9/11 The Explosive Reality on DivX Stage 6

It has been a lot of work getting this video uploaded. I tried Google Video and they removed it immediately, then You Tube removed all versions. However I am proud to say it is up in DivX Stage 6 format and looks amazing. You may need a DivX plug in to watch the video but this is easy to install. I really don't know who the individual was who put this together. I believe his screen name on You Tube was polliunsaturated and I have heard his account was deleted. This is a MUST SEE for any person interested in 9/11. There are newscasts included from every American network who broadcast on 9/11. I never even knew about smoke in the subway before watching this. Many other anomalies are new to me. The media scripting seems so much more apparent as well. Best to watch in full screen.

Can download your DivX AVI file from stage6 also...



Some excellent raw footage in this 2 hour collection.

Thanks for uploading it...


Just to confirm, is it the original 1.2GB file ?

The quality in that is amazing !!! and a must for all researchers and 9/11 clip / documentary makers !!!


You can also get the 1.2GB DivX AVI in Binary Newsgroups...

Currently 4days old...

More info and NZB creation at :




Subject Poster Group Age
1. Amazing collection of suppresed 911 news - 911 The Explosive Reality.par2 yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 1.42 GB, parts available: 2360 / 2360
- 65 other files
parkietenbrigade a.b.documentaries


Hope this helps, especially as this has now been removed from YouTube... Shame on them !!!

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Yes it is 1.2 Gigs

It's a big file but very high quality and will look good on a DVD too to watch on TV. 1.2 Gigs nowadays is not as crazy as it used to be though. Funny how You Tube and Google Video just removed this for no reason.

Thanks capriceclassic... For those who use TORRENT...

The recommended tracker for "911 The explosive reality", currently with 129 seeders is...


alternative trackers



Please note / remember that any "red tinted" frames were caused by a bug in Adobe, not that there are many in the two hours.

More info : http://www.911blogger.com/node/9004#comment-146707

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9/11 The Explosive Reality - Normal HTTP Download also...

We have a "Full House" of download methods now thanks to Pocono 9/11 Truth :-))

Standard (HTTP) Hi-Speed Download Link for "9/11 The Explosive Reality"


http://pocono911truth.com/files/911 The explosive reality [DivX].avi


Good luck all and best wishes

Superb ! Thank you !

Superb !

Thank you !

Lotsa stuff not seen since

Lotsa stuff not seen since Sept 11th. Thx.

Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing my browser.
Ive got to about 1 hour into the video, but cant seem to get further.

I found veoh.com as another good site to upload videos. It would be nice to get it to other sites if youtube abd google are censoring it.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I just uploaded it to Veoh.

Here you go just for you it's now on Veoh. Here is the link to it through my site

Great video and post, thanks!