JFK against gov't secrecy

(about five minutes)

This is an important tape with direct relevance to 9/11 (unless you think recent history has no relevance).

In it JFK gives his ideas about gov't secrecy, the press, and the duty of the press to tell the truth and to inform the public.

Compare his words to what we hear today.

JFK was killed in '63, about fifteen years after the "shadow gov't" in its modern form really got going.

Listen to what he says. That's where we were as a nation not so long ago.

Consider 9/11 Blogger and what people are doing on these pages.

You can feel history with this one.

JFK speech

I couldnt get your audio file to load.

Heres one on you tube on the same speech I believe.

JFK Speech Secret Societies

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

My browser brings it up as a

My browser brings it up as a QuickTime link. Just sound.

Hope you get a chance to listen, as it is very inspiring.

Maybe there is a way to rip this one and put it in a different format, though, sorry, I don't know how to do that.

This is really important and must be posted everywhere!

I've been hoping to find this speach, thanks for posting it!

I guess we could call JFK the "original" conspiracy theorist!

I hope this wakes up lots of sleeping patriots.

Taking the truth about 911 to the streets. www.911truthsquads.org

Awesome clip

I just right clicked and saved the target as...I am going to make a song with this thing...bad ass quotes in this clip!!


That works for me,

That works for me, too.

Please pass this one around. He sounds like us!

I don't know about others, but this clip sends chills up my spine. We should send it to every journalist in the USA.


Youtube took the video off after I posted it.

Here it is on Veoh

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month