"Foreign soldier"-footage is from september 13th

I went through all the ABC mpegs from the 9/11 archive and located the 'foreign soldier clip'. It was broadcasted on the 13th of september, sandwiched between two clips that are clearly not from 9/11.

I just want to get this info out, before this clip starts a life on its own, just like the cameraplanet footage of a fireman saying 'there's abomb in the building, start clearing out', which was about a bomb threat in a high school, not in a WTC building.

Here's the link to archive.org: http://www.archive.org/details/abc200109131818-1900 at 25:17 minutes

This is the patch the soldier has on its shoulder:


The 42nd Infantry Division was indeed in New York:

Leaders unveil 9-11 ‘Never Forget’ flag

Soldiers of the 42nd Infantry Division task force, known as Task Force Liberty, momentarily paused from their deployment preparations Sept. 11 to remember the tragic events of three years ago. Part of the division ceremony at Fort Drum included a presentation to the command of the 9-11 remembrance flag, depicting the 42nd Infantry Division’s new motto, “Never Forget.”

“We stand here today, three years after that terrible day, to remember the sacrifice and devotion of so many Rainbow Soldiers,” said Maj. Gen. Joseph Taluto, 42nd Infantry Division commander, to the more than 100 assembled Soldiers.

Soldiers from the Rainbow Division were among the first military responders at the World Trade Center site on Sept. 11, 2001. The division would later assume command and control of the entire New York National Guard joint task force for response and recovery in lower Manhattan. The National Guard response in New York City would reach more than 1,800 Soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines in the days and weeks following the attacks.


Your title of the blog is misleading. "Foreign soldier footage is from septemner 13th" Title should be "Foreign soldier footage was broadcast on september 13th". Let´s not get confused. Does it say LIVE anyware on the video. NO. Do clips get mixed up. YES. Just because it is preceeded by a clip from 13th and followed by one from 13th (I don´t know if this is correct either, might be might not be) dosen´t mean the clip was filmed on the 13th. It may well have been filmed on the 11th for all we know. We don´t know except the people involved with the filming.

Now what building is he referring too. I don´t know. Could it be WTC 7. Maybe. If you can´t prove that it´s not regarding WTC 7 then you better not be misleading others as well.

How about discussing the real evidence which is by far the most obvious, the smoke rising from street level before the first WTC building falls. This is undeniable and you should be talking about this stuff not the stuff you can neither prove or disprove. Which side are you on arie.

Great job poliunsaturated.


Excellent caution there georgeW... we can't make any assumptions about what that clip means without more information. It may be about WTC7, maybe not, but there's no way to know for sure with the information we have.

Which side are you on

Which side are you on arie.

So pointing out the fact that this soldier wears an American uniform and pointing out that this footage was broadcasted for the first time on september 13 makes me suspect?

Why don't you look up when the 42nd infantry division arrived in NYC.

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By the way, i spent most of

By the way, i spent most of yesterday (literally many hours) going over the complete ABC archive to find this clip. I had expected little more appreciation instead of these accusations.

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Good work

Thanks for tracking this down arie.! Take a look at this: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KXQRBEFW

I have the downloaded the

I have the downloaded the video.

I've checked two of the mentioned clips. Those red flashes are definitely NOT in the original video.

I now consider this 'movie' to be pure disinfo.

The soldier might be an innocent mistake. The whole 'subliminal flashes' thing is most definitely not and has nothing to do with de-interlacing as the maker suggests.

Think about it:

911 Mysteries is pulled and suddenly a new controlled demolition video pops up.


It all makes sense to me now.

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I am CONFUSED !!!!

Where did the "RED FLASHES" video come from ???

I watched the 9 YouTube clips and preview trailer and did not see them...

Could someone please point out where I can find these "red flashes" in the 10 vids listed at...


Maybe this is SO subliminal that I missed it...


Best wishes

I'm making some cuts from

I'm making some cuts from the originals to upload. Then everyone can check the original footage for these flashes. They're just not there.

I have now checked a third clip and again, nothing.

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Thanks arie... Still not totally clear...

A short query...

The upload on Megaupload with the "red flashes"...

1) Where did this come from, who uploaded it ?

