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In the link is a picture to put on a tee shirt if you dare

"Is Bin Laden innocent for the 911 attacks ?"

It is only a question. I have tried this out here in France and it has proved to be the "shock and awe" treatment needed to undo the mind-manipulation of the mass media over the last six years.


Thanks for your effort

Its encouraging to see people doing their part in spreading the truth.
I get a sense you are from France? If not, I apologise, but if you are,then you are probably not aware of the fact our government has been brainwashing the American people into being fearful just at the site of OBL's face.
I think the idea you have is great, but anything with Bin Ladens face on it would not go over too well due to all the fear brainwashing we've been exposed to.

How about something like "9-11 Truth Now" in French? I think alot of Americans would like a shirt of the same message but in a different language, Even in japanese or spanish. I know I would buy one in Spanish or Chinese lettering/wording. Would be cool to see a 9-11 shirt with chinese characters on one side and the translation in english on the opposite side.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Shock and awe treatment against the Bush's brainwashing

Herblay FRANCE

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Yes I am French citizen but born and studied in Scotland.

Having studied the problem that the French can not face the truth about 911 and having tested this picture on people around me and at some manifestations against the war in Iraq, it does have a positive effect. (Perhaps I am copying the shock and awe treatment against Bush's brainwashing ? )

At oneFrench manifestation there was physical violence against this picture but once things were explained all went much for the better.

If we see a lot of this picture around the mass media will be obliged to write that there are people who think that it was an inside job and then it was not Bin Laden the mastermind.

The white paper proof that it was Bin Laden promised by Colin Powel after the invasion of Afghanistan has never been presented