Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Cosmos of

Visibility 9-11 welcomes to the program this week, Cosmos of, home of the 11th of Every Month Action Campaign and the 9-11 Truth Squads.  Cosmos is also one of the co-hosts of Truth Revolution Radio, a new program on We The People Radio Network, which is a great program focusing on 9-11 Truth activism.  You can hear Truth Revolution Radio Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11:00 PM central time at

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Nice job Cosmos, and thanks

Nice job Cosmos, and thanks for the shoutout.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

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are prisonplanet and infowars down for everyone else, too?

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Cosmos is the man ....

For those of you who aren't taking action on the " eleventh day of every month" you should be !
Cosmos has put together an awesome campaign and if you would like to see some of the results of his work just go to and check out the monthly actions that have been taking place all over the country and even in other parts of the world.
If you notice that every time we are attacked in the MSM they refer to us in some form or fashion as nut jobs , kooks, or whatever. This campaign offers a chance to counter punch those stupid remarks by having all of us 9/11 Truthers show unity on the eleventh day of every month and to get out in the streets and school people about 9/11 truth . People Like Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, Alex Jones, Korey , Dylan, And Jason, The Jersey Girls just to name a few have already done the footwork and layed a path for us to walk down. Now is the time to get out there and take action , spread the word and be persistant about it.
Also one important thing to keep in mInd is that you are not being graded and it's not a popularity contest. Whatever you do as long as you are taking some sort of action is all that matters. And yes even if it's just you !
Mike in Florida...