Barrie Zwicker and Dr Joe Hawkins on Winnipeg morning show

We can knock one media outlet off the hit list....... thank you CITY TV

Local Mirror:

This is surreal! Not only

This is surreal! Not only does the host give them free reign, he's actually sympathetic to 911 truth! Only in Canada lol. Zwicker was superb. This is the best television spot by a truther I've ever seen. Now if we can just get him on American television.

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The best.

Very well done. This is a very positive interview for the movement. Kudos Barrie and Joe. You are doing outstanding work.


Dr. Hawkins, this is simply fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work, looking forward to congratulating you and Barrie at the June Conference in Vancouver.

wow, and this seems like a

wow, and this seems like a pretty mainstream show too. nice job, the host seemed genuine for once. on an off topic but f'ing hilarious note:
Family Guy Exposes Waco!

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Hilarious. Here's another.


and one more:
Family Guy Takes on Skull And Bones
A very recent episode of the FOX show "Family Guy" takes a healthy dose of stabs at a few relevant subjects like the inbred eastern aristocracy, their inductions into the skull and bones society and subsequent perks such as "your own stock portfolio, a percentage of the 9/11 victims fund and the best medical care available."

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

How much...

Money until I feel safe again? That pretty much sums it up.

Donate To 9/11 First Responders

All of it.

And then the tears of your children.
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
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"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

Thank you Canada !

,and your real news stations. Sad our media here lacks BALLS. Would also like to thank Mr. Zwicker.

Thanks City TV !!!

Wow, how great would it be if we could only get exposure like this on affiliate stations?

great appearance

Well done guys! It's nice to see real people on the tube for once--journalists who aren't acting like they're shocked or skeptical about the truth movement. unstoppable!


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Turn it up.

Open a new document, make the page borders as small as possible,
center the text, turn on bold, set the font to Arial 72 and type the following:


(your favorite website here)

(small but damming quote)

fits just fine on 8.5x11

print out 100, get a stapler and some packaging tape, go out and put them anywhere people will see them. Make sure you can not see two at once from any location, spread them out. I have been doing this for two weeks and the signs stay up even in really prominent places. Everyone knows but they are afraid that they are the only one... the signs put it out in the open. People have very interesting reactions and cause chain reactions. Bus stops, phone poles, palm trees, school cork boards, government vehicles ;-) ect ect. It's 2^x time folks.

Okay, but what about a skyscraper that wasn't even struck by

a jet being demolished that day--WTC-7??? Isn't that even more astounding?

(your favorite website here)

I liked the irony of putting as the website (with below it)

Not really

This is a major problem with the focus on WTC 7 as the "smoking gun." WTC 1 and 2 are every bit as strong a "smoking gun" as WTC 7. Planes would not do it. Saying that no planes hit WTC 7 implicitly concedes that planes could have brought down WTC 1 and 2.

Sure, WTC 7 is suspicious as hell, and NIST has not even attempted to explain it. I'm not saying don't talk about WTC 7 - of course you should. I just think that the strongest argument for all three buildings is the speed of "collapse," which could only result from explosions of some sort.

I see your point

"Saying that no planes hit WTC 7 implicitly concedes that planes could have brought down WTC 1 and 2."


Saying that could also mean that a building falling down from fire alone is even more unbelievable than buildings designed to take planes collapsing from a fire !

Totally agree.

WTC7 is useful... but people remember the towers so they are the most powerful angle. I would argue day and night that the towers are just as obvious controlled demolition mixed with lots of SHOCK AND AWE sauce. The movement does not really need WTC7, but it sure helped speed things up. One day historians will debate if whether the patriot movement would have grown fast enough without WTC7. It really was a critical error on the perps part.

Amazing. Simply amazing to

Amazing. Simply amazing to see this kind of open discussion on mainstream media. I think we can expect more of this kind of exposure in the future. Great job guys!!

I once met Barry Zwicker at a Loose Change

Screening in Toronto, and so I went up to him and asked him how this Orwellian predicament we're in can be resolved. What he said in reply I thought was very informative and significant, so I'll repeat it here.

He said that the 9/11 official story myth hangs by only the very thinnest of threads, and that under any amount of rational scrutiny it falls, and therefore it cannot sustain itself historically. Inevitably, at SOME point, everyone is going to begin to access our information, and then it will snap en mass, in the larger collective consciousness, and that this is happening already but we've still got our work cut out for us.

I think that makes a lot of sense, and the implications of that, are astounding, in terms of the 9/11 event serving history as a point of learning, when based in truth and reality.

Not good if you're the Bush/Cheney administration however.
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About a year ago Barrie

About a year ago Barrie (along with several other activists) confronted (in a friendly manner) Amy Goodman from Democracy Now. I think it was shortly after Dylan and Bermas appeared on her show. She gave her word that she would return to the subject of 911 truth within a matter of weeks. She lied.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


All that Bush and Cheney offer as the "lesson of 9/11" is a type of offence that is extremely offensive to humanity and is "generative" of nothing but "blowback" and self fulfilling prophecy made real. No justice, no leadership, no moral authority, just violence and more violence on violence, amid a purely Hobbesian/Darwinian nihilisim of domination and submission, of might makes right, survival of the strongest (and best equipped), law of the jungle. In short, barbarism and violence as a response to barbarism, and violence. Their lesson of 9/11, pre-emptive warfare, is no lesson at all, except in terms of what NOT to do and how NOT to be. They themselves and their abysmal failure, IS THE LESSON, and where it all comes home to roost? 9/11 truth.

