Dr. Robert Bowman Speaking Engagement in Chico, CA

As a preface to our PR, I don't understand why some people think Bob Bowman's Patriots Tour doesn't have anything to do with 9/11. On his website homepage he states:

"We reject as totally inadequate the Kean-Hamilton-Zelikow 9/11 Commission Report which admittedly contains perjured testimony, refrains from assigning responsibility and accountability for our defense's failures, and fails to even address dozens of unanswered questions and obvious flaws in the Bush Administration's official story. We therefore demand a new and truly independent investigation of 9/11. We demand an investigation of the cover-up which followed 9/11 involving the confiscation and destruction of evidence, lying to investigators, and obstruction of justice."

That's pretty clear to me. I would also like to mention that, in accordance with Dr. Bowman's desires, we have attempted to reach out to and interface with other local peace and social justice groups, and have successfully done so with peace and anti-war groups and individuals, the Green party, the Libertarians, the Democrats, and others. Also, Dr. Bowman is speaking in Sacramento on Friday, June 8th. (the day before, also sponsored by their local 9/11 group) btw -- Yes, it is a 'contest', and we intend to have more people at our event than anyone else, anywhere. A little friendly competition doesn't hurt. And it can help to rally the troops, as it were. (plus we don't mind 'losing' if others can do better than we can -- we're pulling for everyone to get high numbers of attendees)



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Chico 9/11 Truth
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Coming to Chico
The Patriots Tour
Dr. Robert Bowman, Ph.D., Lt. Col., USAF (ret.)

Chico, CA; June 4, 2007 — The Chico 9/11 Truth group and Chico-area community members and groups present a speaking engagement on Saturday, June 9 at 7:00 p.m., to be held in a meeting room at the Masonic Family Center. The theme is Let's "Take Back America!" Dr. Bowman was called "The best public speaker in America" by the Los Angeles Times.

Tickets are $10 General Admission, $5 Seniors and Students. (requested donation) No one turned away if seats are available. Tickets can be purchased by calling 345-6867, or at the Chico Peace & Justice Center, 526 Broadway St., 893-9078 (chico-peace.org), and at Wild Oak, 328 Oak St., in Red Bluff. The Masonic Family Center is located at 1110 West East Ave., approximately three blocks East of Hwy 32.

Dr. Bowman is on a national "Patriots Tour" of 137 cities calling on Americans to "Take Back America" for our people and demand that government servants: 1) Follow the Constitution, 2) Tell the truth, and 3) Serve the people. Imagine what a difference that would make!

No more imperial presidency. No more undeclared wars of aggression. No more spying on the American people. No more jailing of dissidents. No more corporations importing and exploiting millions of illegal immigrants to drive down wages. No more exporting of jobs. No more NAFTA. No more North American Union. No more government lies, false-flag attacks, and cover-ups. No more corporate welfare. No more health plans written by insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. No more energy policies written by Exxon and Enron. No more trillions in debt. Let's “Take Back America!!”

Dr. Bowman's new website is: http://www.thepatriots.us/

Additional documentation compiled by Chico 9/11 Truth can be found on our website homepage and in the following PDF files:


For additional information on the presentation, contact Samuel Ready at the above contact information.

ABOUT Chico 9/11 Truth —

Chico 9/11 Truth is a local, not-for-profit, peace and social justice group for the Chico, CA area. We are part of the national (and international) 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement, which is a fast-growing grassroots movement dedicated to educating people, informing them, and making them aware of the many problems and issues involved with the events of September 11, 2001, as well as ancillary and related issues, especially those stemming from 9/11. There is a growing concern that there is very strong evidence that the Official Government Conspiracy Theory Story is fallacious, fraudulent, and infected with lies, deceit and cover-up as to what really occurred. And that 9/11 was used, and is still being used, as a pretext by the United States government (and other governments) for unnecessary war actions and acts of aggression, and attacks against the civil liberties of Americans via the so-called Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and other laws and Presidential executive orders, as well as additional unlawful acts by governmental agencies. (such as illegal wiretaps, so-called "extraordinairy rendition", habeas corpus violations, etc.)

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

* Raise public awareness of the disturbing, unanswered questions surrounding the Sep. 11, 2001 attacks and advocate for a truly independent investigation of the attacks.

The Chico 9/11 Truth group meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Chico Public County Library conference room located at 1108 Sherman Ave. (at E. 1st Ave., just a few blocks West of Hwy 99) Meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. Meetings are semi-casual, last 1 1/2 to 2 hours and usually consist of announcements and news, a DVD documentary video (30 to 90 mins.), followed with open discussion and the occasional presentation.


- END -


I love Dr. Bowman!

Good luck, hope it is well attended.

Dr. Bowman has real Cajones and is laying them on the line.

This ultra-orthodox, extreme "MIHOP or nothing" attitude is bullshit! We are on the political cutting edge and need all the help and support we can get. Dr. Bowman can reach and affect people in positions of influence that many of us would not be able to reach. 9/11 Truth for many can be a slow and very painful evolutionary process of understanding. I urge all of you, as well as myself, to be a little more compassionate, understanding, and patient with the people we talk with. 9/11 Truth is the Great Horror of our Time. Give the innocent, the uninformed, the brutally brainwashed a little break, okay. As much as I know, I still discover new things on an almost weekly basis that completely blow my head and heart apart. I always think, how much more info can I handle? I know shit that if I posted it on this blog, I would be killed fer sure. We are dealing with the darkest, most naked evil imaginable in the modern world. 9/11 was an inside job. That's just scratchin' the surface. Please Luke, be very careful, my brother.

Dr. Bowman will be in Santa Cruz, CA on June 14th

Santa Cruz 911 Truth will be hosting Bob Bowman

Thursday, June 14th at the UNIVERSITY INN and CONFERENCE CENTER - 611 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz.

Tickets are $10 Advance Purchase (tickets can be purchased at Streetlight Records on Pacific Ave.), $15 at the door or $5 for Students or Seniors (with valid ID).

For More Information about this event: 831-477-4556 or e-mail us at: santacruz911truth@yahoo.com

To find out more about Dr. Bob Bowman and his tour: www.thepatriots.us