"Subliminal flashes" in new 9/11 movie are a hoax

The new 9/11 movie "The Explosive Reality", which was coincidentally(?) released just after 911 Mysteries was pulled from Google, seems to have more problems than just the dubious 'foreign soldier' footage.

In the last minutes of the film (i watched the DivX version that is now being spread as a torrent) the filmmaker makes the extraordinary claim that the footage of those days contained red flashes "to incite fear and anger into the viewing audience". Below is the text that appears in the last minutes of this movie just before all the clips containing the alleged 'red flashes' are repeated.

As many of the regular visitors know, I have reviewed many, many, many hours of this high quality 9/11 archive footage However, i had never encountered these flashes.

It turns out that i had never noticed them because the flashes are simply not there in the orginal high quality mpegs. It's a hoax. I can only speculate as to why someone would do this (i'll leave that up to you in the comments). De-interlacing has nothing to do with it. The flashes are not present in either field of the interlaced image.

Also notice that the red flash extends over the edges of the projected image (the black borders left and right) which suggests that it has been added later and was not broadcasted like this.

I have a good portion of the original mpegs so I decided to look up some of the clips that the maker of the film claims show these flashes. I have provided cuts from these original mpegs (not re-encoded) in their original 480x480 interlaced format so that everyone can check them out for themselves. If you have any of the originals, please check those, I don't want to get accused of tampering with the cuts I uploaded (even though it would be impossible for me to reconstruct the red frames even if they were really there.). If the files weren't so big (1 GB each) i would have uploaded the complete originals instead of these cuts.

I suggest you use a program like VirtualDub MPEG2 to look for the exact frames and compare them. You will see, there are no red flashes.

The end of "The Explosive Reality" which shows the clips with the flashes is available for download here:
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KXQRBEFW (thanks to jkeogh)

These are the clips i've located and uploaded the original mpeg footage of. The screenshots below are from "The Explosive Reality".

Download the original footage here:

Download the original footage here:

Download the original footage here:

Download the original footage here:

Download the original footage here:

Arie, I

have been too busy to watch this new video, so I have no opinion yet. But I greatly appreciate your efforts to call attention to fake footage and fake theories.

I believe the disinfo boys are burning the midnight oil trying to discredit the 9/11 truth and justice movement, and it is very helpful to say "WAIT! THIS IS FAKE -- DON'T SPREAD THIS FALSE STORY!"

That's why, for example, I wrote No Planes Theory: R.I.P. , etc.


cutter is a very difficult job.
a cutter has to look at every piece of a picture.
a cutter sees explosions very easy.
a cutter is a human.
a cutter recognize the trueth
a cutter wants to warn the people
a cutter places red frames in the sequence.
a cutter dont modify the aufio with the hearable explosions.

that is although possible.
evrerywhere are people, that know the truth.
why dont believe, that some of them giving the public small hints ?

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein


"They took it from the top to the bottom, we're gonna take them from the bottom to the top." - Dan Wallace

I have watched at least 50+ of the Original 1GB Mpegs...

and I have never encountered these RED frames...

Because the footage is so new and good, I can give "the benefit of the doubt" to the producer... but they need to remove or prove their claim.

I suppose you have to look from both sides, accidental software problem or deliberate inserts.

I have noticed that two different users have mentioned that they see this phenomenon when using Adobe software.

Can anyone else confirm this using Arie's original MPEGS that has Adobe movie software (possible bug)...

As far as I am concerned, the jury is out !!!

I hope this is just an innocent mistake, because it's a very good compilation of new clips and I really cannot see any obvious reason for this to be faked / tampered with.

Thanks for helping clear this up...

Best wishes

Google & youtube are censoring 9/11 films...

I just got back from my Memorial Day weekend trip to find google & youtube have deleted my film 9/11 Revisited too. They haven't deleted the older version, but they did delete the newest version that had Richard Gage, AIA, Architect in giving his presentation.

First they knock all of our 9/11 films off the top 100, even though they should be there according to views, then they delete them completely... This is bullshit!

Great video, Dustin! I find it hard to believe that Google

deleted the newest version by mistake. Much more likely it is Big Brother at work.

I contacted poliunsaturated yesterday

My message:
I just saw the end of the full quality divx copy. Very interesting. I noticed you did not put the red flash that occurs after the famous bbc footage near where the man is saying "numb" in the sequence of red flash clips at the end of the movie... I want back to the original archive.org mpeg2 file http://ia311517.us.archive.org/2/items/bbc200109111654-1736/V08591-16.mp...
which I downloaded before it was pulled (see my blog entry http://911blogger.com/node/6514 or search CC for archive.org) and the flash is not there! You mentioned editing software de-interlaces the video... why would de-interlacing remove the red flashes? Where is this footage from? It looks like some of it is uncut...

Here is his reply:
"Firstly. I was in a rush at th end and didn´t include all flashes I noticed, (there were at least 20-30 more). I didn´t include it in the youtube cause people will only begin to focus on it and not the rest of the film. I suggest you do the same. When I added the original 1 gig files into Adobe Pemiere Elements I noticed that there were red flashes when viewing in the program (not in a video player). When I outputed they were rendered de-interlaced that is 25 frames per second that are completely seperated from eachother. Broadcast TV is interlaced meaning that each frame has en element of the frame before of frame after. When in sync with the 50hz picture subliminals can be added without it being noticed whilst watching. 99% video sound originality."

