I found these pictures on the internet by chance 2-3 years ago.
They have since been withdrawn from the original website but are still retrievable on
The archive site dates Dec. 2002.

I obviously don't know if these pictures are real or fake.

I haven't faked them.

If somebody could please find out what that arabic writing underneath one of the pictures means.

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And where are the photos of Bin Ladin?

These photos are clearly not him. We are talking about Usama Bin Ladin, right?

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Compare any of the attached images to

this one...

Is it me, or are these clearly not the same person?

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

I see your point...

I see your point...
but that image is before his beard went partially grey.

I looked hard at all of the images I could find and the major issue I have is his nose. It seems to be smaller in width.

But then again, the person certainly appears to be dead, and for how long? Would certain features of the face appear different as rigor mortis sets in?

Anyway - the image you cited is of a much healthier and younger man for sure

It is sad that the only individuals that I know of that could verify these images are on the wrong side of truth.

i agreen with you

Please BAN this SPAMMER...

and DELETE all his posts to act as a deterrent, otherwise "they" have acheived what "they" wanted, which was a LINK DROP !!!.


Very interesting, seems

Very interesting, seems worthy of serious study...

Only two possible options here, they are images of Osama Binladen, or not.

I cannot rule them out - if indeed these are real, then I would imagine that the PTB would seek to discredit these at every opportunity.

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Who the hell is Obama ?

Image Hosted by

sorry, wrong dude ... to much Fix-news lately ..
it's Tim Osman aka Osama we are talking about ?
These two guys ?

Image Hosted by

"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya



I am quite sure that translation of the arab writing reveals, whether or not the picture should be representing OBL or not.
These pictures were displayed on a page with other dead Moujahideen.
Only with these (OBL) pictures there was this exceptional "decorative frame". Other Moujahideen included Khattab, a Cherchen fighter of considerable fame.

Once the writing is translated and seems to aspire to OBL, then it is either fake pictures (i don't think they are fake for the difficulty to insert a picture right when there are multiple viewing angles) or pictures taken from some look-alike.

I have sent these pictures to Spiegel, a German investigative magazine. They first believed I was some sort of source. Later they assumed I had faked them and invited me to join their multimedia-design team. :).:)


"Later they assumed I had faked them and invited me to join their multimedia-design team. :).:)"

That's the funniest thing I have heard in months...

Ruhlah al-Khiloud

The Arabic says "ruhlah al-Khiloud" which has the meaning of "Destination of the Freed." ruhlah means "destination" and al-Khiloud refers to "the freed or liberated one." It does not say Usama bin Ladin, but I do have a document in Arabic which was read at his funeral in Pakistan and mentions him by name (his Arabic name, not his CIA name of Tim Osman). I hope this helps.

You're helping.

You're helping.

I would send these to a

I would send these to a pathologist - the left side of his face seems like it was hit by something - in anycase - you may get some traction and some additional professional opinions by contacting someone who has experience with corpses.

Could you come forward with

Could you come forward with this document?

on a related note, is this

on a related note, is this picture of Bin Laden with Zbig for real? has it been verified? isnt the first place ive seen this photo billed as being Osama and Zbig:

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

again, doesnt appear to be him, at least to me

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

wow, negative ratings for

wow, negative ratings for asking a question? i'll make sure not to do that again......
The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Not bin Ladin

I have a photo of bin Ladin taken in 1979 and you can clearly tell it is him as a younger man. I will post it here if someone tells me how to post jpegs here. This man with Zbig is some Pakistani soldier.

yep, i went and did some

yep, i went and did some googling and apparently this photo was billed as Zbig and Bin Laden on at least 5 websites after The Village Voice ran the photo and a misleading caption that made it seem as if it was Bin Laden in the photo. that or the Village Voice really did think it was Bin Laden. that said, Zbig likely did meet Bin Laden as he was working closely with the CIA and Taliban in Afghanistan at that time. would love to see that photo of Bin Laden from 79 though.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA - - can host your images - then you can post them here via standard HTML for images < img src="" > [ no spaces ]

Thanks Imgstacke

I know HTML, but I did not want to have images on 9/11 Blogger being hosted from my hard-drive. I will check out the photobucket route. Thanks again, bro.

cooperation is the name of

cooperation is the name of the game...
no problem

The Arabic Translation

"If somebody could please find out what that arabic writing underneath one of the pictures means."

If you are referring to this picture:

The words in Arabic said "The Journey to Immortality" clearly referring to the journey to heaven and life being eternal there.

