Video Re-Edit of The Giuliani Confrontation

This is the best re-edit.

This is the best re-edit.

Great job.

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Yes, it is a great re-edit. That could turn around and bite us. The clip cut-off Rudy's full statement, not a fair tactic.


Let's nail this bastard hard on this one.
"Cogito ergo sum"

Yes, but

but to do so he needs to weave a more absurd web of lies, so we need to keep asking related questions. This video with its currrent slick editing could be torn apart by shills to hurt the 911truth movement.

REMEMBER the focus is 911Truth, not to hang Ghouli (at least not until he is tried for his crimes.)

Major Truth Action Opportunities

June 3rd Democratic Presidential Debate, Sullivan Arena, St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH.

June 5th Republican Presidential Debate outside of Sullivan Arena at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH.

Scum, but...

Ghouli says now he was told WTC7 would fall sometime that day, and that when he says that no-one expected the towers to collapse he means collapse as soon as it did.

A good liar can weave an intricate web of lies. However, sometimes these webs eventually start to fall and come unglued from their own weight. Unfortunately, despite the slick editing of this video and AJ's hitpiece on Ghouli, his web of lies is still going to hold together for the typical viewer who does not have the bias to want to see this statement as a lie.

We need to keep asking these questions from different contexts, maybe then...

Also, he needs to answer:

Who told him that the WTC7 would collapse?
How did that person reach that conclusion?
Why was there so much certainty (no-one has ever said that they were told that WTC "might" collapse)?
If you knew the WTC7 was going to collapse, why did you tell your own mother to stay in the building? (okay, that's stretching things a bit :-)

How can they stop us, we are everywhere and we want the Truth.

There are now thousands of detectives looking for truth throughout the world, 9/11 has awakened a monster that can not be stopped!

The Neo-cons will learn to regret their arragant false flag op, for just like Hitler they where overconfident and to willing to think the worst of their fellow man.

We will win because we have the numbers and the conviction to pursue justice to the last!

Kind regards John