Why can't I find...!!!

The search isn't showing things I know exist on this very site. Is Google fucking with us?

I've wasted at least an hour looking for two things:

1) Recent post about a controlled demolition that wasn't from the basement. It included photos and was at a higher point in the building.

2) A news report video of WTC7, where the SMOKE was clearly shown behind the newscaster as originating from across the street at WTC6, or the "AMEX" building.

The search doesn't appear to care about these topics for some reason.

It also had a weird propensity to undercount hits, of something say like my own handle. I know I have many more posts than appeared in the search results.


I've noticed that unless you put real specific tags in the "Blog Topics" line when you submit something, google will have trouble finding it. I think it's the way that "Drupal" is set up.

WTC6 smoke

I don't think it's just the Chinese

that google censors.

Google has gotten very good as being 'selective' about what does and does not come up in their searches.

Sometimes I switch to other browsers just to get a 'different' POV. Web Ferret seems to be pretty good for finding more 'obscure' stuff.

Smoke-screens galore

It is obvious that most of the smoke in the wtc implosion site was eminating from 5 and 6, and was rising up the facade of 7. I wouldnt be surprised if this was also an orchestrated smoke-screen, much like the orchestrated smoke-screen at the pentagon. If you look at the videos of the pentagon youll note that most of the smoke eminates from a "dumpster"-like object, next to that generator trailer, and not from the pentagon itself. From the vantage point of the people being evacuated from the capitol and other parts of dc, the psychological effect of plumes of black smoke rising from the distant pentagon is a very strong "motivator". Youll also note that despite the presence of multiple fire trucks on the pentagon lawn, none of them ever move to surpress the dumpster fire until way later.

the answers are in front of us.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

There are other funny things about the Pentagon fire

Even after the partial collapse, they never had more then 2 or 3 lines running from the front of the building at the same time. Despite the fact that they had at least two foam trucks from Reagan on the scene almost immediately. Despite the fact that was likely to be critically injured victims in the building, it seems they took their sweet time trying to put out the fire. So much time that the fires continued to burn until the next day. This is not like any fire I've seen fought. Usually the firemen are so intense about getting all of the fire put out, that you might not have much of a building left when they're done.


Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB


I suspect that explosives were used at the Pentagon, but there is no way to prove this. It seems to be supported by the eyewitness testimony.

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