Ground Zero: New York, NY - 9/11/2006

Aidan Monaghan

Home video I recorded last 9/11/2006 at Ground Zero and lower Manhattan.

Footage begins at 4am and concludes around 5pm. In between, there are some early wars of words between skeptics of the official 9/11 story and those who seem to have believed all that they have learned from the corporate owned U.S. media about 9/11.

Later, hundereds if not thousands, march through Manhattan and converge upon the offices of New York City officials.

This brought...

This brought tears to my eyes. Look at all the people!
I'm over in London and very proud of you 911 Truthers.


The ending

The ending was pure inspiration!

They can not stop the spirit of good, no matter how evil they are. The truth movement is only growing each day. 2007 NY should be an awesome sight Im sure.

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