$2.50 DVD's - 911TruthDVD.com updated again!

$2.50 DVD's - 911TruthDVD.com updated again!

We are working very hard to make everything available at a low cost to the public still, please goto our site www.911TruthDVD.com and check out all the items that are very lowly priced most items are $2.50 and will be shipped 1-2 days after payment, we accept Paypal and money orders, you just have to mail us first about the money orders, if you have any questions about stuff on the site please email us at 911TruthDVD2@gmail.com

since when does truth need to be updated

you know Physical evidence and fornsic data tell a story that does not change it is the truth behind the event. Since when does that have to be updated? Unless you are expressing an opinion and have torefine its delivery. try donating a portion of funds to surviors of 91101 in NYC.

Most of those movies are

Most of those movies are provided free of copyright so long as no profit is made in their distribution (in otherwords you can't sell them for profit), so I don't know how this is legal? It might be worth putting up info on what the funds are for.

9/11 DVD Distribution

You can get DVD's for $1 each......


$.50 each if you get 100 or more. That's what I call a non profit make as many DVD's available as possible to everyone who wants them to give out to as many people as they can kinda deal if you ask me. Nice job to Tom and everyone at the 911dvdproject.com site.