9/11 Revisited movie transcript for subtitles

Hey everyone,

I wrote out the transcript for 9/11 Revisited (v2) because I have had a lot people request it. It took me a long time and I'm sure there are some typos, but it should be pretty good. I want to create this film in as many languages as possible for wider viewing audience around the world.

Can anyone help me create the subtitles in different languages or even the English ones? Does anyone know how to create subtitles using the format below?

The program I use says it needs it to be time coded like this:

1 00:02:17:12 00:02:23:21 This is the subtitle text...
2 00:02:27:02 00:02:35:18 ...and here is more text.
3 00:03:12:14 00:03:22:10 But wait! There's more!

It seems easy enough, but I can't figure it out. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Download the transcript here

That seems like a .SRT file.

That seems like a .SRT file. (subrip)

I use Subtitle Workshop for all my subtitling needs. Great freeware program, should explain itself.

I don't have the time to do it for you now, if you have any specific questions, post them here. I know the program pretty well.

One tip: do not make the sentences too long (i use 70 characters as maximum) and make sure the subtitles are displayed long enough to read. Most people who make subtitles for the first time display them too short for people to read.

If you have the transcript, you only need to do the timings, which will save you a lot of time. Subtitling a movie (including translating it) costs me about 30-40 hours.

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The easiest way to check if

The easiest way to check if the subtitles are displayed long enough is to turn off the sound.

Please watch my movie: WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11

Thanks arie..

I am going to dl that program and see what I can do!

I will let you know if I have any questions.. thanks for the tips too!

I have a contact

I have a contact named Diana that I have been communicating with. She speaks spanish and works on subtitles. I received help from here and I have been passing out copies of 9/11 Mysteries with Spanish subs (only film I have with Spanish subs right now). I am working on getting her the transcripts for the Richard Gage SSU presentation DVD. I told her about this blog post and 9/11 Rev v2 transcripts. I am waiting for a response.

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thanks chuck...

I appreciate that man!

any help would be awesome!

Diana replied to my email

She mailed me a copy of 9/11 Press For Truth with Spanish subs, so I should get it sometime this week. I have a copy of 9/11 Mysteries Spanish subs, getting 9/11 PFT, hope to get Richard Gage within a few weeks and 9/11 Revisited v2. Peace.

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