Fort Worth Weekly features Donald Buswell story

Feature: Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Fort Worth Weekly

... sergeant first class, serving in both Gulf Wars, Bosnia, Rwanda, and Korea. He ended up with shrapnel scars and a Purple Heart and, back in the U.S. after his last tour in Iraq, a job as intelligence analyst at Fort Sam Houston. ...

and now he calls 911 an inside job? How many more are there, like him?

Friendly Fire

Raising questions about 9/11 gets an Army sergeant demoted for “disloyalty.”


These days, Donald Buswell’s job is not as exciting or dangerous as it once was. For the past few months, his working hours have been spent taking care of some 40-plus wounded soldiers at San Antonio’s Fort Sam Houston medical center. The work is sometimes menial, even janitorial, but he doesn’t mind. After all, Buswell has been where these men are — three years ago, he too was recovering from wounds received in a battle zone in Iraq.

“I truly consider this an honor,” Buswell told his dad not long ago.

Still, it’s not exactly where Buswell expected to be after 20 years of well-respected service in the Army. ....

He couldn’t have foreseen that one e-mail could derail his career and put him on his way out of the Army. One e-mail, speculating about events that millions of people have questioned for the last six years, was all it took.

Sgt. Buswell wants to know: What really happened on 9/11? And he said so in his e-mail. In the few paragraphs of that August 2006 message — a reply not to someone outside the service, but to other soldiers — Buswell wrote that he thought the official report of what happened that day at the Pentagon, and in the Pennsylvania crash of United Airlines Flight 93, was full of errors and unanswered questions.

“Who really benefited from what happened that day?” he asked rhetorically. Not “Arabs,” but “the Military Industrial Complex,” Buswell concluded. “We must demand a new, independent investigation.”

For voicing those opinions in an e-mail to 38 people on the San Antonio Army base, Buswell was stripped of his security clearance, fired from his job, demoted, and ordered to undergo a mental health exam....

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This is, of course, a story that appeared earlier in another weekly, but it has been updated and rewritten. Email-forwading this story to members of the military is indispensable. The whole Fort Worth Weekly rewrite and the earlier Lone Star Icon / The Iconoclast story, in full, are here:

Perfect Article for Fort Worth, Great Job Stephen Webster

Perfect Article for Fort Worth Startlegram. We need need more articles like this.

I know someone

I know someone in the Marines who said he witnesses people talking about 9/11 Truth related material while at work all the time. I guess it's when you start sending e-mails they get pissy.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Land of the free

my ass

Since they hate us for our

Since they hate us for our freedom we should start seeing a lot of love coming our way.

the man is a hero. i wonder

the man is a hero. i wonder what hes up to now.
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