2) I watched the video (9 parts on YouTube + Preview) - Are the flashes present in any of these, if so, which ?

3) If someone managed to download the torrent, are the red flashes in there ?


I'm clear on the soldier bit (Bruce1337 summed it up very well), just not sure of the origins of the red flash issue !!!


The video about the red

The video about the red flashes is the last part of the DIVX torrent of this 'movie' which i downloaded. I just hadn't seen the last few minutes of it.

I am now checking the original footage (9/11 archive mpegs) and absolutely no flashes are present in it.

Where did this video come from? I don't know, but they have a lot of 'splaining to do.

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Aha.... I comprehend :-)

The video about the red flashes is the last part of the DIVX torrent of this 'movie' which i downloaded

Thanks arie...

I have not seen the Torrent, hence missed the grand finale "Brain Washing" session....

If the video has been "tampered with" shame on the culprits.

Also it's a shame, as lots of good footage is contained within the 9 sections.

I suppose knowing the footage exists is the hardest part of research, verifying with the original archive footage is not so difficult.

Thanks for explaining this discrepency and all you do to help 9/11 Truth

Best wishes

I contacted poliunsaturated

My message:
I just saw the end of the full quality divx copy. Very interesting. I noticed you did not put the red flash that occurs after the famous bbc footage near where the man is saying "numb" in the sequence of red flash clips at the end of the movie... I want back to the original archive.org mpeg2 file http://ia311517.us.archive.org/2/items/bbc200109111654-1736/V08591-16.mpg
which I downloaded before it was pulled (see my blog entry http://911blogger.com/node/6514 or search CC for archive.org) and the flash is not there! You mentioned editing software de-interlaces the video... why would de-interlacing remove the red flashes? Where is this footage from? It looks like some of it is uncut...

Here is his reply:
"Firstly. I was in a rush at th end and didn´t include all flashes I noticed, (there were at least 20-30 more). I didn´t include it in the youtube cause people will only begin to focus on it and not the rest of the film. I suggest you do the same. When I added the original 1 gig files into Adobe Pemiere Elements I noticed that there were red flashes when viewing in the program (not in a video player). When I outputed they were rendered de-interlaced that is 25 frames per second that are completely seperated from eachother. Broadcast TV is interlaced meaning that each frame has en element of the frame before of frame after. When in sync with the 50hz picture subliminals can be added without it being noticed whilst watching. 99% video sound originality."

I emailed him back but am still waiting for a response. I cannot reproduce the red flashes on my linux machine, can someone with Adobe Pemiere Elements check into it? I de-interlaced some archive.org footage and still cant find the red flashes. I am going to reserve judgment until more information is available.

Red flashes

I went trough the high quality divx torrent and noticed only two red flashes, here:

Time 1:06:03 - CBS News
Time 1:18:24 - BBC World "numb" WTC7 segment w/Jane Standley

Where are the other flashes? Please post exact times here.

Soldier/Red flashes

Hey, you told me we weren´t supposed to change subjects arie. Did you try to import into a editing program like Adobe Premiere to see if the red flashes are there? He states at the end of the film "editing software de-interlaces the video". A video player doesn´t do the trick, that´s why your not seeing the red flash. I´ve tried it at 9:03 of the FOX stream and it´s there when i import and watch it in Adobe Premiere.

The whole film is disinfo, are you kidding.

When i import the original

When i import the original files (of which i will upload cuts later today) into VirtualDub i see absolutely no flashes in any of the frames.

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This is fantastic. We need a video expert STAT.

Arie, the kind of meticulous, time-consuming work

you do is GREATLY appreciated. I'm not too happy with the way these clips were put together, which may have just been careless, or may have be meant to cause confusion about the time and dates the material was from. Thanks for sorting this bit out.

Secondly, to the commenters here, in general: the guy has an ACCENT -- in the absence of other information it's pretty dumb to just assume that means he is part of a foreign military. The US is still getting refugees from parts of the former USSR -- for example, Ukraine. Guess what? Some of them join the armed forces. Furthermore, someone like this might very well be camera-shy out of concern for his personal security, because of his cultural background. Perhaps he was motivated by some more sinister factor, but again, in the absence of more information, just making an assumption doesn't fly.

