Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference - Important Updates

Messages from Drew (a director of Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society) and from Wayne, the Conference Coordinator:

Dear Friends,

University of Wisconsin-Madison associate, Teacher of Islam, Olympic Gold Medalist, and MC for the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference Kevin Barrett is currently in Morocco in search for Hijacker Waleed al Shehri.

Not only has he confirmed his whereabouts, but has met with some of his colleagues and friends that have all reported and confirmed that yes, Waleed is infact alive and well in Morocco. Mr. Barret has yet to report meeting with Waleed himself and getting his picture, but he is committed to doing so before his return. If he is successful, these pictures will be seen for the first time at our conference in June.

Although finding Waleed is far from proof that 9/11 was actually an inside job, it does prove that America seems not to care who committed the worst terrorist attack in it's history. Nonetheless, the War of Terror rages on in the Middle East. Nonetheless, Afghanistan and Iraq are paying the price for whomever did commit the attacks on September 11th. Even with this new evidence available, I am sure that the 9/11 Commission will not update its list of 19 Hijackers, for doing so would say that the official investigation was not FINAL as it's title suggests.

Also, for the first time Dr. Steven E. Jones and Dr. William Deagle will be revealing new evidence on the collapses of WTC 1, 2, and 7. Both of these men are hard at work with their research, and we are
proud to give them an opportunity to reveal this evidence to the world.

Right now is a turning point in our history. The revelation of the truth behind 9/11 will go down in the books and be studied for 100 years to come. We are proud to be a part of that history.

June 22nd - 24th. Vancouver. Be there. Book your tickets today and confirm your seat!

Ticket information here: http://www.v911truth....
(scroll down about half way)

See you all then!

_Drew Noftle
Director - Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society

Dear Friends,

it appears now that renouned DU expert / whistleblower Leuren Moret may indeed come to Vancouver. She had cancelled to attend a strictly DU conference in Japan, but hat event has since been scrubbed. She has never spoken in Canada before and was previously barred from speaking here. We are again looking for a way to bring her here but ..... as ticket sales are slow, this is going to be tricky and heavily dependent upon ticket sales.

We will have special video footage, recorded especially for this conference by the 3 outstanding Canadian Scholars: Prof. Graeme McQueen, Prof. Kee Dewdney, and Prof. John McMurtry. All of whom were prevented by prior committments but who want to be part of this united voice for 9/11 Truth in Canada.

A documentary about the Canadian 9/11 Truth Movement is now planned and the producer and film crew hope to be here. But we are going to have to look like a movement to make it happen. That means people in the seats. Will you be here to be a part of it ??

We are also thinking about setting up a "grand jury" at the conference to weigh the 9/11 evidence, with which we can insist, with a petition, on a Royal Inquiry in Canada into the murders of 30 of our fellow citizens and all others on 9/11. When David Ray Griffin was here in Vancouver a few weeks ago, he envisioned something like this happening here. He said that if there is going to be a great break through on 9/11, it is going to come either from Europe or Canada, and he paid us Canadians the highest of compliments. Let's not let him down!

If you have been on the fence about this conference, the time has come to get off of the fence and get onboard! Don't wait for the videos. There may not be any if we don't get a good crowd. It all costs money folks, and we do NOT have anyone with deep pockets to finance this thing. We need all of you Truthers here. We need all of you CAP Members here, and everyone interested in Peace and Justice here!

The time for 9/11 Truth is NOW. We may not get another chance to save our country, stop the war, and get justice for the 9/11 and war victims.. We must expose the 9/11 lies and the hidden agendas NOW. Please ....find a way to be here and don't wait til the last minute. You will only regret being here.

We would like to get some so-called 'dignitaries' here too. Get on the phone or e-mail your MPs, Premieres, Cabinet Ministers, etc and insist that they come or send their deputies. Tell your College Profs and any professionals, police, firefighters and paramedics that you know too.

If you absolutely cannot come, please make a donation on our website. Every bit will help. Please get on radio talk shows and talk about the conference. Download our flyers and hand them out or get them posted somewhere. Take out an ad in your local paper or free paper and advertise the conference. By the way, we are going to have some very stylish new flyers and posters coming out shortly too. Be sure to get them when they appear on our site.

Lastly, listen to "Unbought and Unbossed" with Ray Geisler on Wed. May 30th, at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Pacific Time) . For a chance to win a FREE Full Weekend pass, call in with your 'Top Three 9/11 Smoking Guns' (some restrictions apply).
Details here: http://unbossed.livej...

Let's wake the sheeple up and let's get The Great Canadian 9/11 Truth Snowball rolling across this country and park it in Harper's office.

Thanks for your attention and your support!

Wayne Prante
Conference Coordinator
Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society

PS feel free to forward this message to anyone on your list who is into 9/11 Truth, and post on your group forums.

Just don't tell Dubya!!! He recently gave himself dictatorial powers that exrtend into any other countries of his choosing ....and I don't think he had Greenland in mind.