on the face of it.

And so, in the rear view mirror of 20/20 historical hindsight, given the record of what actually occured in reality, the number ONE "smoking gun" of 9/11, is the "mere" absence of those towers from the New York City Skyline.
On the 11th day, of every month.

Pass it on.

Here's a letter I wrote to the Architecture critic from the Toronto Star. I recommend everyone send a similar note to all architects and engineers bringing their attention to this groups work. Hopefully more of these professionals will add their names to the cause.
Peace, Phaedrus.

Mr. Hume.
I am fascinated with high rise tower construction especially since 9/11. As you probably are aware there is an ongoing debate regarding the collapse of not only Buildings One and Two but also Building Seven which collapsed in a classic controlled demolition fashion at 5:20 in the afternoon.
On one side there are people who insist that the towers collapsed due to fire-weakened steel columns. On the other hand there are people who insist that the towers were over-engineered to withstand any onslaught and remain standing. This camp suggests that the three buildings could only be brought down by controlled demolition. This theory is gaining credence among educated people and the Building Seven collapse is even considered the main "smoking gun" that fuels the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement.
Please visit this link for more information.
In your capacity as architecture expert I was wondering if you could offer any opinion or shed light on this issue. Do you believe the towers were so under-engineered that they could all collapse so completely (at free-fall speed) without leaving any portion of the core columns standing? Common sense tells me the skeptics have good reason for suspicion but not being a student of architecture or engineering I have to ask someone like yourself for enlightenment.
Thank you, (name go here.)

What we are FOR is most important.

Phaedrus - if your monicur is in reference to "The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", then in this case, it's the art of historical maintenance. My concern is for the road we all travel on the OTHER side of this entire historical fiasco. Have you seen or are you familiar with a film called "The Secret"? What we need to be about as much as working to reveal the Big Lie and the evil of 9/11, is the revitalized and reconstituted America which exists only in possibility right now, on the other side of it. May our movement make of Alex Jones a false prophet, and a fool, in the end. We must not give "them" the power. Turn OFF CNN, and stop thinking about Bush/Cheney and gang, and fighting AGAINST the evil, thus empowering them at some level. We must focus on the positive, the affirmative, and refrain from functioning as cowering children under the shadow of a dark and evil NWO. There will be a new world order of sorts, as the world becomes smaller through the emergence of a new global village, but it will look very different from the top down, command and control grid many believe is being leveraged into place, and for the PTB, it will come not by expectation, nor from any particular direction. We are like a beacon of light on the shoals of destruction, but to be enlightening, we must focus our attention on the world we are CREATING in the wake of this "dark night of the soul".

"All happiness for man must arise exclusively only from some unhappiness, already experienced."
~ Gurdjieff

They are merely the useful foil against which a brighter future may be revealed. It is important that we remember that, and that we do not give over our power to them. At a fundamental level, many in the "9/11 truth movement" and "Patriot movement" are the very first to capitulate and hand over their power, while the blissfully unaware masses simply go about living their lives. The truth comes that we might have life and have it to the full, even to overflowing. As David Ray Griffin says, we ought to be joyful in our truthtelling adventures. Time is on our side and history is not a liar. We've already won, within the framework of the larger historical context, if what I believe is true. So the question then is what are we creating and what are we FOR? Mother Teresa said that she would never attend an anti-war rally, but would happily join a pro-peace one.. something to ponder..
On the 11th day, of every month.


Well stated.

Thank you. We are more powerful than we realize

And our power is increasing by the day now, globally, so let's be careful not to give any power to the "dark side". This is very important. The historical data is in now, and it's weighing very heavily in our favour. So while you spread the truth about 9/11, and the abomination that is clinging to power by the skin of their teeth, please do remember to create a sphere of influence around your own life, which is creative, and loving, and BE the very change you seek in the world, and then move forward in alignment with that way of being, and watch in amazement as your power increases imeasurably. Theirs is a light that is all darkness. Let ours be the light of life, which among other things is a high state of conscious awareness and right action which flows from it. If enough of us totally "get" this, and seek out a way of life that is in congruent alignment with truth and light and love, then the whole world will begin to conform to our expectation. The focal point of our attention MUST NOT be on the evil, and what we are against, since that which you resist, persists. To date, many of us, have actually been empowering the very people, and the "system" of evil we want GONE, Alex Jones being the worst offender, though he's served a purpose. This must change for us to begin to create a new realm of historical possibility on the other side of the evil.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they SHALL BE SATISFIED!"

Consider that the latest findings about quantum reality and the mind/body connection, and an acausally connected interdependant whole are closer by an infinite degree to the objective reality or truth, than the material monist, secular reality we've all been led to believe that we inhabit. Now that we are approaching a "tipping point" it becomes increasingly imperative that we claim our power, as the rightful historical participants that we really are, even as the mere smallest part, of we.

And so I wholehearedly reject Alex Jones' prognostications, even while remaining firmly rooted in reality in terms of what we are up against. One or two generations is all we need to PUSH these "assholes" right into the historical abyss for a thousand years, while embracing the unknown unknown, to enter into a new realm of limitless possibility.

