Comparison Video - The Planned Demolition of the WTC


A video that compares aspects of well known, 'obvious' building demolitions with the almost hidden ones of WTC 1 & 2 on September 11th 2001. I say almost because ANYONE can watch this video and see it for themselves.

See hundreds of demolition charge flashes before and during the implosions of the towers.

Watch as huge horizontal blasts eject steel and concrete far below the collapsing section.

Its clear cut folks....those towers were absolutely laced with demo charges, fact.

And that creates all sorts of horrible thoughts....

We must expose the 9/11 Inside Job...for the victims, their families, subsequent war deaths and for everyone on this planet.

Thanks to the video "9/11: The Explosive Reality" - which inspired me to put this little video together.


Great work and video post!!!

Great work and video post!!! I can't see what else those flashes can be other than finely timed charges. They surely not materials reflecting from the sun. That was enthralling and so refreshing to watch. What beats me is why wasn't these flashes picked up on before in detail. This is big. Go and look at wtc7 for any too.

They are cutter charges alright....

I mean, there are materials that are white in colour (paper etc..) that are falling and you can see them....BUT there is an obvious difference in colour and in flight between the two.........and those flashes during the fall look exactly like those seen long before. You can see the charges hugging the falling steel. It's mind blowing.

Glad you approve of the video, too.

WTC7 - Bright White Flashes...

I observed these around 12 months ago when I got hold of the Naudet DVD...

During the 6.5 second near free-fall speed total collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building (WTC7), you can see several very bright white flashes that look identical to those that correspond to cutter charge explosives used in controlled demolitions, i.e. the 34th floor towards the western edge.

Looking at the the northern face of WTC7, several brief bright white flashes are visible towards the western edge during the collapse of world trade center building 7.

I made a short clip to show this (see below)...

Link :


It is much clearer in the larger XviD (10MB) version, which can be downloaded at :


Best wishes

I've reported some of them

I've reported some of them in detail before. I don't have the ability make videos but I cited the archive's and the time at which one could see them. I'm not the first either I'm sure. Thanks to those with video editing skills ;) !

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)


Though I don't doubt CD at all for 9/11, I am uncertain about some of this footage showing flashes where no one else has seen them. Much as I would love for this footage to be "clean", I suspect the hand of Photoshop in many cases. Caveat emptor.

"I am uncertain about some of this footage..."

"I am uncertain about some of this footage showing flashes where no one else has seen them"
Agreed. This was my first thought when I watched "Explosive Reality", how come we have never seen this before?
I am not saying the videos are fake, but the possibility exists that they can be. We have to stay aware of these classic disinfo tactics.

Hopefully the source video can can be independently verified
Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB


There are hours and hours of footage all over so I'm sure it will be easy to do a side by side and see if they are there or not. I suspect they are there and that, initially, you aren't looking for them so the flashes seem like part of the video (artifacts or pixalation) but if you actually looking for notice they are more abnormal then normal footage quality related issues.

What's with the 'subliminal red-flashes segment' at the end of the full length version of this video? That seems added in to me.
Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I checked

I've checked the footage....and they flashes are indeed there.

Can flashes be seen in other earlier documentaries

that use news footage, like loose change or some of the other earlier films?

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

The molten steel & the demolition wave...

(starting just below the impact area) as the demolition commences are all I need to see, regardless if the flashes are faked or not. You can clearly see the building being pulverized.

no, we know that

the question isnt "was the wtc a controlled demolition", we know that already. The question is: "Is this footage 'enhanced', or is it real?"
Thats a very important question.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

The Archive Footage is the same.....

The Archive footage backs up the cutter charge flashes.

Also, even in my own, personal (worse quality) clips of that day you can see these charges going off before and during the collapse of the towers.

I honestly never really noticed them until recently. And since I've been looking at this for 4-5 years I think that's pretty amazing....

I guess I still was suffering a little bit from 9/11 blindness Syndrome..

Now, I can't NOT seen them.

It's amazing. And very compelling.

Important: Veritas, Arie, and others:

Veritas, Arie, and others:
1) How many different "collapse" videos are there?
2) How many of these were shown on the air before they went into circulation?
3) Is it possible that all of these videos, network and freelance were collected and touched up before they were shown on TV (to remove most of the flashes)?

Let's say that each video had a "collapse" time of 15 seconds x 30 frames/sec. = 450 frames. Is it within the realm of possibility that a small team of editors and a lot of coke could edit this footage prior to putting on the air? I have never considered this possibilty before, thinking that the networks rushed to get out the news ASAP. How can this archival footage be authenticated in a systematic fashion? Please post an answer to my inquiry.

More flashes & explosions

More explosions:
The Ulimate Con

More flashes:

Great vid, thanks!

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Most of the squibs and puffs that precede the collapses

of the Towers, were either across the tops of the mechanical floors or down the center lines of the buildings. This is exactly where you would expect to see these puffs, if this was a CD. Otherwise these puffs would have been more randomly distributed.

When you understand how the buildings were constructed and where the mechanical floors are and other significant features, it is apparent that whoever brought these buildings down, knew a lot about their construction and exactly where the building has to be 'cut' in order to bring it down.

I do believe, that the reason why WTC 1 was hit higher up and a messier collapse was because they had to make adjustments in order to drop the antenna properly.