P.S. What is the sources of this picture? Is it from an Arabic website? I could look into it.

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"ruhlah al-Khiloud ?"

do you agree with the comment above translating the writing with "ruhlah al-Khiloud" = "destination of the freed"??

thank you.

i will send the link to you by e-mail.

No I do not

The English Pronunciation is correct, but the translation is wrong:

Ruhlah: Journey

Kouloud: Immortality

If you want easily verifiable way to prove my claim go to:|ar

Put the words (Journey, Immortality) in the box and you will see the exact same Arabic words in the picture coming up.

You also could put the words (Destination, Freed) and you will find the translation totally different than the words in the picture.

P.S. I am a Jordanian.

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We are both technically correct

From "The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic," p. 383 --

"rihlah" = “travel, journey, trip”

"ruhlah" = “destination, place for which one is bound”

Both words are spelled exactly alike in Arabic with the only difference being the unwritten short vowel “i” in one and the unwritten short “u” in the other. Short vowels in Semitic languages are unwritten. As is characteristic of Semitic languages like Akkadian, Arabic or Hebrew, a word meaning “to take” (for example) can also in certain contexts have the seemingly opposite meaning “to give.” Here, to go on a journey "al-rihlah" (in the after-death sense), can also imply the reaching of that journey’s destination, "al-ruhlah," which, as Medfreak correctly pointed out is “immortality” or "al-khuloud," which is also a state of being “freed” or “liberated.”

From "The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic," p. 300-301 --
"khulou" = “to be free (min) from...”
"khulou" = “freedom (min) from...”

"The Concise Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary," p. 186 --
"khuloud" = “immortality” and is related to the same root as "khulou" above.

As "lughat al-‘arabiyah" means “the language of Arabic,” so the phrase of identical grammatical construction "rihlah al-khuloud" means “the journey of immortality,” which I’ll admit I very loosely translated as “the destination of the liberated.” I stand slightly corrected by my Arab brother, whose life-long exposure to the beautiful language of Arabic certainly trumps my year and a half exposure to Arabic as a Canadian under-grad. My Near Eastern language expertise is actually in ancient Akkadian cuneiform (Old Babylonian) and ancient Egyptian.

Welcome aboard Medfreak or is it al-Medfreak? It is good to have an Arab brother in the house. I will admit, I do miss my Arabic studies. Salaam ‘alayke, achi.


Been a very very longtime reader. Regarding your comment:

"and is related to the same root as "khulou" above."

"khulou" is not related to "khuloud". Each arabic word has a 3 letter root, as you touched upon in your comment.

khulou, bascially means "empty", or "free of". The root for it are the letters : "Ka" "La" "Wa"

While Kholoud means immortality. The three letter root for it is : "Ka" "La" "Da"

They both are very different words.

Regarding the first word, it actually is pronounced "rihlah" not "ruhlah", based on the context of that sentence in the image. But the meaning of the word based on your pronunciation is correct.

P.S. I absolutely agree with you, the Arabic language is very beautiful and unique amongst the other languages of the world.



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Thank you brother

You are indeed correct about those roots. I haven't done any Arabic work for several years now. I really must go back and revisit my Arabic studies, although at the moment I am working on translations of New Kingdom Egyptian tomb stelae and learning German and French, plus all the 9/11 research. Not enough time for everything unfortunately. I did get second prize in an Arabic poetry recitation contest. I memorized a beautiful poem by Khalil Gibran. He is definitely way more awesome in Arabic than in English. His words are like a cool liquid from a fountain. A genius poet and beautiful sage.

As I told my friend Khaled, and I will say it to you, I feel so sorry that the Bush demons, in the name of America, have launched this bogus war on terror against the Arab peoples, and against Mesopotamia, the very cradle of human civilization. It is a horrid nightmare. God knows what they do, and surely a great punishment awaits these architects of genocide and hatred. That much I do know.



Here you've got the link to the archived site:


According to the archive, those pictures are taken in Chechnya...

P.S. there was no Arabic words apart from those in the picture you already linked to.


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There is arabic in the design frames and there seems to be links to arab websites.
What do you make of that site?

In the design frame:

The phrase : "There is no God but Allah, and Mohamed is his prophet" , which is obviously a very common saying as it is the first pillar of Islam.

The links mostly do not work. The ones that do have nothing related to that particular image. Mostly just talking about Islam and such.


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ok, it's probably better to

it's probably better to leave it there.
thanks for the exchange!!

You are welcome

If you need to know the meaning of any Arabic phrases contact me.


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