Winnipeg Sun on 9/11 Truth event: Columnist calls it "paranoid nonsense"; letters to editor all pro-Truth

The Winnipeg Sun's columnist Stephen Ripley was not impressed by Barrie Zwicker's presentation on Wednesday. Ripley employed typical smear tactics:

"This isn't the place to challenge Zwicker's theories about the events of Sept. 11. If you want to believe George W. Bush and the U.S. government were complicit in the mass murder of some 3,000 people, that's your right. You can also believe the CIA killed John F. Kennedy, the moon landing was faked and Sanjaya was the real winner of American Idol while you're at it.

But the charges levelled at the media by Zwicker and his fellow panelists deserve closer attention. Despite the applause they received from the audience -- roughly 90% of whom indicated they believe the U.S. government was involved in 9/11 -- they failed to make their case. Heck, they barely even tried."

Later, Ripley compares believing the towers were toppled by explosives with belief in the Easter Bunny. He exhibits the same traits as other media personalities afraid to discuss the specifics of 9/11: first, say there is "something" there; second, make an ad hominem attack that implies there is no "there" there. You've covered the bases, in case someone attacks you.

Tellingly, the Letters to the Editor from the same day consisted of several pro-Truth letters.

Gregg Roberts from Austin, Texas wrote: "Thank you for covering the vital fact that architects such as Richard Gage and other qualified professionals are blowing the whistle on the U.S. government's conspiracy theory of 9/11. It is crucial that the rotten foundation of the War of Terror be exposed -- and its war-criminal perpetrators arrested and tried for treason -- before the next false-flag attack on U.S. citizens, or an attack on Iran."

Daniels Forrest from Australia wrote: "Your article has given me hope that at least some organs of the media are prepared to come forward and present the glaringly obvious truth of 9/11.

The editors of your paper all deserve commendations for running that story. Certainly you have my unreserved admiration."

Andy Dreger of Winnipeg wrote: "The only attempt by the main stream media to "debunk" the 9/11 truth movement has indeed been Popular Mechanics.

PM's attempts at debunking the truth movement have been weak at best. I suggest researching the works of Dr. David Ray Griffin whose research on 9/11 puts the "efforts" of PM to shame."

The Sun editors printed comments after these letters implying that simply because they printed these letters they were therefore demonstrating they are not afraid to discuss any issue, including 9/11. However, clearly the column by Ripley offsets any such claim, and nowhere in their coverage do they print specific facts about 9/11.

Dear Simuvac

Good post. It seems us truthers are still trying to solve the puzzle,which is'nt a bad thing. We however
need to get the media attention on ALL the facts that we do have,and all the unanswered question answered.
This should be the main object of all 9/11 truthers.

You're right

This Sun column is typical. It pretends to "cover" 9/11 Truth by simply mentioning some vague skepticism; but it doesn't deal with any hard facts, and it ultimately (as in the headlines and the more salient judgments in the column) treats 9/11 Truth dismissively.

At least some debunkers do research and try to present articulate defenses of the official story. I give them credit for that. We're not against rational debate. But the msm never addresses the facts.