No matter how hard they may try to re-frame this in terms of a clash of civilizations, with Baghdad as the front in the "war on terror", they themselves and their messed up philosophy and worldview are reframed by the historical truth and reality. In this way, Ron Paul is bang on. The fundamental problem is one of a messed up interventionalist and dominance driven foreign policy, which in reality includes the 9/11 false flag attack as the springboard to the latest adventures in "nation building".

For there to be authentic leadership and moral authority, there needs to be a model of authentic leadership and moral authority, and even if the OCT MYTH were true, which it is not, it cannot serve as a touchstone for such authority.

So any way you look at it, they are on the WRONG side of history, who's purpose is to teach, and if the realization is painful, all the better, since "that which hurts, instructs." ~ Ben Franklin

In short, they've been outframed, by history itself, from every angle and perspective, except the most insane and diabolical. They have also, aside from Ron Paul's candidacy for President, RUINED the Republican Party for the foreseeable future, and by enacting and then selling the "Big Lie" they have served as nothing but a corrupting influence, at the very depths of the American heart and soul.

It's a disgrace, an abomination against both man and God, and the high tower principals which create the boundaries of Civility, and a Civilized order. They are wreckers, not builders of Civilization.

Civility: Consciously motivated organizational behavior, that is ethical in submission to God as highest power, or God as we may understand God, as the light of life and spirit and truth of life, where life meets life eternal, in lasting Peace, as the highest ideal to which mankind can strive.

The historical data, is in, and the lens of historical hindsight is upon them, with the focal point, being, WTF really happened, on 9/11.. They are enveloped, and are even now being squeezed right out of existence. Cheney's last stop was West Point, where he criticized the Geneva Conventions of war.

He has nowhere else to turn, nowhere else to go. Crawl into your hole Mr. Cheney, and "go fuck yourself!" We're not buying what you are selling, and those young grads deserve better than to be made the cannon fodder in your bullshit 100 year war "for a generation"! You who evaded service when your time came, what a disgrace you are. How dare you even show your face there after what you've done, what you've presided over, including the 9/11 fals flag attack on your own country! Get away you evil man!
On the 11th day, of every month.


Well said, I agree completely. The worm is turning.


Great Job!

Excellent work - thanks.


This is fantastic coverage. Very well done to Joe and Barrie for presenting the case for 9/11 truth in such a clear and level-headed manner.

Let's e-mail this link to MSM news groups around this country!

If they get enough people writing them, they will be too curious not (at least) take a peek at the competition. Might work.

Presstitutes & MSM

Presstitutes & MSM Contacts:

If you have more that I can add to this list, please contact me.

Great job Zwicker and Hawkins, thanks!


..I was just looking for a good list to offer!


The momentum of our movement seems to be growing very quickly, let's continue. We need to get Barrie Zwicker or more Canadians involved in this exposed in the media here. If you have access to a talk radio show or if you can get any airtime whatsoever, get these folks exposed and get the message out. This is the beginning of the end, and we will prevail!!


A rolling snowball reaching critical mass. Unstoppable!

Our movement is becoming a powerful socio-political reality which the media can no longer ignore.
On the 11th day, of every month.

This is the type of rational discussion....

that I was looking forward to viewing on "the View" last week with Rosie. Congratulations to City TV for having the courage to discuss this controversial topic. Zwicker and Hawkins did a great job.

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey


America, America.........

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Great job...

Barrie and Joe. You will NEVER see Barrie Zwicker on American media. In fact, I think John Gibson was the only one to interview him, and I don't ever recall seeing that interview.

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This was just totally refreshing to watch. It was like returning to days of old here in the U.S., when TV hosts were civil, sophisticated, humble and polite toward their guests, no matter what opinion those guests might have to share. Also, as always, Zwicker was at the peak of his form.

Joe Hawkins did an excellent job, too. As I watched him, I kept thinking that I could only hope to be one-tenth as good as he is with TV cameras aimed at me.

I could watch this one over and over.


I, too, could watch this over and over.

I hope we can leverage this excellent news coverage and shame the U.S. msm into attempting to equal this kind of objective reporting. If not in the primary markets, then at least in the secondary markets. Perhaps if the Canadian media starts to run with 9/11 truth it will "sneak" across the border.

Way to go, Winnipeg!

Keep up the fine work, brothers and sisters, the truth marches on every day.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

the chemistry was interesting

Barrie is a "zealot" -- NTTAWWT -- and Joe is very down-to-earth; the two made a good combo IMO. To have them both on at once multiplied the perceived significance tremendously; it's one thing to have one "lone nut" running loose, but to have 2 different people who come across in 2 distinctly different ways presenting the same large set of information with a back-and-forth interchange is very potent. Good work guys!! Thanks to the host and station for stepping up to the truth challenge!

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Outstanding, another hopeful event!

Barry Zwicker features heavily in the upcomming doco SHADOWPLAY. He is very together and thoughtful! I talked to Gillian today and Fetzer has definately got the axe from this movie, good ridence.

This is excellent news during a mixed week!

Regards John