Kucinich hints at criminals other than Bin Laden

This is interesting. From the Democrats debate last night, Kucinich had some interesting words...

Osama Bin Laden, if he's still alive, ought to be be held to account in an international court of law. And so should any *other* person who's been involved in a violation of international law which has ... resulted in the deaths of many people.

I personally don't think that Kucinich has what it takes to be President, but I'm glad that he is doing his job in Congress!

Why Do We....

Continue to look for support from these people? Or why do we pretend any of these people speak for anything we believe?

First of all, I've not heard one single reference to 9/11 Truth from one single candidate. Not one has the balls or the courage to talk about 9/11 beyond the same ol' 'terrorists hate america' plattudes.

Ron Paul is the only one even talking about WHY 'they hate us' and who 'they' actually are. And look what happens to him? He's an extremists or radical...or....'2nd tier candidates'.

The American people have spoken on many occasions. The government just will not submit to the will of the people. The media will not report the un-filtered truth for the good of the people and the future of the country.

Let's put it into perspective....

Fact: The Iraq situation has destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of people
Fact: The Iraq situation was based on lies and deceit
Fact: The 'media' and the 'top tier' candidates will not even mention the word impeachment

This is dangerous because it means that the same thing can happen any time in the future. The executive branch will wage illegal military operations and the Congress will continue to give the green light.

How can Hilary Clinton stand there and not mention the fact that her husband was IMPEACHED FOR A COCK SUCK IN THE OVAL OFFICE and George Bush is able to wage a war based on lies and deceit (which she admits) and yet she will not mention the words Impeachment?

I've listened to these 'media-heads' like Joe Scarborough and Chris Mathews continue to allow the networks to choose who is 'top tier' and who is '2nd tier' candidates for the presidential election.

I've heard Chris Mathews slide in 'under his breath' comments like:

"It seems George Bush is going to leave the Iraq fiasco for the next president to solve...(under hist breath)....hillary or rudy"

As if this arrogant insider has information that gives him great visionary insight on the psyche of the American people....two fuckin years before the election.

Is it not odd that we have almost 2 years left and Chris Mathews and the major media networks are deciding which candidates will be considered 'voteable' and which candidates are '2nd tier'.

And here we are....waiting anxiously for a bone from Dennis Kucinich for the 9/11 Truth Movement.

I know it's not "politically correct' for Kucininch and Ron Paul to mention the words '9/11 Truth' or even discuss the facts of that day in a serious way....but come on...


Did these very same 'candidates' (except Kucinich and Paul) not sit by while the Bush administration stone-walled attempts to investigate 9/11? Did the Congress not ALLOW police state legislation to slide through congress without a peep? Hell the fuckers didn't even read the legislation they signed into law!

We are dealing with fascists / hardcore terrorists.

There is nothing gained by waiting any longer. Ron Paul should come out swinging or go home.


Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

i feel your pain!


except for your first comment about Paul, hes not really talking about the real terrorists. hes only talking blowback, which is a start but thats all it is. and dont even get me started on Chris Matthews, he makes my blood boil more than most of these MSM cowards precisely because of the type of comments and assumptions that you speak of. the man is a perfect example of whats wrong with our media.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Yeah. Here's what I want him to say.

"Frankly, I'm disgusted. Bin Laden is a CIA asset, and there's significant evidence pointing towards government involvment in 9/11. We shouldn't take one more step until there is a criminal investigation into 9/11."



Kucinich is talking about Bush invading Iraq

when he talks about any "other who violates international law."

If this were a marginally sane country, Bush would be tried as a war criminal. But it's not, so the best we get from political leaders is vague insinuation.

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Steady on there on other peoples lives please.

Herblay FRANCE

Steady on there on other peoples lives please.

A Pakistanis life ( man , woman or child ) has as much value as an American one ! And the life of anyone else for that matter ! What shame you put on human rights.

Would the candidats have put their hands up if the collateral damage was entirely american victims. Those candidats that put their hands up have not understood the lessons from the past !

As well, what proof or white paper ( already promised by Colin Powel
do we have from the American govenment that Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 911. America is killing ( assasinating ?) innocent People. Wake up America ! How many innocent people have been killed already ? A lot lot more than 3000 Mr Barack Obama !!

Of course Kucinich is right. America can not ask the world to respect a certain way of life if it cannot its obey own rules.

Luckily there is Kucinich to bring back the American honor and show that not all the candidats are Bushits.



Yea I guess..

I did not give Kucinich enough credit in my comment above. His answer to the question was commendable.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Next time...

a ? about Bin Laden is brought up, there should be a truth squad there to ask a ? about Osama recieving care @ a US hospital shortly before 9/11. You could either phrase it as "Would you still make the strike if the collateral damage would include American citizens (great way to mix in the idea that the machine can kill friendlies) such as .....?" Or "Do you support the inaction of our forces when Bin Laden was recieving care at our facilities, and what would you do different?" Just some thoughts.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." ---- Mark Twain