Building Engineer Advised WTC Towers Would Collapse

In the 2005 book '102 Minutes', page 208 describes an EMT Rich Zarrillo apparently telling an aide of a FDNY chief Peter Ganci at the West street command post, that according to a 'Buildings Department' engineer that the WTC towers were in 'immenent danger of collapse'.

The passage also describes chief Ganci's state of disbelief at the information since in his experience, such buildings do not collapse due to fire in under 1 hour.

No time for this alleged discussion is cited.

Perhaps this does or does not shed light on where such collapse warning information may have originated.

I truly doubt that a remark by a "Buildings Dept. Egineer" about

fires in progress, is taken over that of the Fire Dept's experts.

Furthermore, there were many people displaying foreknowledge that the buildings would come down, including Ghouliani & Silverstein, to name a few.

The myth had to start somewhere...

Maybe "Harley Guy" was the 'Buildings Department' engineer !!!

All data must go into the evidence and info "boiling pot" for consideration and/or future reference...

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good way to put it

All data must go into the evidence and info "boiling pot" for consideration and/or future reference...


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My guess is that the myth that the buildings would fall was

planted into the public & into the media by shills on the morning of 9/11.

A number of phonies are are video saying the buildings would collapse that morning, but there's no way they could have know this on their own. Smoldering steel-framed skyscrapers burn-out, they don't suddenly erupt, explode, & come down at near free-fall speed!

Agreed... Anyone who expected them to totally fall prior to...

10am should be thoroughly scrutinized.

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Your source seems to say what the Commission says. I've tried to outline this oddity elsewhere.

Unfortunately, both sources leave us with a scenario that seems terribly odd and without enough specifics to identify the chain of custody for this information.

It seems odd because, as I blogged, not a single FDNY, or NYPD helicopter pilot believed the towers would collapse. No one on the scene suspected anything, and rightly so because they had been briefed after 1993 not to expect a collapse. The towers were built to withstand an airplane hit. I heard one commentator compare their collapse to the Titanic. Well, actually, it's more like three Titanics in the same day.

So some anonymous engineer is the source of the collapse prediction, and just minutes before it actually collapses! Wouldn't the fire and police chiefs and the mayor have a more senior (and therefore named) individual from whom such a prediction should be made? Did they really get approached by a guy they had never met and said, "Hey, you, should we evacuate the towers?" If they knew him, then name him in the report.

And that's what I find suspicious. Just like so many other aspects of 9/11, a terribly important piece of evidence is attributed to an anonymous source. That way, we can't ask the anonymous engineer, "Who told YOU the buildings would collapse, and why didn't anyone else on scene predict this?"

Good point. We need to focus

Good point.

We need to focus more on this sort of detail. Others like it: Atta's suitcase, its contents and all circumstances surrounding its being found at Logan, who found it, etc.?; the passport found in NYC, plane wreckage, the "young man" who spoke with Cheney, etc.

"Small" points can be the strongest as they are focused and do not allow any wiggle room.


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The "young man" who spoke to Cheney. I forgot about that when mentally compiling my list of anonymous people who hold very important information.

Most of this sort of info

Most of this sort of info will only come out under a new investigation where tesimony is taken under oath. But there is much we can do now to narrow the focus and come up with at least some of the most important initial questions.

Here are a few more of those anonymous tpyes--the FBI agents who confiscated the Pentagon video just minutes after the hit; who were they and who told them to do that?

If you already have a list of other people like this, please post it so we can add to it as needed.


JFK on secrecy and the press

Phantom Flight 11

This is repeating part of my blog on this topic, but I think a major event that is the result of an anonymous source is the report of Phantom Flight 11.

The Commission reveals: "We have been unable to identify the source of this mistaken FAA information" (194).

Recall that Phantom Flight 11 is the alleged reason Flight 77 was not intercepted.

Phantom 11 ...

"Recall that Phantom Flight 11 is the alleged reason Flight 77 was not intercepted."

Expand upon this if you can sometime.

I hadn't heard this before.

check out the link

in my previous post (it links to where David Ray Griffin's "NORAD live" article is).

Three years after the fact, NORAD introduced the story of Phantom Flight 11 to suggest why fighter planes were distracted from protecting the Pentagon. I believe it happens about 9:20am on 9/11. An anonymous source suggests Flight 11 had yet to crash and leads NORAD on a goose chase. So they say. Nobody before 2004 mentioned Phantom Flight 11. Griffin believes the NORAD tapes were doctored.

It's best you read the article, though, for the specifics.

The Put Options

is another major story that the Commission buries by not revealing the alleged institutional investor who made the majority of trades. By not providing a name, the Commission makes all other information about the put options useless. How can we verify the Commission's conclusions if we don't know the name?

Any time a really important piece of evidence is tied to an anonymous source, you can bet there's a smoking gun there.

The Holiday Inn Scenario

"I am not a real structural engineer, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn the night before 9/11 and I ride a Harley. Those buildings are definitely coming down."