New Cleveland 9/11 Truth Compilation dvd available by torrent download

This is a nice tool for all you truthers out there hitting the streets with info for the masses. I thank the DC group for the inspiration. Here's the 2nd version of our Cleveland 9/11 Truth compilation. It's an .iso dvd-5 image (single layer).

To download here is the link to download the torrent.

It contains:
9/11 The Explosive Reality
FDNY and EMS quotes excerpt from 9/11 Guilt: The Proof Is In Your Hands
Improbable Collapse
9/11 Press For Truth
9/11 Commission: Omissions And Distortions
Aftermath: Unanswered Questions From 9/11
9/11 The Myth And The Reality
9/11 Coincidences
9/11 Citizens' Commission 9/9/04 -
Michael Rupert - Cheney: Command & Control Morning 9/11
Whistleblower Indira Singh on Sibel Edmonds Letter, PTech, FBI, and Terrorists
Don Paul excerpt from 9/11 Guilt: The Proof Is In Your Hands -
Indicting The Financiers Behind The Crimes of 9/11
The 9/11 Whistleblowers -
Dr. Graham from Shreveport Louisiana,
Chief Judiciary for Clinton Impeachment David Schippers
Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer The Able Danger Program and Mohamed Atta
FBI Operative Randy Glass
FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds
Clip Of BBC Reporting WTC7 Had Collapsed Prior To The Fact

Please support as many of these fine researchers, activists and documentary filmmakers as you can and buy some of their films and books.

Menu music by J-Live & Roison Murphy, produced by Handsome Boy Modeling School from the album "So How's Your Girl?" Great concept album from Prince Paul and Dan The Automator, check it out.

Compiled by DJ Damo,
Cleveland 9/11 Truth

For non-profit educational use only.

Ron Paul/Cynthia McKinney '08


Are these excerpts from the various titles listed, or are they full versions? If so, how can they fit all on one DVD?

Unless otherwise stated they

Unless otherwise stated they are full versions.
And in response to your query the answer is magic.

Actually you author the dvd from .avi files.
Burn it to a dual layer disc.
Shrink that disc down to single layer.

Oh and anybody that tried to get this earlier, it should work for you now.
I had to mess around with port stuff, but its uploading atm.
I'm a bitTorrent noob.


...and to clarify/add/supplement:

DVD to .avi (divx or other codec) [DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter, CloneDVD]
.avi to MPEG2 (dual layer DVD or single if you must) [DVDFlick]
DVD to .avi (compressed/ripped/shrunk again) [DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter, CloneDVD]
.avi to DVD (single layer) [DVDFlick]

Tools I use often and have great success with:


Please share your info/experience/knowledge so others can benefit/learn/absorb/share. I use so many apps on several computers and I end up trying almost everything. Sometimes I focus on a few apps but I have been known to spread myself thin.

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DVD to divx

DVD to divx [CloneDVDmobile]
.flv to divx [Dr. Divx]
authored using divx files in TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 with Divx authoring
Shoot for as small a file size as possible, will likely need dual layer disc for this
(although you can fill a whole dual layer if you're not mass producing and don't need to switch to dvd-5)
I shrink the dual layer disc to single layer with CloneDVD
make a disc image .iso with DVD Decrypter
from there its quick burning.

Thanks for posting this.

Connected to tracker right now.

I was getting fast speeds but now it has dropped off. I imagine it needs more seeds and will catch up. I plan to leave it on as long as possible and I will re-seed whenever I can. In fact I should be able to seed from multiple locations/ISPs.


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This definately

ROCKS! Go Cleveland, Go. Great compellation.