Gore on 9/11 Truth: "...outside the range of possibility"

An excerpt from http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/cgi-bin/blogs/voices.php/2007/05/29/p17145#more17145

courtesy of "Speaking Truth To Power" at http://www.carolynbaker.org/ :

"I want to focus on one brief exchange in the Gore interview because it says a lot. The interviewer focused on Gore's claim that the invasion of Iraq was the 'single greatest mistake in the history of the United States'. With some prodding, Gore expanded. By 'mistake' he meant the acceptance of a panoply of lies by Bush and his associates that deceived the people into believing Saddam had played a role in 9/11. My ears perked up. Could it be possible Gore was inching toward a hint that something hugely nefarious had taken place behind the scenes? His claim that the American people had committed a monstrous 'mistake' in supporting the war and in allowing themselves to be foolishly deceived by Bush and his accomplices just might open the door for a rational discussion of 9/11. False flag ops are old hat in American history, and Gore knows it. I was on pins and needles.

The interviewer smiled. Did he also hope that Gore might be headed down the right path? The interviewer wasted no time in encouraging such a journey. He noted that grand deceptions were hardly new in American history when it came to preparing the people for the launching of a war. The Spanish-American war was triggered by a false flag operation, namely the blowing up of the Maine. Gore quickly agreed. The interviewer smiled. He then added that the Vietnam War was launched with the Tonkin Bay false flag op. Gore once again was quick to agree. The interviewer's eyes gleamed. They were truly getting somewhere.

At this point in the interview it's possible the interviewer was about to mention the sinking of the Lusitania, which was cleverly triggered by Wilson and the Brits so as to drag the US into WWI. He also may have wanted to add Pearl Harbor, a plot which followed the modus operandi of Wilson in managing to finagle an attack on US ships. In both cases, Germany and then Japan were forced to attack as a matter of national survival. Germany faced losing the war in Europe if the US continued with its generous shipments of war supplies, and the Empire of Japan would surely come to a crashing end if their oil supply lines were cut off as threatened by FDR. In both cases, the American people were led to believe the US had been attacked by evil enemies for evil purposes. 'Evil' is so damned handy as a cause for such events. As always, the existence of 'evil' enemies who had committed 'evil' deeds became key factors in US propaganda that cloaked the true complex mechanisms behind those two shocking events.

At this point in the course of the conversation, a light bulb seemed to go off in Gore's head. He sat up straight with a wary look. I suspect that at this moment he realized he was in danger of being sucked into the question of whether or not 9/11 had been yet another false flag operation in American history.

He quickly said, 'I think I see where you might be heading.' Not wishing to even say the words 'nine eleven' or the words 'false flag', he deftly trashed the ongoing 9/11 truth movement with these few words: 'All that other stuff is outside the range of possibility'."

It still is encouraging

because what he said he may actually not believe.

Gore is a hack like all the rest of them.

I've seen Gore on several talk shows over the past few days and he is nothing but a double
talking hack who couldn't answer a simple yes or no question without a 10 min diatribe
of political bullshit if someone had a gun to his head.

Our only hope is Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul.

Both for America and 9/11 Truth.


Didn't Ron Paul stab the movement in the back by publicly claiming that 9-11 was the result of blowback rather than an inside job.

Kucinich said he'd have a "limited investigation" as if one of, if not the biggest mass murders in US history was a "limited crime".

The burden of proof is on them to show that they are honest about 9-11. They are in some of the highest levels of government, its their job to find out the truth and to speak up. They have budgets and resources to do that. If they don't, they are failing at their job or being dishonest.

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Kucinich is f***ing disqualified.

He wants to ban guns. Who do you think gave him that idea? Ron Paul knows what's up. He's just being smart right now so he can stay in the race.
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how far has the corruption gone?

I hope you are right about Ron Paul, that would be great if he was a truther playing the game wisely. I now tend to think however that people at his level in the government cannot be trusted. I consider them co-opted by the conspirators whether willingly or not.

I do hope lower level civil servants will support the truth movement by disobeying unjust commands from the conspirators at the top and by being whistle blowers.

By the way, when do you think he will come out with 9-11 truth? Will he come out late in his campaign, or only if he wins the elections? I don't think he will win the elections, even though he is probably the best candidate for the US among those currently running.

A Filipino for 9-11 Truth


They are ALL the same

RepubliConvicts, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, Kuncinich, Ron Paul, Obama, Clinton(s), ALL of them.

And anyone who thinks differently is fooling themselves.

Some are admittedly worse than others. (but it's not a wide spread by any means)

That's why we vote for the lesser of two or more evils.

It's probably been that way, more or less, from day one. But increasingly so over the ensuing years.
(you learn about the real history of America once you leave school and read a little)

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