Structural Engineers Question Collapse of the World Trade Center

One of the arguments that government apologists have used in trying to prop up the official story of why the World Trade Centers came down on 9/11 is that no structural engineers have questioned the government's version of events. However, that is now changing.

The following structural engineers have now publicly challenged the government's account of the destruction of the Trade Centers on 9/11:

Charles Pegelow, structural engineer, of Houston, Texas

Doyle Winterton, structural engineer (retired)

Joseph M. Phelps, MS, PE. Structural Dynamicist (ret.), Charter Member, Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers

William Rice, P.E., structural engineer, former professor of Vermont Technical College

Hugo Bachmann and Jörg Schneider, both emeritus professors in structural engineering at a prestigious Swiss university (translation here)

When considered along with the other prominent scientists who question 9/11, it becomes impossible for any thinking person to accept at face value the government's version of the destruction of the World Trade Center.



Let us not forget...

Richard Gage and all the good folks at

(47 Professional Architects and Engineers for 911 truth)

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Between the two groups

it seems the worm has finally turned.

Time for Americans to face their demons.

AE911 is

what inspired me to compile this list. When I saw 2 structural engineers are members, I rolled up my sleeves and got working ...



Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Encouraging development

However, I have a criticism of Mr. Gage's introduction that may seem petty but is actually quite serious --- it suggests that "solid evidence" for controlled demolition has only emerged in the last two years. This is problematic for two reasons:

(1) It fails to acknowledge work done long before Steven Jones came on the scene, which is a long-standing pattern that Mr. Gage may not be aware of.

(2) This absolves authorities and experts from not taking action much earlier.

Mr. Gage's intro is here:

I've written in more detail about this problem here:

Sorry to be negative about this encouraging development, but again, I think this is a very important point.

Great news

Great news that these brave professionals have decided to speak out.
I hope they can stay strong as i'm sure attempts will be made to bully,
bribe, threaten and intimidate them into changing their position as has
happened with other individuals.

"Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past"
George Orwell 1984


Many hands make light work!

Fiction: Fire alone can collapse a steel-framed building.

Fiction: Jet grade fuel burns hot enough to weaken steel.

Fiction: 1 million tons of steel and concrete can collapse on itself at free-fall speed.

Fiction: The subsequent War on Terror and loss of our freedoms has made the world safer.

Fact: 9-11 was an assault on world consciousness designed to create fear and mistrust.

Good stuff

btw, you have the 'google-translated-version' of the names of those 2 swiss profs in that list ;) The 'real' names are:
Hugo Bachmann and Jörg Schneider.



Gage and Washington

Met Richard Gage today.
Shook his hand and got his autograph in Barrie Zwicker's book.
George Washington - keep up the good work. I've tried to send people your way - I've only been on board a couple of months.
We're not going away.
Binky - from 'The Superficial'

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Please vote for it here.

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thanks for your work on Huff post.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Show "Who Is Michael Voschine?" by Brainster

on a similar note...

Did William Rice turn out to be a solid lead? I recall looking for him on the web myself and being quite underwhelmed at the meager smattering of links I found, and the URL given in this article just goes to his WTC article. I haven't been keeping tabs on him since then; hoping someone else has.

Good article anyway; compendia such as this are quite useful -- once the chaff, if any, has been filtered. is of course a great resource in this vein.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

.......Dr. Michael Voschine,

.......Dr. Michael Voschine, PhD., Structural Engineer.......

I'd say he is quite remarkable.

At this beginning stage, his first listing in a Google search is:
******* *******

Now that is not a bad start in becoming known!


someone needs to take a

someone needs to take a detailed look at ae911's member list. it's been hijacked...

Not Cool

Some of the names are pretty funny though.

There needs to be a little more scrutiny given to credentials on this site, this kind of list gives less credibility to the names that are real.

AE911Truth List

We have revised our policy due to spamming. We will now contact each Architect and Engineering professional and verify their information prior to displaying them. We should have done this in the first place. Thanks for the heads up.

Richard Gage, AIA

This is a given

Spamming and the joining by "personas" is a given when you expose truths -- if you aren't having it happen to you, you aren't doing anything worth spamming. After awhile you get familiar with the techniques, but there's a learning curve.

Thanks to all who are revealing the structural engineers amongst us! We need to continue to coax them out . . .

Welcome to the world of 9/11 truth

Glad to see you nipped your little 'problem' in the bud.

Never fear, they'll try something else next week. I takes a while to figure out all the dynamics that are at play here, and even then you still don't know for sure.

Bottom line. We need a real 9/11 Investigation. In the meantime, the best we can do is try to educate the public and open as many eyes as possible.

Best wishes and good luck.

BTW: Just so you know

where some people are coming from, the Judy Wood crew is over on DU this AM attacking you. is a 9/11 Cover Up Perp Site

I am a bit confused. I

I am a bit confused. I thought Popular Mechanics already debunked the 9/11 conspiracies? It doesn't matter that they are owned by Hearst, the biggest yellow journalist network in the history of human kind or that they fired most of their head staff months before putting out the article. What reason would these guys have to lie?
Obviously, the 9/11 Truthers are the ones who have the most to benefit from lying. They are making millions of dollars and belong to a huge media empire and are vastly popular and adored amongst the public. I know when I used to go out with my 9/11 Truth signs, I would ALWAYS get cheers of applause and was rewarded with a showering of $10 bills each time I said "9/11 was an Inside Job".
Forget human history. It's not like history repeats itself or the past usually dictates the future. It's not like human history is riddled with tyrannical governments who killed their own people for personal gain. Just look at the great humanitarians from the past we always hear about in our text books at school! It's absurd to think that a government would ever do this, even if they have hundreds of time in the past.
We, as Americans, are immune to tyranny and it could NEVER happen here. Why would it? It's not like our leaders have ever lied or tried to deceive the public and, cmon, we're only the most powerful empire in human history. The more powerful each empire gets, we all know, the more sweets and candies that are distributed among the people and the more civil rights the common folk are given.
Shame on you for blaming the honest, people-loving Government of the United States.
It's quite obvious they are here to protect us.
You're all just paranoid. Now excuse me while I hide under my desk from third world terrorists halfway across the globe in a cave.

Card, thank you for the hilarious parody!

I really appreciate a good laugh . . . thank you.


great post, card51. Looks like you have all it takes to start a great career on the JREF forum!

Great Post!!

Hey Great post!! is a great site and Richard Gage is a great man for what he has created with it. I have just updated our flyer for to include this list.

Thanks again and keep up the AWESOME work GeorgeWashington!!!!

Good Point

I hear 9/11 deniers use that one all the time gj GW

New scientific paper

New scientific paper debunks Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Not very impressive...

and certainly does not reflect OBSERVED events !!!

All adds to the cover-up evidence pot !!!

Best wishes