A Call to Action to all the lone 9/11 truthers from PNACitizen


From A Project for a New American Citizen – University of Iowa Chapter:

A call to Action to all the lone 9/11 truthers

Lets get ACTIVE

Start a chapter of a Project for a New American Citizen at your school and help Rebuild America's Senses!

Link to Video:

WHY? / What are the benefits?
-Gain respectability by becoming an official university sanctioned student organization
-Access to an existing infrastructure with unlimited potential at pnacitizen.org
-Marketing wise, no negative connotations in the name for those not already awake
-The name is an excuse to inform people on the other pnac and their “new pearl harbor”
-Access to campus wide mass e-mails at your school
-Ability to apply for funding from your student government
-Access to university rooms and equipment
-Permission from professors to speak at their lecture halls about your new student group
-Ability to cover more issues then just 9/11 truth when encountering close minded people
-Network with activists across the country in support of Ron Paul
-Access to your own pnac campus forum for each university for local networking
-Call in to pnac radio at wtprn.com to share events and activism strategies

Contact your Office of Student Life and do whatever paperwork your school demands to meet their requirements. For example, the University of Iowa required three students to start a student group, and we had to submit a Constitution that followed specific guidelines, a Student Organization Recognition form, and a Student Recognition Activity Questionnaire, all of which were approved by our Student Government.

WHERE do I find members?
Like minded people aren't hard to find if you know where to look. Go to other student groups such as an anti-war group to find people that are already activists and have their hearts in the right place. Some may be resistant to your message because they are stuck in the right/left paradigm, but you'll be surprised how many people you can find at those types of meetings who are just as awake as you are.

WHAT do I do now?
-Tabling! Sign up for a table spot wherever your university does that, particularly around high student-traffic areas. Also, network with other activist student groups to set up a table at events where there will be lots of people. Make a banner for your table and have something ready to give away. If you can't afford to give away DVDs, then make quarter sheet fliers that describe the documentaries you are promoting with information on how to find them for free on the internet.

-Promote these documentaries by setting up screenings at your campus with a meeting or group discussion following the movie.

-Confront presidential candidates and other government officials when they come to your campus using the 9/11 Truth Squad Method. Ask a loaded question and make sure you have 2 people filming the response and then post it to the internet where it can go viral.

Final Tips

If you want to be taken seriously then dress professionally!
It's time to stop preaching to the choir and to start targeting other groups to wake up, and that means we need to alter our tactics. Wear your 9/11 t-shirts on normal days, but when you are doing something to represent the movement dress professionally such that the sheeple can't dismiss you as a hippie or an anarchist.

Don't waste your money by forcing disinterested people to take your DVDs. Hand out the quarter size fliers first, and if they stick around to hear you describe the documentaries and seem interested, then proceed to offer them the DVDs.

If you are giving away DVDs, when you hand it to the person, look them in the eyes and say, “If I give this to you, can I count on you to check it out?” If they give you a yes they are much more likely to actually watch it.

It is human nature to resist being proven wrong, so instead of trying to force the truth on people make sure to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Don't allow your tabling or event to turn into a shouting match. Take the approach that you are the bearer of bad news, a “don't shoot the messenger” type of attitude. Instead of telling people why they are wrong, offer them something for free and describe what you are giving them.

So lets retire the method of yelling, “Wake up sheeple 9/11 is an inside job!"

Instead, dress professionally, shake their hand, smile, and say:

"Hi, I'm with A Project for a New American Citizen, we're a new student group that is pro-constitution and anti-government corruption. We're promoting several documentaries that are hosted for free on google video but we're also giving them away for free. Here is one called America: Freedom to Fascism; it interviews tax attorneys, former IRS agents, congressmen and other experts as to why the federal income tax is unconstitutional and it exposes the truth behind the Federal Reserve. Here is one called Iraq for Sale about the war profiteering.... etc"

Finally, have the right attitude. Have an attitude of service, and an attitude of love. This isn't about “I’m awake and you're asleep so I'm better then you.” If you have an arrogant attitude then stay at home, we're not better then these people that we're trying to target, we're just lucky that we've had the life experiences that have allowed us to accept the truth. If you have a true attitude of love and service people will instinctively sense it and will be much more open to what you have to say.

Great work

Just a few suggestions.

First, it's "let's". As in, "Let's get active."

Also, I think the speaker in this video may have said "Rebuilding America's Defenses" was written in 1991 (or he made it sound that way by referencing the end of the Cold War); of course it was published in 2000. For context, of course, you could also reference the "Clean Break" document, and the Wolfowitz Doctrine.

I would not hand out Loose Change 2E. Too much of it has been seriously discredited. I have hope for the final edition, and I would wait for its release. I understand the dilemma activists have. LC2E has a slick presentation, which attracts young people to 9/11 Truth. But it also attracts them to some inaccurate ideas. The Truth may be less exciting than LC2E, but why start people off with some truth and some misinformation? There are still many great videos: Improbable Collapse, 9/11 Press for Truth, anything with DRG.

Also, if I form a booth like that, will I attract women like that first group in your video? Good lord. ;-)

I don't know what motivates you to claim that, "too much of

[LC2E] has been discredited." Frankly, you are full of baloney on that, and LC2E is the best DVD to give out to young people, IMO!


great job! way to show people how it's done, and great advice for students... there's NO stopping the truth now--time to pile on!


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