I emailed him back but am still waiting for a response. I cannot reproduce the red flashes on my linux machine, can someone with Adobe Pemiere Elements check into it? I de-interlaced some archive.org footage and still cant find the red flashes. I am going to reserve judgment until more information is available. I'll also note that georgeVV said "I´ve tried it at 9:03 of the FOX stream and it´s there when i import and watch it in Adobe Premiere."

I have checked it with

I have checked it with Premiere Pro and i have to recant a little bit. The flashes appear in Premiere Pro. However when you watch the mpegs frame-by-frame in any other program the flashes are not there.

The point is, the flashes are not there in the footage itself. It's a bug in Premiere. The maker should have checked the footage with another viewer (Virtual Dub for example) to see wether the flashes were really in the footage itself, and not an effect produced by Premiere.

His explanantion of interlaced TV makes no sense to me. Interlaced video contain two fields for each frame, the even and the uneven lines which are displayed AFTER each other on a normal CRT TV but are displayed together on a LCD monitor. That's why you have to de-interlace video before putting it on the web, else you get so called 'combing'. None of the fields in the original footage contain these red flashes.

A bug in Premiere is now being presented as 'subliminal messaging' in the broadcasts of those days.

Please watch my movie: WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11

Is there anyway to identify/contact the heavily-accented

soldier who said, "Building's going to collapse...nothing informations"? (The guy's English really is quite poor for him to be a U.S. soldier, but I don't know.)

Our military is being co-opted

and they are filling it with foreign nationals, illegal aliens, and previously incarcerated criminals - I think I heard this contingent makes up 20% as we speak. The reason is simple, these animals will have less or no compassion for the American people, compared to born and bred normal american military members, when the police state is kicked-off and the battle for the republic starts in the streets. The same premise is behind "unmanned" strike aircraft - no "man" to defy his orders of killing fellow americans.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Geez, racist much?

I'm no fan of looking outside our own citizen base to recruit cannon fodder but calling human beings who are "foreign nationals, illegal aliens," and yes, even "previously incarcerated criminals" ANIMALS is just plain offensive. I am MUCH more afraid of some Blackwater thug who is blond, blue-eyed, and traces his heritage back to Plymouth Rock but who gets off on playing mercenary for a paycheck than I am of some regular guy, probably a recent immigrant, who signed up to provide for his family. This is the worst extreme of the NWO/xenophobic mindfuck -- you compare people from outside the US to inanimate objects and clearly imply that "born and bred normal Americans" are superior. Isn't there a word for that -- when you start to refer to superior "breeding"? Starts with an "eu" and ends with a "genics"?

(And BTW, I'm not even saying there aren't some decent guys who have signed up with Blackwater.)

I wasnt calling anyone "animals" based on any race

and labelling me a racist without knowing who or what I am is quite silly. I called them "animals" because REGARDLESS of any race they are here to kill this republic. Is it racist to think that a person would have less trouble killing/harming a non-country-member of his, as opposed to someone from his own country? "Born and Bred Americans" probably didnt help my comments but I meant it as "american citizens" actually, and it is probly how I should have stated it. I can see how my comments could be taken as racist, but they were not meant that way. The fact still remains from the original point that they are purposely doing this to the military, and the police as well. One only need to keep on top of this NAU business to see it for themselves.

Regarding Eugenics, I am slamming JPass in another thread for defending that Eugenics Globalist bastard David Rockefeller, so spare me the rhetoric please, k, thanks

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

I am guessing he is or was a Russian Intelligence Officer,

(or whatever they call the KGB these days) and not US military, for these suspicious reasons:

1. The accent sounds Russian.
2.. He has a mustache.
3. He has a gut (I think).
4. He knew the building was going to collapse.
5. He is the only person I have seen in all the 9/11 footage I have watched that blocks a camera AND
6. He is only person on I have seen on 9/11 that denies information ("nothing informations").

He was probably there to assist the CIA, but is about as covert and convincing as the Harley Guy:

"They took it from the top to the bottom, we're gonna take them from the bottom to the top." - Dan Wallace

As far as the claims of

As far as the claims of "...red flashes "to incite fear and anger into the viewing audience"" are concerned I can comment. The human brain can process images displayed for less than 1 second; however, the color red is not tied to anything. The color red is a totally vague stimulus. Conditioning only works well if a stimulus can be easily discriminated. Red is every where around us in the world. The claim just doesn't stand up to the literature in psychology.

What DOES influence people however is classical conditioning. This technique IS implemented in some of the broadcasts of that day and continues to be used. For instance, Bin Laden's name begins to be used early on by officials, then people eventually believe that Bin Laden's perpetrated the attacks. Another example is the consistent use of the phrase "suicide attacks" even though there was no proof of this.

Unconditioned stimulus -> Unconditioned Response

Conditioned Stimulus + Unconditioned stimulus -> Unconditioned Response

The author of the video is misinformed or intentionally deceiving.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)