My note to the huffpost censor

I'm still trying to get huffpost to consider creating a 911 section header on their news list. No luck, or response yet.

I'm not the only one to think huffpost is censoring out 911 news & comment. As I was posting this I saw a comment from 'nofoolhere' making the same point. I'm surprised they let it thru under the circumstances.

I encourage you all to apply pressure too. A portal on huffpost would be a powerful tool. Here's my post - I'm not holding my breath to see it on the site.

"This is a similar post to that of 'nofoolhere'. I've made 2 attempts to post a comment requesting a news section devoted to the 911 debacle. I realise that this, my third attempt, will probably also be culled so I'm talking to you, the censor, rather than your members.

I have had great admiration for your website up till now but censorship is an evil practise, much used by the corrupt politicians you feature so often.

This situation calls your entire position into question. What else are you censoring or spinnnig to suit your agenda? If a genuine, non-abusive, constructive suggestion on a topic of immense topical interest gets benched because it doesn't suit you, how can we feel that you are not omitting other important information.

Its disappointing and slightly scary. If 'they' have gotten to you, its much worse than I thought."