9/11 The Explosive Reality (on Veoh Video As Requested)

From what I read most people are loving the Stage 6 DivX version I uploaded of this video but some wanted it on Veoh. So I am proud to say it is on Veoh now. This is 2 hours of raw American news footage which most people probably have never seen. I know much of it was new to me. Most of this was shown once on TV and NEVER again. Please watch this. It is truly a MUST see. You can also easily save this to your own computer.

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How do you explain....

Towards the end of this video the topic is "The Pentagon".

How do you explain the firetruck that is inside the pentagon as if it was backed into the huge whole or it was blown by force into the building and just happened to go straigh backwards and appear as it does.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever



I spent 3 hours trying to view the other one posted a few days ago. but finally gave up after several browser crashes.
Im not sure what caused the crashes, but I personally want to thank you for uploading it onto Veoh.

Awesome to see blog posters like this that will help us casual PC users!

Thanks again. capriceclassic

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Good watching!

But it took me a long time to figure out how to downlaod this and now my computer's speed has slowed considerably! I guess I need to get rid of it all and Veoh too??? I wanted to keep that video. (I am a techno-tard)
But that was very interesting and well worth the time.

another question

I am pretty new to all this info and still exploring. If anyone reads this, can you point me in the direction where I can find the documentary made a short time after 9/11? It was the one even broacast on TV. It was the 2 (or 3 I forget) guys I think from France (?) that happened to be in NY that day filming to make a documentary on the NYFD. If my memory serves me, it showed the damage to the WTC lobby and I think even explosions. Can anyone help me?