A Free Method to Spread 911 Truth -- 200 views/minute!

Hi 911 Truthers!

Here is a free method for spreading 911 Truth to a new audience. Search Google Video and Youtube for the most popular videos and post a comment relating them to 911. The better your comment relates the video to 911, the less likely it will be tagged as spam. The most popular videos get over 200 views/minute ! Problem is so many comments are posted that after an hour or so the comment will move off of the first (video) page, so we need everyone to post!

Example one: While searching protest music, I found this one, 'My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words ' (28.6 million views since January):


Did a little research about MCR on Wikipedia and posted this:

"Gerard Way was inspired to form 'My Chemical Romance' after witnessing the planes hit the WTC on 9/11/01. 9-11-01 WTC hero William Rodriguez and many others said the basement exploded and severe injuries occurred before any plane hit! With controlled demolition the basement is destroyed first to make room for the rubble, and in this case vaults filled with gold were in the basement. See Google videos '911 mysteries' and 'Loose Change'."

Here are some other videos I've posted comments on:

Video: 'American al-Qaeda Member Threatens Attacks on U.S':




Pink- Dear Mr President - Live:


5/23/07Cat Fight on the View, Rosie vs Elizabeth:


I hope to see more 911 Truth comments!

Take Care,


Spreading 9/11 Truth.

Bravo Tim! New creative ways to spread 9/11 Truth are what is going to make this movement succeed. We can't depend on the politicians and those in power to re-investigate this stuff without a huge groundswell of support from the people. As Dan Wallace said... we will take it from the ground up. Peace. And thanks for the motivation. Look forward to seeing and commenting on those crazily popular videos.

Here's a link to Google top 100 --> http://video.google.com/videoranking?hl=en

Post Comments on Youtube and Google!

Hi Orangutan, Thank you! Youtube displays user's comments better than Google. Posting spam could result in Blowback from Google, so I do think that the video should in some way relate to politics. If Google is looking for an excuse to censor us, they already have it. Take Care, Tim


No offense to Tim325, but we should be aware that this may be a way to use 9/11 Truthers to tag videos so that Youtube and Google may continue to censor/remove them. Also note this is Tim's first blog entry and he has been a member for only a few hours.

Please take all of the above into consideration before jumping on this.
This is just precaution Tim so please dont be mad I posted this. With all of the dirty shit the lying "Physics Deniers" (aka douchebag debunkers) have pulled in the past we need to remain suspect of certain things


Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB


i think a lot is being done using spam filters, etc. to keep people from getting emails about 9/11 truth as well. get out in the street with a sign and some flyers!


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Post Comments on Youtube and Google!

Hi Real Truther, My comments posted on Youtube have not been removed so far. Some do not have the physical ability, money, geographical location, bravery or time to hand out flyers. Can you hand out 200 flyers/minute?
The best videos get 200 views/minute, including some political (related to 911) videos like 'The View'! If Google was looking for a reason to censor us, they would have already! Sincerely, Tim

Reply to CattleRustler's 'Caution' Post

Hi CattleRustler, I agree our comments posted on videos should somehow relate to 9/11, and my original blog and examples say this. If Google is looking for an excuse to censor us, they already have it. If we censor ourselves and do not have the freedom to post reasonable comments, then we are ALREADY being censored. If 911 Truthers do not post comments because of your admonition, then you are contributing to self-censorship. Yes, I joined 911Blogger yesterday, but this does not make me a spy. I noticed you joined less than 3 months ago. 911 Truth publications should list many alternative worldwide websites and search engines in case of increased censorship. Sincerely, Tim