Truth Squads Should Bring Up Bin Laden FBI Profile

Recently 9/11 Truth Squads have done a bang up job confronting presidential candidates about the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7. All the candidates seem surprised by the question, promise to "look into it" and give a response some time in the future. This is all helpful to our cause, and Building 7 is clearly a smoking gun issue, but there are a couple of even more fundamental questions. For example:

QUESTION 1: "Were you aware that Bin Laden's FBI Most Wanted Page DOES NOT mention 9/11?" (Hand them a copy of the actual profile. Print it from: If they answer "yes," then ask, "Why is that? President Bush, after all, told the American public that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the deaths of nearly 3,000 people on September 11th... and yet the FBI profile for him never lists 9/11 among his crimes." "Furthermore the FBI itself recently explained that the reason is because THERE IS NO HARD EVIDENCE CONNECTING BIN LADEN TO 9/11." If however, the candidate is surprised and says, "no," they didn't realize this fact, you could say: "You want to be President of the United States and you haven't bothered to look at Bin Laden's Most Wanted page?"

QUESTION 2: "Did you know that a large number of 9/11 Family Members have recently questioned "the entire veracity" of the 9/11 Commission's Report and are calling for a new investigation?" When they say "no," continue.. "In fact they recently held a Press Conference at The National Press Club to express their disgust with the Commission's Report. Over 70% of their questions were ignored entirely by the Commission, and they want answers. "Do you support the Victims' Families in their call for a new and truly independent 9/11 Investigation? (Pause and let them answer the question.) If they say, "I haven't thought about it, etc," ask: "Do you believe the American people and especially the 9/11 Families deserve answers to their many outstanding questions about what happened that tragic day?" Get an answer on camera.

Only AFTER they answer question 2 either in support of the Victims' Families or against them (and who wants to be against the 9/11 Families??) should we start in with Building 7 and all the other compelling evidence in my view. The point is we need to be smart about our questions and play our cards in the right order because the opportunites for impromtu interviews with candidates will be limited.

Simultaneously, we ALL should demand from our representatives an answer to these two questions. The fact that Bin Laden's FBI Most Wanted page doesn't list 9/11 should be widely known by all in the way that everyone now admits Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks. Let's push!



For Our Purposes

that is somewhat beside the point though since we are trying to get a new 9/11 investigation-- not merely prosecute the "war on terror" better. Of course your point brings into doubt that Bin Laden was even behind the attacks, since we damn well would have gone into hell after him if he was! This explains why we don't even have him as a priority anymore. Furthermore, he's likely long dead.

Doubts about who actually was behind 9/11 is what opens the door to a new investigation entailing evidence of official complicity.

Furthermore, why did CIA

Furthermore, why did CIA terminated the search unit for Bin Laden last year If he is public enemy #1 and supposedly we are fighting the "War on Terror"?? That could be a followup question.