Thanks!A new clip pops up,


A new clip pops up, of what seems to be a foreign soldier telling 'the building's gonna collapse. Interesting. Most of the clips in this new movie have a time in the lower right corner. This one didn't. What's more, it was cut from a piece of footage showing scenes that are clearly from after 9/11.

So i spent most of my time, yesterday, figuring out where this clip came from and what the shoulder patch stands for. Turns out that he wears an American uniform and that the footage was broadcasted for the first time on september 13th. I think both facts are important. Why did the maker of this video use this clip? He would have known when it was broadcasted but yet he doesn't mention it. That's what bothers me.

And the first responder to my blog is new member GeorgeVV who registers with 911blogger just to tell me i'm disinfo. Think of that what you want.

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911 attacks were orchastrated by people we don´t see. Knowing the date of when the 42nd infantry division arrived in NYC is beside the point. Yes, he maybe wearing as you say that particular uniform, but who´s to say he is in the 42nd infantry division? Don´t make conclusions on baseless theories. The whole operation is extremly complex with many "red herrings" (that is to say leads that go around and around). No one can draw a conclusion here, it´s just information.

Show "I see no one´s left a" by georgeVV

Pretty interesting

Im interested to know what the abc editors thought when they decided to leave that portion of the video in the clip. Weren't they curious as to why/how the guy knew the/a building was going to collapse? weird. good find!

If i remember correctly, in

If i remember correctly, in the days after 9/11 there was continuous talk of buildings being in danger of collapse. Weren't there ecavuations of ground zero because of that?

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the accent

isn't he saying "building going to collapse...enough information" ?
what accent is this? it sounds russian/israeli to my ears....

Yes, he seems to have a Russian and/or Israeli accent to me too.


Show "soldier" by georgeVV

I am spreading

I am spreading disinformation?

Why are you trying to change the subject?

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Thanks for your efforts

Thanks for your efforts arie. Peculiar clip. Anyone know a dialectologist?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Show "Why are you trying to change" by georgeVV

That's my signature. I just

That's my signature.

I just noticed you registered at 911blogger just a few hours ago so you wouldn't know.

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Are these available in not streaming format?

Are these available in not streaming format?

Interesting stuff, Arie! Wat

Interesting stuff, Arie!
Wat vindt onze "Billy" ervan? ;)

Stop the disinfo accusations!

Let's focus on what we know, and try some healthy hypothesizing from there.

Here's someone in a 42nd Infantry division uniform with a foreign accent predicting a building collapse at an unknown time and unknown location, first broadcast on 9/13. It would be helpful to pinpoint his position -- if it's anywhere near Ground Zero, chances are it occurred before the towers blew, as there seem to be no signs of dust and debris anywhere. In that case, suspicion would be more than warranted, and given the fact that false-flag operations may certainly include false-uniforms, this guy might have served a sinister purpose. Weren't there reports of armed forces getting a hold of the gold deposits in the morning? Might have been one of them, for example.

interns < internets

Show "Yes, my centaments exactly" by georgeVV

I could say the same to you

were it not for "which side are you on, arie?"

interns < internets

OK OK I retract the Which

OK OK I retract the Which side are you on arie.

Sound like a "Die Hard 3"

Sound like a "Die Hard 3" type of scenario

andhowe OT. Just got


OT. Just got message from NIST flak saying WTC7 report will be released for public comment "sometime during 2007." Stalling or second thoughts?

They need to fit the "new"

They need to fit the "new" (=finally discovered by the public) information about the south side damage into their new hypothesis. The long straight gash in the ABC footage and the hole in the south west side shown in the Steve Spak and Zafar photos.

They need to re-interpret the witness testimonies, or make some new ones up.Problem with the NIST estimates of the damage, is that they don't fit with the photographic evidence and not with the firefighter testimonies.

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Thanks arie Your video "The

Thanks arie

Your video "The smoking gun of 911" is awesome- it's got the slc forum running for the hills.

I did want to ask about your comment regarding the quote ~"there's a bomb in the buildinng, start clearing out". You say this is from a school- you are not talking about the footage from your vid i presume? What footage is that from?

This is the whole

This is the whole clip:

This is what's usually shown:

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