Timely request for feedback - huffpost

Sorry if I appear to be obsessing with this website. I just feel that its a great potential forum for 911 truth to get to the uninitiated.

With the current redesign going on, Arianna Huffington has a post that asks for feedback on the new site. On the assumption that she probably reads these comments right now, I've posted a comment in response that asks for a specific 911 forum on her site.

If you think this is a good idea and would like to support it, I suggest going to huffington post.com: "Welcome to the Newly-Expanded Huffington Post", and posting a similar request.


My girlfriend has a friend.....

who is a writer at the Huffington Post. My girlfriend met with here this past weekend. Here friend, named Stephanie wanted to get my feedback on the new version of the Huffington Post as I am a daily reader. If you have any recommendations for improvements, post them here and I will forward them along to Stephanie.

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Reply as requested

It looks like my original comment on huffpost was mediated out. That's cause for concern. The general tone was polite and respectful so the only possible reason for tuning it out would be the content.

Anyway, here's a rough paraphrase that I re-posted just now. If you can get anyone at huffpost to read it and consider it I would appreciate it greatly.

Here it is...

"I posted this a couple of days ago but it looks like I got mediated out. I'll try again because its important.

You've left something out of your website.

The movement for 911 truth is growing rapidly. It can't help it - anyone who looks at the evidence with an open mind sees that the towers were demolished AFTER the planes hit them. Demolished professionally by pre-set charges.

I'm not asking huffpost to polarise and support this movement. I'm merely asking that, given the size and importance of this issue, you give it a heading under your news categories.

I know that getting too close to this issue can be dangerous but do you really want to be seen as one of media organs that suppressed the issue when it finally goes mainstream?

That's all. Don't take a position on the issue but please give us a voice on your site. If you do, you'll be one of the guys getting the rave reviews when the criminals are caught and the trials start.