911 Evidence as yet unearthed

As I monitor the flood of information popping up on 911 I frequently find myself wondering about some things that could add more weight to the discussion. These are things that ought to be ascertainable with a bit of legwork. I'm not in a position to do much hard investigation myself so I thought I'd put these thoughts out there in case someone wants to pick them up and put some time into them.

1. It appears that certain tenants of the 2 towers were warned not to come to work on 911. This implies a selection process.

Question: Is there a connection between people who didn't show for work that day?

Example - Registered republican, politicians, Bush acquaintances, Bush contributors, Saudi royal family connected.

The converse is interesting too. Who DID show?

Registered democrat, Bush opposer, muslim, middle eastern national, other foreigner, (Bush-centric) nonentity.

2. Who was in the audience at the Warren Buffett seminar deep in the bomb-proof bunker at the top secret air force base that Bush stopped at on 911? Were any of these guys skipping a days work at the WTC to attend?

3. The foreign soldier in the recent video may have been filmed on th 13th, not the 11th, but what was he doing there? Being filmed on the 13th doesn't mean he magically appeared on that day - where was he on the 11th? Who was he? What army was he a member of? When did he get there? etc, etc, etc.

4. Demolishing something as large as the WTC would require tonnes of explosives. The eastern seaboard suppliers of demolition supplies would have had great sales the month before. Alternatively, assuming foreign (possibly Israeli) assistance, a lot of dangerous materials would have cleared customs at the ports of NY. A third alternative, the US military option, would still involve a lot of civilian suppliers. Who sold a lot of thermate raw materials in August?

5. Silverstein and co. Why was Silverstein put in place to pull this off? There are two possibilities. Either he was picked for the job due to his position and background, or it fell in his lap just after he bought a ruinous lease on a known white elephant.

I don't believe someone as canny as Silverstein would have bought such a large lemon therefore there are Bush connections in the background somewhere. In order for the perpetrators to physically pull this off they MUST have had the support of the landlord. The Bushies wouldn't pick someone for a job this dodgy unless they knew absolutely that he would go along.

So, where are the Bush connections behind Silverstein?

6. The steel that went to China. Where did it go? What were the chinese buyers told about it? Were any conditions imposed on the sale (like - must be melted down and mixed in with other stock, etc.).

7. The perpetrators. This effort would have required hundreds of committed perpetrators. There must have been cold feet or regrets before, during and after the event. Would a list of demolition experts (the kind that could pull off this job) show any missing persons? The organisers certainly couldn't let you change your mind after you'd been briefed.

There's more. I'll blog this and see if its interesting to the community. If so, I'll put up some more things to think about.

You got

You got my vote as these questions being interesting..Please post more.

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The Questions that can save a brutal debunking

these are the kind of questions that we can use to save ourselves froma burutal debunking...that is why i believe we should break down 911myths and screw loose change down bit by bit, and even think of new debunking questions we want answered ourselves to make 911truth fool (debunk) proof

47 stories + 6.6 collapse = impossible


how much of a coincidence were the war games exercises? That is, are there military historians who can tell us _how_ unusual the coincidence of war games really was? Around here, we take it for granted that the war games were scheduled to confuse air defenses. But can we get an expert, or someone from NORAD, to tell us how often NORAD schedules 2, 3, 4, or more exercises on the same day?

As for #6 on your list, it has been answered. Check cooperativeresearch.org. The companies were named, and they got a bargain price.

#4 - I believe the explosives were planted by intelligence operatives, so I don't think there would necessarily be a public record of their purchase. It could have been Mossad, but it also could have been some compartment of the CIA.

70% of US intelligence is now privatized. There is almost no accountability. If trillions can be lost by the Pentagon, then surely several millions could be siphoned into a relatively small black ops group. Any one of these black ops groups could have done it, even more probable because WTC7 housed the entire alphabet of lettered agencies. How difficult would it have been to locate an operation in WTC7, and cross the street for several months planting explosives throughout the towers?

You are right, though. Some questions can be resolved by legwork.

And I would had another one:

8) We are all seeing that main media don't want to talk about 9-11 truth.It's because, we all know it, they are all linked by the political power in a way that all the big bosses obey to the main government. So...

Hwo are those evil leaders hwo owns the papers, the tv networks? How are they linked to each other? And really, how come they are so powerful?

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

Add to this list all of the

Add to this list all of the evidence that has been found but not made public: Atta's suitcase and contents, the Pentagon videos, photos and videos from Ground Zero, wreckage of flight 93 and 77, all videos from Dulles and Logan airports on that day, the passport found in NYC.

Obvious questions: Why is this stuff being held in secret if it supports the OCT? What is the law that allows this? How do we get through that to have this evidence released?

Another long-shot on undiscovered evidence would be street shots in and around the WTC BEFORE the attacks. Might see some interesting dudes with backpacks going back and forth....


JFK on secrecy and the press

What about records about power-outages...

, or the various evacuations of WTC 1 and 2, during the weeks before 9-11? There should be some off-site record of workers' scheduled visits to WTC, and lawsuits and discovery would produce some names, for questioning.

Great thread...excellent thinking outside the box!!

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More Bread Crumbs

Evacuations and shut-downs of WTC buildings in the weeks before 9/11 for "new wiring" authorized by Port Authority. Who was the Head of the Port Authority at the time? -- Lewis Eisenberg who was appointed by Christine Todd Whitman (future EPA head appointed by Bush), and it was he who awarded the WTC lease to the lowest bidders -- his buddies Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy (former Israeli Golani Brigade commando). All three are intimately connected to Rupert Murdoch and Benjamin Netanyahu. Enter the Israeli Mossad front in New Jersey -- Urban Moving Systems, whose many vans and trucks on 9/11 were all found by NJ State police to have large quantities of explosives residue inside them. The famous Dancing Israelis were all employees of Urban Moving Systems. The current head of NYFD counter-terror division is Mr. Shabtai Shavit, the former head of Mossad. That is why the firefighters are afraid to talk. The biggest events of 9/11 -- the demolition of the WTC -- were orchestrated by Israeli intelligence. Are these enough clues for ya'll? With friends like Israel, who needs enemies. This is not anti-Semitism. This is history.