"It was the stone that was rejected by the builders, that became the keystone."

9/11 truth is a terrible cross to bear, but it's so much lighter when we bear it together for the sake of what's in the collective best interest of all in the house, and this new work by Richard Gage and team, is just one of many new beginnings.

Thank you Richard for helping to lighten our load!
On the 11th day, of every month.

Powerful words, RR.

I like these inspirational posts of yours. I suspect we share similar ideas on many things...
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

Agree 100% but...

How then should that letter be tweaked to radiate the light of our truth?

Just Donated

The site is well presented and organized. This is a great step forward for the Truth, and it didn't take me long to decide to support it with a small donation.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

delete post please

whoops, wrong post...please delete.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month



Upload and host if you can or donate. I will be rehosting soon. It's the main DVD I give out these days as to promote sales for those that deserve it for their works. You can find more info and links at

Join the forums at and help out against the shills that have already made their mark. First it's Loose Change, then William Rodriguez, now it's Richard Gage. Mark Roberts should be investigating the Bush arm of the Dept. of Commerce, the NIST and quit using NISTIAN authority.

yea really

just a quick glance at the forums and i noticed that someone called '911debunker', who claims to be an engineer, has 32 posts since the day he joined the forum, which is, well, today.

Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

It's only when you are over the target

that you start taking flak.
On the 11th day, of every month.

DVDRip of Richard Gage DVD


I downloaded that iso and created XVid files, here is torrent. It's 696 MB, fits also on classic CD.

This is brilliant

You are to be commended.

If you could put together a DVD of your presentation (and whatever materials you want to include), that would make it easier to present this to groups of people.

Thanks again.

Richard Gage will be creating a studio version

of his presentation on DVD which will be produced by in the near future.

Studio versions of presentations by Dr. Jones, Dr. Griffin and others are also planned. will be producing and releasing a DVD of Dr. Griffin's recent lecture in Seattle in the next two months.

I will post announcements about these and all other releases as they become available.

Keep putting the truth out there, brothers and sisters, we are creating our future every day.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

This is great! i noticed you

This is great!

i noticed you have some clips from my video 'wtc7: the smoking gun of 9/11' on your website. Why not show the whole thing, google pays for the bandwidth ;)

Please watch my movie: WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11

William Rice

Hasn't William Rice, the civil engineer whose article appears on the front page, joined ae911truth? His name isn't listed as a member.

Wiliam Rice


William Rice has not joined. I don't know how to get in touch with him.

Richard Gage, AIA

Just want to personally thank you, Richard.

For what you are doing. I truly felt the scales beginning to tip in our favor when you and Johnny Wave "went public".

Someone posted a suggestion in another thread that we start working on building professionals on the local level. Then we take these experts with us to convert firefighters and police. I think this more structured approach will speed up our progress tenfold. We also need to be incorporating some "Constitutional Truth", because we are dangerously close to open dictatorship. NAU and NWO facts wouldn't hurt either.

What worries me is that there is just so much info to cover, most people can't synthesize all of it. I get the feeling that even some of the "leaders" of the Truth Movement don't know about all the other things happening in politics and technology that are sending us headlong into a "One world" dictatorship.
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

A great site

and a fine new resource for the 9/11 truth community.


I'm Ecstatic

As a member of Richard's web team, I feel a great sense of pride in the successful launch
of this site. This is tremendous! We will prevail.

Defend Rosie

How will the press handle this? I suggest they won't touch it...

with a ten foot pole.

The so called mainstream journalists will have to make a decision from which their can be no return, do any have the guts!

One thing they can not now claim is that the 9/11 truth movement don't have any support from the qualified experts, this out is now well and truly gone!

Come on media stand up to the "Neo-cons" and secure your future before the truth revolution renders you totally meaningless!

Go ae911, expose the fraudulent offi-CIA-l report for what it is, WAR PROPAGANDA!

Kind regards John


Great Poster

"Poster" as in "full page JPEG file", "printable" etc. ;-D

I'd like to point you to this thread on the AE911truth forums:

It deals with the steel found at WTC 7 showing intergranular melting, severe corrosion and inexplicable amounts of sulfur which baffled the FEMA engineers back in 2002. The steel that the NIST denies even exists.

All this laid out in a classic "Missing" poster.

Great for every activist's bag of information tools. :-)

A more direct link is
but I recommend you read the author's comment on AE911truth as well. :-)

Love it...

The MISSING Poster will surely draw eyes towards it and more importantly, this style of poster will get "read"...


Excellent idea !!!

Thanks for sharing...

Best wishes

More Engineers:

I also suggest you contact those 2 specific engineers:

Hugo Bachmann, PhD – Professor Emeritus and former Chairman of the Department of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

His expertise is SPECIFICALLY:

Impact problems in structures
Impacts by explosions, blasting, vehicles, stones, avalanches etc., experimental and theoretical work


Jörg Schneider, Dr hc – Professor Emeritus, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Former Vice President and honorary lifetime member of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

They would be an excellent addition to that list.

They are listed in :


Help me shout 9/11 articles on: