Preparing for Loose Change: - Final Cut -

If everything is as reported, Loose Change - Final cut - is to hit theaters the week before September 11th this year. That means that we have just 3 months to prepare and organize around this ligtning rod for 9/11 Truth nationwide. As far as I can see, there are three very basic organizational landmarks around which to be organizing.

1) What will we do to promote LCFC?
2) Will there be a nationwide concerted effort? What will it look like?
3) How can we get people (especially the most resistant) to go to the theaters?
4) How can we make 9/11 truth impossible to ignore in the weeks approaching the theatrical release?

1) How will we take the energy and people that see loose change and convert that potential energy into activated energy?
2) Will we have set up meeting locations following the movie?
3) When will we meet? Where will we meet?
4) Can we establish a presence at the theaters themselves, recruiting for the 9/11 truth movement?

1) What can we do with our focused activism to ensure that the 9/11 truth movement achieves justice?
2) Who will take the lead on this? others?

these are just some of the questions I have. I encourage all of you to think of more and start planning. Time is of the essence, but with the amazing people that I have met in this movement, I am sure we will prevail.

In truth,
Jesse Calhoun

Dont get ur hopes up

I expect this film to be the best ever, every piece of evidence, slip up, just everything in this film, it would wake up the entire world.

That being said..

I dont think we will make it to see it release.

I think something will happen, whether is false flag terror b4 hand, or making it illegal thru a new law or something.

I dont think it would be shown

Despite getting voted down

I fear what Sleepy says just may be the case. I'm hoping against hope at this point.

yeah, i actually voted him

yeah, i actually voted him up, not out of disrespect for Loose Change but out of the simple fact that i never thought it would make it to theaters in the first place. i hope im wrong.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Plan for the best!

Let's plan for their reaction as well then. I hope it doesn't come to that, but no matter what, I'm sure it will garner attention.

I like Loose change but

I like Loose change and the message it is spreading, but having it released commercially has bothered me. If the profits were donated to the victims and family members, it would make things easier on my mind.

I guess it just bothers me that anyone can make a huge profit from the deaths on 911.

Like I said, I like the message this movie will present...its just the money issue that bothers me.

Then again, who knows, the LLC boys could have plans to do just that. If so my apology in advance.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

It seems...

That for them to get the exposure that it so desperately needs, they had to find someone who was willing to back it. Unfortunately, it seems that motivation may be profit for those backing it.

I don't feel that the Loose Change Crew has profit it mind, and I am glad that their movie is hitting theaters. Maybe we can find away to channel some of this energy to the victims and family members? Maybe we can be outside of every theater (with the theater's permission) collecting for the Feal Good Foundation and other foundations dedicated to the family members?

Either way, I feel that this is an unprecidented opportunity that we have to use.

I guess

I guess the "Free Enterprise" mindset here in America is the prevelent mindset on these boards.

Speaking against the LLC icons in any way , even when it concerns profiting over the deaths of 9-11, garners negative votes.

Well I guess profit is higher on the scale than morals are for many that post here.

What a shame.

Feel free to vote this one down too.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

"Feel free to vote this one down too."

Tnx, that's a sure thing.

Suggesting that the LC boys are profiting over the deaths on 911. Is not only very dumb and incorrect. It is an insult.

Do you think the theaters

Do you think the theaters are going to release it without charging an admission fee as usual, pagan?

Actually lemonhoko plenty of people agree with you.

I voted you up!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force

NEW---> the real truther repoRT!


Real Truther,

Bad timing to be casting insults when we need to be more united than ever before. Especially because it's a somewhat petty accusation, even if partly accurate, which I don't believe. Far as the truth of 9/11 is concerned it's inconsequential. If Dylan and crew got filthy rich off their film, they'd deserve it one helluva lot more than most wealthy people. So long as they didn't horde it to themselves for personal gain. Right now this is about getting justice for the crime of 9/11. Nothing more.

Have you seen their house?

They don't live in a mansion. I saw them distributing thousands of DVD's at ground zero for free. If your intent is to have inaction, then fine, but I intend for this message board to be productive. Every time I have looked, all I see is them trying very hard to do the best they can do which is as much as any of us can be expected to do.

Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, Tim Sparke, Jasan Bermas, & Mark Cuban

Great Post Vendetta!!

And to some others... Give me a break. The people who created this movie are the people in society you want making profits. They provided a hell of a service and woke up many Americans to the truth of 9/11. I see that as being valueable as hell and they deserve every profit that they can get. These types of people will probably or most likely continue to do good work as long as they live.

And as for the topic of this thread. I'd like to think that maybe at the end of the movie "Loose Change - Final Cut" they could put up some addresses like 9/11 Blogger etc where people can go to get involved in the Truth Movement. Ultimately it is the vote and the Representatives in Congress that will give us the power back and provide for justice against those that committed this shit. The Media plays a role as well. But we here on the 9/11 Truth sites would do well to lead people into effective means of activism after seeing the movie. Contacts for Media and Politicians. Avenues of activism such as more dvd's, freeway blogging examples, local groups, etc.

I seriously doubt they will recoup the $20 Million

they spent on it so profit is of little concern but if they do then great they deserve every freaking penny.

Personally I'm with the first poster, I don't think this movie will be shown in more than just a few small Theaters in the USA, however I do think it will be a smash hit every where else on the planet.
Until We the People march in the streets of this country in every damn city by the 10s of MILLIONS then the MSM will refuse to acknowledge the truth because they are guilty of being complicit in the cover up of War crimes, crimes against humanity and election fraud.
We MUST take back our media until we do nothing will ever change.

Giving a % of the BO Will Be a Great Promo

Giving a percentage of the Box Office take would be the thing to do.

It would draw attention to the plight of the first responders and workers,

it would give them needed revenue,

it would show the public that LCFC was not made to be a money maker, but for a nobler cause which we all know already but the general public doesn't,

it would contribute greatly to the release being elevated to event status (though we know it will be a HUGE EVENT!).

it would enhance its chances of getting widespread mainstream POSITIVE press.

I totally agree.

Not only would that instantly dispel any mythology that says that we are somehow disgracing the family members and first responders, but it would motivate people to see the truth.

Your worries about the LC guys making money from final cut

seem irrational to me. Haven't the perpetrators/murderers made a trillion $$$ so far through the military/industrial complex, homeland security, & the illegal invasions of 2 countries??? God bless the LC guys for trying to expose all this!

Wake-up! We live in a capitalist/imperialist society right now being run by madmen, and everything costs money, including LC Final Cut!

They have lived it every day for years

Avery, Rowe, and Bermas have earned a reward. Though the greatest reward
would be seeing the criminals convicted in a trial for mass murder and treason,
and of course seeing an end to all wars based on False-Flag Psy-ops.....
and while I'm dreaming....a restoration of adherence to the Constitution...
an end to US Imperialism.... and rule by the Military Industrial Media Compex, ....
regain respect of the world

Who cares if they make a few bucks.

This could be the break we need. Anyway, I don't believe the criminals behind 911 will ever let it make theaters.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best the saying goes, anyway

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Maybe this should be discussed privately.

It appears that this has become a (unfounded, I would say) debate as to whether someone will profit off of the movie. If you don't want to take part in discussing positive actions, that's ok - but please channel your energy into something that will be beneficial to the movement.

Like it or not, this is going to be the biggest exposure that 9/11 truth has had to this date, from there - it is up to us to act. One of the great mottos that I have ever heard is simply,
"act or be acted upon."

It is my intent to act around this, and I'm sure that many people feel as I do. As far as planning goes, maybe it is best that we discuss in private as this site is exposed to third parties.

Good luck everyone, and thank you for your input!

I know what you mean. Of all the problems facing LC & the truth

movement in general, these people are distraught over the possibility of LC Final Cut perhaps making a profit at some point.

Worry about getting the fact that 9/11 was an inside job out-to-the-public, for Christ's sake!

The path of the hero.

Well. I suppose that is what you get. Wake up the world, get viewed over 6 million times on google, trying to expose something pure, fighting for what may be the last chance for human kind, and be subjected to people bickering over whether you recieve some temporary compensation for this hard work.

Alas, but this is the path of the hero.

Support Dylan, Korey, Tim, and Jason!!

Amen. And if it wasn't for the "rich" Mark Cuban this film might never had the chance to go into Theatres. Not all people with money are scum. If you want to worry about profits and the evils of money.. go figure out the Federal REserve System and lay off my friends who made Loose Change and happened onto a groundswell of viewers and support. Geez.

"Go figure out the Federal Reserve System"

yep... money is truly the root of all evils


The Money Masters P1
The Money Masters P2


Money As Debt

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

The Role of Money in Society.

Cattle, I agree with almost every one of your posts and I thank you for posting these documentaries about the criminals in charge of printing and issueing our current money supply. This IS an evil system. But the basis of money being an agent for trade of goods and services is not a problem. I am personally glad as hell that Mark Cuban has enough money to distribute Loose Change - Final Cut to theatres nationwide. I am also glad that Dylan Avery and friends had the money and resources to produce the movie. We need a system of money in our society. The current system - the Private Federal REserve System - is evil or inhumane or whatever you want to call it, but money itself isn't. True?

Thanks. First let me say my post was an off-topic thing

just trying to spread some deeper truths to the nice people here, and has nothing to do with LC, theaters, their effort to make or not make money etc.

I agree their needs to be money of some sort in society, preferably based on things of worth like gold and silver, not on debt and oil like we have currently. The only reason that we pay federal income taxes is because the federal reserve is a private bank lending our gov money at interest. The federal reserve was illegally instituted in 1913, and by 1916 they put in the unratified 16th ammendment to the constitution, which tries to broadly say we all have to pay fed income tax. Unratified and unconstitutional. No one has ever been able to cash in on the challenges to find the law that states american citizens living and working in the 50 states is responsible for federal income taxes - they havent because it doesnt exist, not in the constitution, not in any tax code, not in any us code or regulation. Its a lie and its extortion by threat of force and imprisonment. Sorry for the tangent :)

Concerning the statement "money is the root of all evil", I firmly believe this. It doesnt mean "money is evil", it means "evil is done, ultimately, for money". Look at every war and every big evil that has occurred and is occurring, now identify the slime getting filthy rich from it. War is a racket :)

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Yeah. I agree with that.

Yeah. I agree with that. And I hope Loose Change - Final Cut becomes the highest grossing movie of all time and that Dylan and the boys get a hefty chunk of the proceeds to continue with their kick ass work.

I love this type of conversation

Is there another board that covers this stuff broadly and draws the informed, smarter-than-the-average-bear crowd that 911blogger does? I haven't found a good one yet.

Greed is the root of 'money is the root of all evil'. Money, as a holder of value for means of trade, is not the root of the evil that happens because of money. With or without money, those who are willing to kill, lie, betray, and be vicious to the greater extent will always take the same sort of role given the chance. Or like the great T-shirt says: "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." The converse phrase 'not having money is the root of all evil' is as equally true. Virchow's Law has a lot to do with it.

As far as the movie is concerned, the LC guys deserve whatever they get. There's no doubt here that they won't cut tail and run after looting the extremely wealthy and influential 9/11 Truth movement. I hope they show Michael Moore what a 9/11 movie really is. Maybe they'll light a fire under his ass and inspire some of the better know progressives to crash the gates.

"This IS an evil system. But

"This IS an evil system. But the basis of money being an agent for trade of goods and services is not a problem... The current system - the Private Federal REserve System - is evil or inhumane or whatever you want to call it, but money itself isn't. True?"

True? You tell us. What's "evil" and "inhumane" about the FRS that has been different under other monetary systems?

Also read "Creature from Jekyll Island"...

By Edward Griffin. Quite entertaining.

"...the high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight." -John F. Kennedy (November 12, 1963, Columbia U, 10 days before his assassination

In Canada.

Is it going to be shown in Canada?

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.


Post, and great idea to plan & prepare! We need all truthers from all the states to take out local adds in there cities newspapers to raise curiosty. This is our chance.


I personally couldn't care less who profits from a movie that brings 9/11 Truth to the public. I'd prefer that the money would be used to advance the Truth movement or to help ground zero workers, but the priority is that the message goes out to the public.

Maybe part of what the movement needs is a profit driven marketing campaign - something that would attract some serious talent in the film making business and a serious budget when it comes to conducting interviews and presenting facts in the manner of a well prosecuted legal case.

FYI - if I were making a 9/11 movie, that's how I would produce it. It would be presented as a prosecution based upon testimony, circumstantial government ativities, and other known/provable facts regarding the 9/11 case. There would be no need to prove controlled demolition or Pentagon plane theories. The movie would include federal legal definitions for the charges and it would include multiple references to numerous convictions obtained with similar prosecution strategies.

If we need to try the 9/11 case in the court of public opinion before we can make headway, that is exactly what should be done. Sit down with a team of prosecutors and the evidence to develop a movie that tries the case. Let the public be the jury. There could even be a pamphlet handed out in the beginning that would be a reference sheet for the audience to visit all of the government websites and media reports in the movie that demonstrate that none of the material has been fabricated.

The opening statement would include a list of similar false flag attacks and the closing statement would be a chronological summary of the actions of the defendents before, during, and after the 9/11 attacks.

With regards to the OP, I would suggest the following:

1) What will we do to promote LCFC?
Start by posting to community bulletin boards and submit details to newspaper event calendars in every city that will be airing the movie. Try to do the same thing for all college campuses in the same areas.

2) Will there be a nationwide concerted effort? What will it look like?
A nationwide effort should be in two stages. Stage one would be conducted one month ahead of the upcoming movie release. Stage two would be within a few days of the movie release to remind people and to draw a larger last minute audience.

3) How can we get people (especially the most resistant) to go to the theaters?
It needs to be marketed as non-partisan, as a documentary, and as a film that wil remind them why we should never forget what happened on 9/11 - in honor of the victims and their family members.

4) How can we make 9/11 truth impossible to ignore in the weeks approaching the theatrical release?
Get out in the streets.

1) How will we take the energy and people that see loose change and convert that potential energy into activated energy?
Provide pamphlets with research links and specific internet addresses for websites showing government planning, showing 9/11 Commission omissions, and showing intentional failures on 9/11 by key leaders, etc.

2) Will we have set up meeting locations following the movie?
Sounds like a great idea.

3) When will we meet? Where will we meet?
Immediately after and then in a central public location - not a bar.

4) Can we establish a presence at the theaters themselves, recruiting for the 9/11 truth movement?
A table with info and DVD's would be great. Dress to impress.

1) What can we do with our focused activism to ensure that the 9/11 truth movement achieves justice?
Part of focus should be to encourage audiences to write their Congressional Rep and Senators, their state reps, and their local newspapers.

2) Who will take the lead on this? others?
I recommend a collaboritive effort. 9/11 Truth is a universal concept. It's outreach and activities should reflect that.

Local and Independent Theatres.

We could also contact local and independent theatres with requests to book the film to be shown there. This could take place from now until a few weeks ahead of the release date. These types of theatres might be more open to public input and demand than the national chains.


If you know any independent theaters in your areas, contact them about this! We have the Warner here in Morgantown, and they dont book films this early in advance, but ive already organized several friends to independently call and email them about booking LCFC in a couple of weeks.

can you feel it in the air?

Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Shorebreak, you are 100% correcto!

Shorebreak, you are 100% correcto! The case has already been made. The info is vast, but needs to be organized into a tight Perry Mason-like court case presentation ON FILM. I gotta start organizing all my notes. As far as activism for the LCFC release goes, my wife is always saying, get off the Blog, stop preaching to the choir, and get out in the street and start teaching the uninformed. She is a real teach-in-the-street momma. The 11th of every month is not enough. Once a month ain’t gonna do shit. We were freeway-blogging on an overpass in Canada just a week ago and a highway worker came over and wanted to know what our 9-foot banner said (9/11 Was an Inside Job). He started asking questions and I gave him a little teach-in. He was amazed and said we were totally right and supported our efforts. All the truckers on the highway were blowing their horns. People know that the Bushies and all their little friends are liars, thieves, and murders. They all instinctively feel that there is something wrong with the 9/11 War on Terror thing. When people find out how much they have been lied to, the usual reaction is molten anger. Don’t be depressed and angry sitting alone at home. Grab a friend and get out on the street!


These young men define good Americans. It was Loose Change that opened my eye's. They need to make a living too.
Here's an idea. Maybe they can put some of the proceeds towards helping the sick first responders,and their families. Anyway i want to thank these young men.They do our country proud !

I'm not going to market the movie

Until after I see it.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I will promote on blind faith

Louder Than Words are well aware of any and all criticism of LC2E.
For LCFC they have David Ray Griffin as "fact checker".
With all that is riding on this one and all the "solid evidence", I have
faith that it will be near perfect. An error somewhere? I'll be promoting it
sight unseen. The world needs to be aware of what did and didn't happen on 9/11

Show "There's no problem if they make *lots* of money with it" by Peggy Carter

Peace, Peggy

Hey Peggy,
I just wanted to let you know, no personal hard feelings towards you about the Greg Palast craziness. It just really, really ticks me and others off when I see a guy who has a lot of intelligence and has done a lot of excellent research on other crucial things like the back-to-back FIXED 2000 and 2004 U.S. elections and Halliburton concentration camps, but then goes completely soft on 9/11. Originally, many years ago, I expected people like Noam Chomsky, Greg Palast, and Amy Goodman to be completely on top of the 9/11 fiasco. It is just really rough when a lot of your radical intellectual heroes turn out to be either collaborators or ball-less cowards. I guess when MOSSAD and their sayanim threaten your family, it can have a powerful effect on your research efforts.

Plane Scars in the building

Hey Peggy,
There are plane scars in the buildings. It is very difficult to achieve that with explosives. Have you seen the remote control theory? Much more plausible. See Pilots for 9/11 Truth.

Crash physics the same

and Killtown makes a good argument why remote control plans would be too risky, here:


"It is just really rough when a lot of your radical intellectual heroes turn out to be either collaborators or ball-less cowards." Couldn't have said it better. My votes on lack of testicular fortitude to face the full implications of even the types of things that they research. For some reason Chomsky can see things very clearly as long as his gvmt's only actively killing foreigners, but when it comes to Americans on American soil, he shies away more often. The biggest mental block for many of them may be that if they convert to 9/11 Truthing they would also pretty much have to convert over to full-on NWO 'conspiracy theorist'. And that's a title they can't handle. Does anyone have any idea about whether John Perkins is a truther? His outlook from 'Confessions...' is quite typical of these types. They seem to know that the vast majority of the elites are actively working towards absolute global empire, but there isn't a unified movement with mainstream traction that people can easily join. Maybe PNACitizen or will grow exponentially? We've got to do something. We need new weapons of mass realization. hehe... WMR :)

Dylan Avery refused to answer Killtown's question

Killtown asked Avery what he thought hit the South Tower, and Avery refused to answer. I think a "9/11 Truth" filmmaker should be accountable for he images he uses in his film.

I don't want to speak for Dylan,

but if I understood correctly from his radio interviews, that he has learned not to speculate on things as they did in LC 1 and 2.

It's not speculation

It's about knowing whether you or not you are disseminating a propaganda image.

Sophia Smallstorm has used the same image and seems to not have a position on its authenticity.

Heres another

Heres another post for you to vote down.

I discovered Loosechange on the net. it was free. If I had to pay for it, I wouldnt be where I am now with the movement.
You guys think this movie will draw a big crowd..sit back and really think about it.
How many people that dont agree with our side will dig into their pockets and fork over 20 bucks on a movie that they think is based on a lie?

The profits or the majprity of the profits will come from the pockets of US..the Truthers that want better for this movement.

Before you vote me down, I ask YOU what you are doing for the movement other than sitting at your pc and mocking others that dont agree with you.

I personally pass out over 100 Loose change FREE videos a week.

I spend over 100 dollars a week on blank videos and other tools I need to fight this battle.

I spend just enough time on my pc to educate myself to new events..then I go boogie and fight the war every spare minute I get.

Loose Change is a great tool for waking people up, but once it is tied to a profit, the whole dymanics of the Loose change phenomena will change.

Can you imagine giving guys like O'Rielly ammo to fight our movement by placing the movement into a profit generating system?

I agree that there should be enough monies made to cover costs. But the ones that should profit most is the ones that lost the most.

To the ones that voted my posts down..Shame on you. You have no idea how you are hurting this movement.

I will continue spreading the truth, but I will not post to these boards any more. To be voted down as I have been in my prior posts makes me feel like a dis-info agent or shill..and thats not why I come here. Personally I vote every body up unless I feel they are disinfo-ing. No matter if I agree with them or not, they have a right to be heard.

I can now see why DZ was frustrated and see the attitude of alot of people here. It has turned into a gang mentallity and if you dare say anything against the flow, you are tarred and feathered just as a shill would be.

To those that are posting legit and good info, thankyou.

With that said,

Cya 'all in the Fema camps or on the winning side when this is all over.

Lemonhoko over and out.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I'm sure everyone is doing what they can.

I think everyone here is doing their part. Loose change in the movie theaters has a chance to reach people with a totally different atmosphere. I've handed out my share of DVD's - but a movie theater release stimulates national debate, and forces people to take the first step towards seeing it as opposed to being handed a DVD, which unfortunately can become nothing more than a drink coaster.

That first step is so crucial, because then they have some ownership of "doing something" which is a good feeling.

Please continue to post on 9/11 blogger, all viewpoints need to be heard. The argument about them making money just seems so inconsequential. Shouldn't someone be rewarded for dedicating their lives to truth and justice? Would I like to see them make more films, once society emerges victorious? You bet.

Some good points

............I believe in construtive criticism. You must understand here at 9/11 Blogger we deal with alot of shills.
You do make some good points. This is why we must use all are efforts to raise peoples curiosity level,and get them to look ,and then tell their friends.
We must take adds out in our local papers to help promote this. We have struggled almost six years trying to have all are justifiable questions answered. There is alot more at stake here then
bringing to justice those responsible for 9/11. I believe the fate of our country is hanging in the balance.
The thing i find almost as appauling is how our major media is controlled. So with this last sentence i say the Final Chapter is are one big chance.

You're saying a lot that's going around

The very nature of the movement is that it gets fiery and -very- emotional for a lot of people. It's really hard to take, for Americans especially, who have lived their whole lives under the American belief system. Once you get into it, the paranoia sets in. With or without any direct provocation, the boogieman status that gov't spooks command in people's minds puts it there anyway. After that comes the direct provocation; I had my phones tapped, I had a plainclothes tail for about a week, and I had a random lady inform me that her dad is Navy intelligence after a meeting. She then explained that every phone call she's ever made has been monitored as she turned her cell phone on, put it in her front jacket pocket with the mic showing, and then questioned me casually. Of course, like the fool for torture that I am when it comes to these situations, I unleashed a 15 minute rant about 9/11 and the war in Iraq that I never knew I had in me. I was quite proud of myself. The lady was rather taken aback with my REAL patriotism and LOUD AND ASSERTIVE expression of my opinions and feelings.

Thing is is that the truth sets in in stages, and people have a tendency to sit at different stages for some period as they work past the cognitive dissonance involved with breaking down lifelong beliefs and views and realizing the implications of the facts that they have just learned. It's an intense psychological process, and it takes time. Some people find a stage they feel comfortable with and never go past it. These are the Chomsky/Palast types that have been getting attention lately. Others break down a couple of barriers and then lose their sensibilities (intellectual/emotional grounding) as far as what is and isn't believable. This is where 'hardcore' conspiracy theorists are made. Once a little bit of the new reality is real and the big picture becomes a bit more obvious, there just isn't much of that concrete reality left that you used to know. They're ALL evil. They're ALL in on the plan. Everyone who doesn't agree with x viewpoint and talk about doing this or that is OBVIOUSLY either a disinfo shill, a playa hatin troll, or has suddenly become too stupid to know their elbow from their asshole, regardless of what they've done up to then. The "us vs. them" is still as strong as ever, even though we're all in this together.

The last stage is calming down and finding your peace. Once you've found some peace within yourself and have a couple of friends that you can talk with (face-to-face) about these things, then it's easier to relax and stay on stable ground. Being able to talk and think about these issues without getting yourself down is an art. It takes practice, and it's still going to happen from time to time. Forgiveness comes in here, too. It's just not healthy to carry all kinds of anger and heightened emotional stress. To see that the perpetrators are sad, sick people who project their hurt onto others is a big step towards not being just as sad and sick yourself. Reflecting their ugliness back to them only increases the ugliness. Life is beautiful. Life is here to be enjoyed.

It takes courage to see what you're up against and to stand by your convictions. It's good to remember that people who are involved with the Truth Movement are generally caring, intellectual people who are disgusted by the current state of world affairs and the imperial status-quo. We are all real people who all want a better world. This process starts within yourself, and expands as you connect to others who feel the same way. Once this has occurred, the tipping point will be reached after a while and then everybody's doing it. 9/11 Truth is the shortest path there for many people these days. LCFC is a potential tipping point, but we can't get too down if it doesn't happen that way. Godspeed to us all! (I always wanted to say Godspeed:)

You're in good company here, Lemonhoko, and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I have no doubt that 9/11 Truth will see its day in the spotlight and that our time and effort will not be in vain.

mo money mo problems

Will I be able to chop this film into tiny pieces to include in my video argument for 9/11 Truth? I know I'm 'able' to. But will Google video allow me to post clips on my own? youTube? Can I post it on my own web site? Will it be against the law?

What will be the copyright restrictions?

I think it's a little weak to call comments about making big money on a 9/11 Truth film 'bickering'. The issue is far more important then some of you would like to admit. It's easy to be a cheerleader all the time but consider this

What if an anti-9/11 Truth film was released and the authors/owners made millions?

9/11 Blogger would be a choir of condemnation.


That sort of contradiction alarms me and it's not uncommon around here.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Trusting Dylan and Friends.

I haven't found no reason not to trust Dylan Avery and his Gang of independent filmmakers. Until then they have earned my respect for their kick ass work on "Loose Change" all versions.

"The Truth is an Offense, but not a Sin" ~ Bob Marley

Little Posters

I suggest to prepare a PDF. single sheet mini-poster that says something mysterious

The cover is blown!
September 2007
Loose Change

then a few weeks later:

The emperor is
September 2007
Loose Change

then, after a few weeks:

Perpetrators will
be disclosed
September 2007
Loose Change

Pre-load the anticipation ....

Sweet an idea!

This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for with this post.
Thanks for the great ideas.

These are good.


with ads in your local paper...Maybe all of us can contact 9/11 groups across the nation , and all chip in on some billboard advertizing. Stuck in traffic?.....Coming Sept. THE TRUTH ABOUT 9/11....... LOOSE CHANGE THE FINAL CUT.

Jason! Don't forget Cannes

Don't forget to enter it into the Cannes Film Festival at the Cote-Azur ...

LC Prep

Jesse, I can definitely see where you are going. They are good questions to ask. Its just that I really don't believe the movie is going to be released in U.S. theatres or covered in the U.S. press. Maybe a few indy theatres would show it. If so, that would still be an opportunity. We could use word of mouth to drive attendance and perhaps other theatres, seeing $$$, would pick it up. That is our best case scenario. However, this scenario is why our enemy won't even allow it to hit one theatre in the U.S. Like another poster said, I hope I'm wrong.

As for the people who are worried about LC profits...that is just about the most thoughtless comment I've seen on the LC topic. These boys have put their lives on the line for the truth and we've got someone bashing them because they might make a dollar. Well, I guess that's America too.

As for consolidating the upswing in America's interest in 9/11 (should the movie really be released)..this is an open question. What will Americans do? I know a lot of people who now truly believe that 9/11 was shaky...but they're not willing to do much about it. They have families, kids, wealth... they just don't believe that our society can become the V for Vendetta Britain...or the U.S. that is portrayed in it. Complacency, wealth, skepticism, apathy.. pick your reason...its just hard to get people to fight this. Cindy Sheehan finally realized it...and she was right... "No, this is not the America she or I grew up in". That is one of the hardest pills to swallow. You almost feel as if the country is not ours anymore.

The movement is also a very uncoordinated bunch with not much mainstream support, not much money and no credible dynamic leaders. What we do have is a lot of smart people who have figured this out.. .but who, unfortunately, have trouble convincing other Americans to even pay attention. We've also got a few entertainers, who unfortunately are not seen as credible either. The enemy does a good job of painting all such people as absurd, crazy people. They use language like 'crazies' and 'nuts'.. once again influencing Americans who won't think for themselves.

Having reread my comment, I know that it comes off as somewhat negative, perhaps the frustration is winning today. Tomorrow is another day and I know I will continue to fight, spread the word and hope for the best.

Thanks Borikwa,

I value your constructive criticism. No matter where it gets released, I think like you say - it's up to the people to make it popular. It may be even more effective out of the mainstream theaters. Part of seeing it on the internet made me so angry that I hadn't heard about it on NPR, seen it on the History Channel, especially when I fact checked and found so much of what they were saying to be true.

It just seems like there's no way the truth can lose. No matter how hard they hit us, ideas are bulletproof.

"Act boldly, and powerful forces will come to your aid"


"ideas are bulletproof" - V for Vendetta

"Act boldly, and powerful forces will come to your aid" - Jack Blood


"Remember, remember...the 11th of September, the Tradetower treason and plot. I know of no reason why the Tradetower treason ever should be forgot." -CR, spoofing V

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Remember, Remember..

I say we put on our V costumes and show up @ the white house on 9/11 !!!

I hear you V

It was quite a shock to my system as well. I was surfing one day just looking for into on the new WTC building design. I used to work in the Trade Center and am a native New Yorker so that whole thing impacted me deeply. I type in 9-11 on google video and proceeded to spend the next 2 weeks watching every last video on 9-11. I was Neo being unplugged and I'm quite certain I'm not alone in that experience.
I've purchased DVD's like 911 Mysteries and LC and passed them along to lots of people I only request from them is that they pass it along to someone else when they are done.. and make them do the same. I've brought family and friends to the TV and make them watch loose change. It gives me some hope. I'll never give up hope that our country is better than this.

Thank you V, keep at it.


"1) What will we do to promote LCFC?"

What exactly has LTW done to promote it?

My 9/11/2007 Promo Videos:
We Are Change 1
We Are Change 2